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by evilpii
#7598 While I slowly work on Homecomings, I thought it might be good to reference its predecessor. Dark Energy Trilogy is my first and primary fan fiction work, originally started in summer 1997. It is comprised of three stories, two of which are crossovers with the Men in Black film franchise. Over the years since, I have edited and rewritten the entire story three times to reach its current form.

The first story, Tenchi Muyo! versus Men in Black arose from the question "what if Washu noticed the Arquillian battlecruiser" in Men in Black. Most of the action in the story is set in Manhattan, initially following Ryoko, Ayeka, and Washu as they dodged the law. Below is a snippet from the piece.

{Soon, the two cars encounter normal traffic, and Ryoko focuses on dodging cars as the two vehicles approach a tunnel. Washu thumbs through a manual for the car while Ayeka observes J's car across the lanes of traffic.}

Ayeka: {Worried.} Ryoko, can't you lose him? He's right next to us!

Ryoko: {Frustrated.} I'm trying, Ayeka!

{Ryoko turns the wheel sharply, narrowly avoiding another car. Ayeka catches herself while Washu casually slides along the back seat.}

Ryoko: Dammit! Watch where I'm going!!

{Ayeka looks back at Ryoko.}

Ayeka: Be more careful, Ryoko!

Ryoko: You try this, Ayeka! I'd like to find a way around all this traffic!

{Without looking up from the manual, Washu reaches forward and locates the transformation button for this car.}

Washu: This should fix some of that.

{She presses the button, starting the car's transformation. Ayeka looks around, surprised at the transformation.}

Washu: You might want to sit down, Ayeka.

{The rocket engines ignite and throw Ayeka into the seat cushions hard. She reseats herself and straps the seat belt over her shoulder and waist as the cars both enter the tunnel. Ryoko glances up to the tunnel's curved walls and smiles to herself.

Tenchi Muyo!: Reunion takes place eight months later on the Juraian throne-world and was written to speculate about Nagi's origins and past. As such, a significant portion of the work revolves around them. This story was also a chance to experiment with Jurai and its hierarchy, particularly how the two knights fit. Below is a excerpt from the piece.

{She begins to pour another cup when the door opens again behind her. Commotion rises again as the door swings shut, following by light, confident footsteps which approach her. Amongst the occupant of the bar, they whisper with fear the words “bounty hunter”, “the red-eyed huntress”, and “both of them”.}

{Ryo-Ohki turns and meows in surprise at the newcomer while Ryoko takes her cup in hand disinterestedly. The person stops behind her, causing the Ryoan's lips to smile at the sound of the familiar voice.}

Huntress: I heard about your acquittal on Earth, Ryoko. I never thought you would receive a pardon so easily.

{Ryoko eases the cup to her lips as she answers.}

Ryoko: Yeah, I bet your heart is just broken.

{She swallows her drink and continues.}

Ryoko: You don't have a reason to chase me anymore. Now do you, Nagi?

{Behind Ryoko, a fit woman near the former pirate's height is shrouded in a black cape and cowl with a white cabbit, Ken-Ohki, atop her shoulder. She raises a hand to her cowl, pushing it back to reveal her spiked locks of purple hair. These tresses are held away from her crimson eyes by a violet hairband. Across her left cheek, a black claw similar to Jurai's Mark of Rage is scrawled down to beneath her chin.}

{Nagi scowls at her bitter rival as she reaches under her cape and draws her yellow sword. She swings her arms open, forcing her cape aside to display her violet and black combat uniform, similar in design to Ryoko's fire uniform. At her hip, another hilt rests, her powered whip. Ken-Ohki hops to the ground and scurries over to Ryo-Ohki, the two mewing kindly to one another as Nagi announces her intent.}

Nagi: It's time we settled this rivalry, Ryoko. Stand up!

{Ryoko shakes her head and pours another drink while the two cabbits watch their mistresses apprehensively.}

Ryoko: I'm a free woman, Nagi, and I came here to get a drink, not pick a fight.

{Nagi grips her sword tightly as she swipes at the sake bottle, just missing Ryoko. The former pirate watches the sword slice clean through the container, spilling its contents onto the counter. Again, with insult in her voice, the hunter calls to her again.}

Nagi: Stand up, you Ryoan pirate bitch!

{Ryo-Ohki is taken aback by this while Ken-Ohki lowers his eyes quietly and conflictedly. Ryoko's eyes narrow as Nagi continues her verbal attack.}

Nagi: The law may say you're guiltless, but I know the truth. You were born the daughter of a Ryoan pirate, and you will die one.

