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by For Washuu
#27123 OC. (S/I would probably be overkill, and every butthurt writing Nazi hates it.)

In SKT episode... er... five or six, it is mentioned that the Holy Land's gate is made in the image or likeness of the Goddess. I believe it was Lashara who was speaking, but whoever it was made it clear that the people of Geminar don't know the Goddess' name, much less what she *really* looks like.

My speculation is that the Goddess is Tokimi, as she's the only one of the three Choushin who aren't pretty well wrapped up in the Earth-verse reality.

So. Who knows of Tokimi's existence? Who would know that and be able to go to Geminar? The only canon answer is Kenshi, but I just have this weird idea of a boisterous Prophet who declares the Truth and Reality of great Tokimi.

Yeah... I've been in need of sleep lately. Huh.

What if Kenshi gets to the point where he talks about his sisters and Tenchi and what-not... and the one he's talking to eventually learns about the Choushin? Even though Kenshi is probably a bit young and/or naive to understand the nature of the Goddesses, he can still tell about them.

...jus' a thought...