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#25110 This segment is a character study of the knight Kamidake after his resurrection in the modern era. Sadly, the segment is longer than DeviantArt allows in a single post and head to be broken into three different posts. ^^;; I apologize for the length. ^^;;;

Nagi and Ryoko's history
Juraian politics
The Huntress's Heart

Primarily, this is a summary of his involvement in Tenchi Muyo! Reunion, but it is written from the crimson knight's point of view, considering heavily his opinions and thoughts on the events. This is in contrast to the opening of Homecomings: Masaki Chapter 2, which is Nagi's point of view of the same events.
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by evilpii
#27782 Ayeka confronts herself, all the darkness and trouble throughout her life.

Homecomings: Jurai - Chapter 3, Part 8

This segment is one for which I have been building the entirety of Homecomings: Jurai, and it signifies the end of the first major story arc for the violet-tressed princess. In particular, this is the end of Chapter 3, so I now compile the Prologue and first three chapters into a single document. For those who want Ayeka's entire ride so far, here is a PDF document of everything for Homecomings: Jurai up to current.

Homecomings: Jurai - Prologue, Chapters 1-3

Also, for those who like leaving comments, the story up to current is also available on at the URL below.

Homecomings: Jurai -

I hope you all enjoy Ayeka's journey to this point. I am certainly not finished with her, but this is a good stopping point for a while. kiyonesmile1

Meanwhile, I believe it is time to get some closure for Homecomings: Masaki as well. My next mission will be to complete Chapter 3 of Homecomings: Masaki, which lacks about three more segments. Let's see what will come of it. butts1