{Ryoko's free hand tightens into a fist at the huntress's words.}

Nagi: That is who and what you are. You bring pain and destruction, a demon caller, just like your name.

{Ryoko stands and turns to Nagi, crimson light drawing to the cyan-haired woman's hand. The attendees of the bar quickly rise and rush to the door as she closes her fist around this power, molding it into her own sword. Those golden eyes lock angrily on their crimson opposition as her heated words rise.}

Ryoko: To hell with the drink. Kicking your ass will do.

The final story, Tenchi Muyo! / Men in Black: Inheritance, not only fulfills the rising action and questions of the previous two, but sets the stage for Homecomings. The MiB appear one last time alongside the Tenchi cast in a great stand on Earth. I won't say much more about this piece save for the snippet below.

{Ahead of the armada, a bright flash of white sparks as the black sphere appears from this burst. Around it, a crimson aura flares, defining its shape against the star-studded tapestry. Roughly twice the size of Ryu-Oh or Yagami, the distortion slows to a stop 2 km ahead of the gathered ships.}

{Tension rises amongst the crews. Tenchi's eyes widen at first, but soon settle in determination as he holds Tenchiken. Yosho coolly eyes this adversary, considering his options. Azaka exhales slowly, lowering his staff into his hands. A chill rushes down Ayeka's spine, but that anger burns in her eyes as she grips her hand at her side. Kamidake reaches his free hand to his staff, his eyes never leaving the enemy. Ryoko glares hatefully at this energy form, no doubt in her mind who sent it. Nagi carefully takes the hair-band key from her spiked locks, the device wrapping around her hand at the ready.}

{Kiyone takes a slow breath, her hands hovering over Yagami's control panels. Mihoshi swallows dryly, also calming herself with her digits centimeters above Yagami's weapons screens. Mitsuki flexes the fingers of her metallic hand, the old wound aching with the revenge buried in her eyes. J sets his hands on two control levers before him, thumbs nearing two crimson triggers as a reticle appears over the distortion's image. The gaze of his pilot widens, a newfound fear at this unnatural phenomenon before him. A reticle also glows to life in Pii's visor while he tightens his grip on his fighter's control yoke and weapon triggers.}

{Zed turns to the side, watching the telemetry on the main display in MiB headquarters. Likewise, MiB agents pause and turn their eyes toward the danger holding so far above them. In the hangar, Washu and Nerti both pause to look at the genius's phantom laptop, watching also their opponent hanging in space. Quickly, Washu types a few commands, and other screens appear, recording data not only from the distortion, but also from the eight ships opposing it. Nerti, however, raises her hand to her lips as a tightness twists her belly. Recognition fills her eyes, alongside fear.}

{A moment passes in silence, all seeming to hold their breath while the distortion merely holds its position and flares eerily. Zed then takes a breath to issue his order when a static envelops his communication window on every ship in the armada. On Earth, Zed is taken aback and immediately turns to his technicians, though all other telemetry is unaffected.}

{Aboard Funaho and Ryu-Oh, a garbled voice is heard briefly in the static, raising questioning gazes from all five Juraians aboard. However, on Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki, Ryoko and Nagi both hear the message clearly, like a women's choir speaking in unison.}

Unison Voices: Children...

I hope you enjoy the tales. ^^v

EDIT: As the wiki is currently defunct, I have removed the link to it. ^^; I apologize for the inconvenience. -.-;
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by evilpii
#18014 While I was reminiscing on minichat tonight, I decided to recover some old links that have almost been lost to time. This story has seen plenty of revisions and criticism over the years, and some of them still exist.

First, here is a link to Edition 3 of Dark Energy Trilogy, posted near the end of the last millennium. This was the last version of the story before I went back and renovated them in 2008 with a new plan and a new editress. ^^v No doubt, this version is far rougher and less focused than its successor. ^^; In particular, Reunion and Inheritance were both written with a coauthor, with whom I have lost contact. Thus, his characters and influence vanished in the current Edition 4. However, I still credit him with
making Ryoko and Nagi sisters
in Reunion, after I chose
to have Nagi be a hybrid of Juraian and Ryoan blood.

