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by mitsuki lover
#26508 Note:This idea came to me whilst thinking of what would happen in a Jurai/Abh War.Being as
Crest/Banner of the Stars is my #4 anime...I'm Spoor is soawesome1 .

Tension was at its highest in the Juraiain throne room.
Around the once opulent chamber the remainding members of the royal family had gathered in a
small circle.
"Are you certain you want to stay and not come with us?"Misaki asked Sasami trying to stop from
"Mother..."Sasami choked back her own tears," know my place is by Tenchi and Aeka now."
Misaki nodded sadly and hurried to catch up with Funaho as they followed the Emperor as he
tried to make as dignified an exit as possible.
It had been decided ,as soon as Mihoshi and Kiyone had arrived with the news of the defeat of
the GP fleet, that the important thing would be to keep the Emperor safe and thus to send him
away as soon as possible with the rest of the family.
Aeka had refused to go stating that someone from the Imperial family had to stay to take charge.

"And now what?" Ryoko asked.

That answer was a few parsecs away in space on board the Bosroil.

Jinto put a tender hand on his wife's shoulder.He could sense the relief of tension.
'She never shows it,but this has been a heavy burden for her.'he thought.The war with Jurai
had come when the Abh had been had a low point: the empire was still rebounding from it's
long war with the United Mankind and its allies,plus Lafiel had just recently had her coronation
has Empress.
Lafiel put her hand on Jinto's and gently pulled it down.

"Message from the Futune." Ekuryua said.
"Put it on."Lafiel sighed,"Gods why?"she muttered.
Jinto laughed to himself knowing who the message was from.

"Your majesty."Vice Admiral Spoor hailed Lafiel.
"Yes,and what I am due the pleasure?"there was a bit of sarcasm in her words.
"I just wished to remind you that we are within Juraian space."
That perked Lafiel up.
"You know what to do."
Spoor nodded and signed off.

Back on Jurai what remained of the Cabinet was debating wheter or not continue the fight.
Aeka looking somber in black rose and motioned for attention.
"Ladies and Gentlemen."she began quietly,"I find no use in continuing a war that we should never have waged in the first place.So therefore I feel it is time to do the unthinkable and surrender."
The gasps from the more dire hard members were silenced by the stern look from Aeka.
"You may go and make any preparations that you may wish."she continued,"but know this anyone
who tries to continue or urges anyone to continue the fight will be considered a traitor to Jurai."
She walked off.

Operation Diaho's Whiskers final episode was about to begin.
On board the Futune Spoor relaxed.
She had already sent the necessary orders to the rest of the fleet.Soon any Juraian ship returning home would be a in for a unpleasant surprise.

Ryo-Ohki felt the melancholy from the humans around her.
"I hate this."someone,no-one knows who exactly was saying.
Everyone nodded.
"If anyone wants to know they're now within hailing range."Washu stated.
Aeka sighed.
"I guess it's up to me."she said sadly.

"Another message?"Lafiel asked,"From the Futune?"
"No."Ekuryua replied,"Jurai."
"You suppose?"Jinto asked.
Lafiel turned to Ekuryua,"Order Vice Admiral Spoor to hold her position and not do anything
until further ordered."
Then she turned to the incoming message.

Aeka tensed.
She didn't know what she was going to say.So she just looked as dignified as possible and
said:" As the duly appointed representative of the people of Jurai,I extend our hospitality
to the Abh representatives to discuss our surrender." she choked at the end.

Jinto felt a bit sad at seeing the Juraian delegation.
In all the years of service to the Abh Empire having to see such a noble people have to surrender
was among the saddest event he had been part of.
The thoughts sped through him as he listened to first the young First Princess of Jurai make her
surrender speech and then Lafiel respond as graciously as possible in her own.

Then something happened to lighten the grim mood.
Some how Diaho had gotten smuggled down with the Abh party and had just been found running around the large chamber where the surrender ceremony had been taking place.
The one who found him happened to be Ryo-Ohki and together cat and cabbit were chasing around merrily.

"Looks like a least someone has found a way of making peaceful contact." Ekuryua joked.
Everyone laughed and then proceeded to the dining hall for solidifying the new era of
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by Almael
#26550 Somewhere beyond time and space an Observer makes a snapshot and then watches as things unfold. mmhmm1
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by Nobuyuki
#26561 I forgive you.
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by mitsuki lover
#26611 :lol:

I can't help it I'm such a Lafiel fanboy...she's soawesome1.

(I think I said that about Spoor as well.)

Though on a more serious note,Almael did give me some pointers and good criticism about it over at