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by evilpii
#6546 Submitted for your consideration, Homecomings is a Tenchi fan fiction project that I've been progressing in fits and starts since my undergraduate days. It is a sequel to my first story Dark Energy Trilogy, though I am attempting to write Homecomings to be accessible without prior knowledge of its predecessor. We'll see if that works. ^^;

For those interested, I maintain a wiki for my fan fiction projects, where you can read summaries and notes for each story, as well as view some fan art I've made through the process. I apologize in advance that it is still very incomplete. ^^;

The concept for the project is to follow three households in Tenchi Universe following a climactic battle, which forced "The Choice". Likely the most familiar, Homecomings: Masaki is set in Okayama Japan in the late '90s and focuses primarily on the Masaki household. Main characters include the following.

    1) Tenchi and Ryoko, who have begun growing intimate,
    2) Nagi, who has moved into the home to train with Katsuhito,
    3) Sasami, who is alone after Ayeka's departure.

In parallel, Homecomings: Jurai follows Ayeka to Jurai, where she comes to grips with "The Choice", as well as her own past and future. Major players here are as follows.

    1) Ayeka, who struggles with a broken heart and broken memories,
    2) Sagami and Ramia, both friends and supporters of Ayeka in this transition,
    3) Azaka and Kamidake, the two knights of legend who guard and aid the princess.

There will be a third parallel story, which will focus on some original characters, but it has not begun as I have some other stories to complete first. ^^;

At present, I have the Prologue and Chapter 1 of both Masaki and Jurai completed and am writing Chapter 2 of each. The previous chapters can be accessed readily on and my personal site, which features PDF versions of each. The current progress in Chapter 2 is available on DeviantArt, though I could post snippets here as well if interest exists.

I hope you enjoy reading these works as I have enjoyed writing them. ^^v Please feel free to comment and critique if you find something you like or dislike. ^_^

EDIT: As the wiki is currently defunct, I have removed the link to it. ^^; I apologize for the inconvenience. -.-;
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by Kiyoka
#6668 Mmm!

I simply planned to read a fraction of the latest one you posted, but I felt intrigued by it. It was not the normal love story, but something darker, something that broke the peace. I felt curious to read more. My eyes drifted along the torrent of words. I saw no stumbling. The words flowed as they should.

One particular sentence caught my eye. "Her face was twisted with a sick glee that was far outside her character to possess." Very interesting, I will put that in my note file that houses inspirational sentences for my story!

Good job, I'll read the rest in order this time!
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by evilpii
#6669 Thanks for the comments. ^^V I hope you enjoy what preceded it as well.

Yes, something very dark did indeed happen that broke the peace. :twisted: You can probably see why I had interest in your Evil Kiyone and the similarity to my Dark Ayeka. ^_-

I also shift some of the thanks to my editor. ^^v She keeps me in line when I slip up. ^-^;

As to your Tenchi Muyo! in Love 3, I've slated some time to read it on Saturday. ^^v
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by evilpii
#14215 My editress has replied, and Part 4 of Homecomings: Jurai Chapter 2 has now been completed. ^^v

At present, one segment remains for Homecomings: Jurai Chapter 2 to conclude the chapter, and the introductory arc. It should be elementary to write, once I start. ^^; I should begin work on it soon.

As to Homecomings: Masaki Chapter 2, I've been debating inserting a scene for either Washu or Sasami before the climax of the chapter between Ryoko and Nagi. Part of me thinks it would detract from the momentum of the chapter, but then again, that might be needed. If I don't add this segment, only one segment remains, and this chapter too will be finished. Decisions, decisions... ^^;;
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by evilpii
#16168 For those who have been waiting, here is the duel between Ryoko and Nagi. ^^V I hope you all enjoy the climax of the chapter. The denouement has already been written and is awaiting editing. How long before Chapter 2 of Homecomings: Jurai is completed, and Chapter 3 of both begins? :Tenchismile:
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by evilpii
#16176 Two updates?! Within 24 hours?! What insanity is this?! o.o;

Officially, Chapter 2 of Homecomings: Masaki is complete and posted for consumption. ^.^V The finale includes a tender moment between Tenchi and Ryoko, which I expect to have some consequences by the end of the next two chapters. ^_-

For those who would like to see the entire chapter, the URL is a quick way, but I also have a bookmarked PDF document available as well. ^^v

Meanwhile, Chapter 2 of Homecomings: Jurai lacks a conclusion. I should fix that. >_>
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by evilpii
#18313 After five months, Chapter 2 of Homecomings: Jurai is now completed. ^^V This chapter concludes with some severe thickening of Ayeka's story and a brief discussion between the knights. I hope you all enjoy. ^^VV

Since I'm currently in transit to a conference, I will not be able to post the PDF version until I return in a week. ^^; However, I have already started work on Chapter 3. ^^V In between the mathematics, I'll be hammering out new segments and post them as they get approved. ^^v
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by evilpii
#18344 Now, Chapter 3 has begun. [nagi1]

For Homecomings: Masaki, we have a private moment between Tenchi and Ryoko. I tried to keep this tasteful, and hope I managed to succeed. bth_images13-1

For Homecomings: Jurai, Ayeka's troubles from Inheritance are reviewed, mostly from her and Ryu-Oh's point of view. Yes, Ryu-Oh becomes a focus. bth_Ayeka

I hope you all enjoy. ^^V