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by For Washuu
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I've been meaning to gather my notes on For Washuu for a while now, as well as try to see how it is supposed to eventually progress into the Tulpa doujin... once I can draw. Yeah.

Okay, so none of that made sense to you, but that's fine. If it didn't make sense, then I'm actually excited and very, very grateful that you're here. ('Cause that means that someone's reading this earlier than I intended.)

To summarize, this is my brainstorming thread for For Washuu and sequels. If/when I write more, draw, and if people read and ask questions, this should open up and hopefully be a place I can answer questions.

"For Washuu"
■ Characters transfer and become situated in their respective situations (this much has been written already)
■ House fluff and the Weasel bit
■ Shayne and the Idol mecha gonna tear things up, we two get sent home

"For Washuu, Too" is where the first questions come up. I have the beginning drafted: Washuu makes contact with the MC, who is back in his own world (forced back at the end of FW) and who is attending college.
Just two chapters occur on that theme, and then it just... switches. I don't have a segue, (and that's tacky writing unless it's intentional and has a timely explanation) it just goes straight to a dream-state... dimensional... hm.

The initial idea was a response (of sorts) to Admiral Tigerclaw's "Sleeping" dare: world-hopping, trying to create a realistically played-out SI fic.
If you hate self-insertion fics, go away. Now.
Mulling it over here and there over time, the plot solidified and eventually lengthened and it became clear how it could link back to FW.
Sort of.

The locations and link-characters should be, in order, as such:

1. Daughter of Darkness - Yazuha
After the end of the movie. A fallen, hollow, disgraced Yazuha. Second chance BS.
2. Ranma - Ukyo
World-hopping speculation. Awkward stuff.
3. Nadesico - Ruri
Transfer mechanism determined. Getting personal, story-wise.
4. Azumanga Daioh - Sakaki-San
Short. Might get dropped.
5. FLCL - Haruko
Establishes the Guitar Thing.
6. Ranma - Nabiki
Blackmailed for the guitar. Might come later instead.
7. Love Hina - Motoko
Establishes "the Motoko Thing." Might come earlier instead.
8. Nadesico - [not Ruri]
Possibly sets up Spaceship arc?
later worlds ended up in:
possibly Tenchi in Tokyo (Yugi)
Magical Project S - Tsunami
Love Hina - Mutsumi
Nadesico (movie) - Ruri

Last two hops are unspecific. The setting has degraded into a non-world (or allegory?). Eva cuts. Either in manga or [weird] video format. Tritones would be good.

"Still For Washuu"
Should be noted that Washuu hasn't even come up in the last work and doesn't directly show in this one either, though her fingerprints are all over the ship, so to speak.
Manga format would be good.

A lot of the cast from FW,T reprise: Motoko, Ruri, Nabiki, Mutsumi, Haruko, and later Yuzuha and (sort of) Tsunami. (hm. that's not quite enough.)
MC/SI wakes up (finally) in the captain's chair of a spaceship. The others are bridge crew. Interior is the Nadesico, but exterior is the Soja. This later confuses the MC.
The others have their memories of their lives in their respective universes, but don't have much objection to suddenly be piloting a spaceship. Firmly locked on autopilot. Having woken up there only days before, themselves.
This is also questioned, and the cause of some confusion.

MC's favors and (limited) actions in the previous cycles with these characters influence this setting...?

The ship's path is set, headed for an unknown planet. Nobody has been able to change this, and there aren't any other coordinates in the ship's planetary/universal map - no start, no other locations.

The chapters would/should/will be few, and time jumps notable, unless more development arises.

Discussion occurs at times, occasionally drifting into the nature of who the MC is, what the reality they all are in is, where/why the ship is going, how/why the transfer mechanism worked, etc.

The planet is eventually sighted in the distance. The last chapter is no more than everybody waking up one day -planet in view- and the MC seeing one certain real-life person's face clearly formed out of the landscape of the planet. He has a reb Tevye sort of reaction, smashing the screen.


This... is where it gets messed up. If it's set in real life, if it's a dream, if it's Washuu's experiment; I don't know. To the SI/MC, it's just an account of some interactions with his tulpae (entities whose existence is brought about and maintained by a human's will that they to exist).
Again: Motoko, Ruri, Nabiki, Mutsumi, Tsunami, maybe others at times.
But the whole... "story", if you can call it that, is so surreal.
When they fail to change me then Haruhi, Nakamuro 惡の華 and LAIN come back (weren't they seen before?) and try to break me also.

Mark Twain once said that "“Truth is stranger than fiction... because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” And so much of the story about the tulpae is practically just a manga-style re-drawing of real-situations (dem hyphens, tho) that happened over the last year and a half. Gah.

It's a moot point (lit. 'in discussion') in the meantime - i can't draw, and writing would be clumsy for so much of it.

I'll have to ask Yukiko to help me learn. If she has the time, she'll be a great help. And she said she's not going back to Japan yet - one more year.

And... to write,or draw... about my tulpae? And how did the story go from "SI gets pulled into the OVAs; play it straight" to "OVA Washuu takes pity on lonely ex-SI and sends him on a psycho-trip that backfires" to "all the girls in the psycho-trip turned into tulpae, but still Goddestroyedthemendofstory

dammit i can't think


this is going to ned so so much revision when I wake up . wow