Also, here is a link to a MSTing of Tenchi Muyo! versus Men in Black, posted around the time Reunion was first being written. MSTing, much like the original MST3K or its successor RiffTrax, had new authors insert commentary and parody dialogue between the story's existing dialogue. Judging from the story itself, namely the opening's use of Nerti over Mecha-Nerti, the MSTer used Edition 1, a very early example of my writing. I was 17-18 at the time. ^^; Now, some 15 years later, I find it a bit painful to read, but I see where I improved, particularly from the criticisms given by the MSTer. I give kudos to the MSTer in helping me improve. ^^v
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by evilpii
Prologue – The Chimera

While most of the inhabitants of Earth had no knowledge of extraterrestrial races, a few select groups around the globe had both knowledge and interactions with otherworldly life. Of these organizations, the largest and most prominent based itself in New York City and took great lengths to maintain its clandestine activities from the public eye. Known as the “Men in Black” (MiB) due its operatives' ubiquitous black dress suits, the agency tasked itself with monitoring and controlling extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

Since the MiB's establishment in 1961, the bureau has maintained Earth's neutrality as an apolitical zone, a haven for those needing asylum. From the failed Boglodite invasion of 1969 to the plea of the Zarthans in 1978, the stone-faced personnel of this secret police force have held the line, protecting both Earth itself and the inhabitants' ignorance from the dangers around them. One such danger arose in July 1997 when an Arquillian prince was assassinated for the powerful trinket he had been hiding.

The assassin took the form of an immense insect, a cockroach with proportionate strength and endurance. His claws and talons could easily snap a man in half, but his body had the flexibility to be folded into a smaller form and concealed within a corpse, a grotesque “skin suit”. His glands could produce a cocooning agent that glue objects together, as well as preserve food hidden in this way.

However, these natural abilities were only a sample of the creature's genetic potential. Indeed, his race took many insectoid forms, some possessing wings or stingers, even a potent venom. These different forms were locked inside a “caste gene”, activated upon incubation to determine the individual's caste in the overall society of its hive. Wings typically depicted royalty, reproduction rights. Venomous stingers represented the the soldier type, berserkers born only to defend and kill. The assassin was chosen from the worker caste, high endurance and survivability in harsh environments, most expendable.

What if all of the creature's potential was unlocked in a single individual, a monster warrior? Could one such being destroy the Men in Black, conquer Earth? Could an army of such beasts topple a galactic empire?

No, a brutally strong monster would not stand against the powers and weaponry of the more advanced races. Among the stars were several different species, some united under the flag of the Galactic Union (GU), protected by its Galaxy Police (GP). Together, their pooled technology produced not only energy weapons like those wielded by the Men in Black, but also powered armor, thermoptic camouflage, and cybernetic augmentation.

And then, one must consider the abilities of the races themselves. A few select species had the ability to summon forth ethereal energies, even to weaponize them. Specifically, the royal family of the Jurai Empire were said to possess a power surpassing that of a god. This power flowed through the bloodlines of Juraian nobility, giving them the ability to manifest constructs like barriers and bolts of power. Even unarmed, a Juraian nobleman constituted a significant threat at close or long range. Over millennia, the so-called “Jurai Power” was refined and mastered, given discipline through the sword arts of the royal family, harnessed via their organic technology.

What could stand against the GP and its weaponry, let alone Jurai and its might?

As with many natural phenomena, Jurai's power had an antithesis, a polar opposite. The Universal Science Academy (SA), the GU's academic branch, classified this dark energy as “non-normal variety of occurrence”, or “NVO”. Its properties and manifestations mirrored Jurai's might with an antipodal disposition, the two annihilating one another in most every incident and simulation. In 1896, one such event caught the galaxy's attention, the rampage of a Super-A class criminal, codenamed “K.A.I.N.” With all the GP's weaponry, they could not stop Kain as he destroyed planet after planet, murdering those in his path. Only by using the power of the former emperor of Jurai was the nightmare ended, and Kain imprisoned. Sadly, the emperor died to achieve this great feat.

Another particular criminal had a great power of her own. A space pirate by trade, she had greedily heisted banks and convoys throughout her brief career starting in 1992. However, due to a twist of fate, she had become embroiled in the 1995 coup d'etat on the Juraian throne-world. During the end of the coup, she made a valkyrie-like assault on the planet, breaking through the planetary defense system with her single battleship. Even without her vessel, the young woman had numerous natural abilities: teleportation, flight, and energy constructs such as beam swords, defensive barriers, and even a temporary clone of herself.

Could all of these miraculous powers be married with the insectoid beast's brute strength and armor? Would this be enough to take Jurai?

These questions burdened the thoughts of the Great Liaens as he stood over the operating theater below. Shrouded in his black cloak, he stroked his long, lush beard slowly, considering both the nagging questions and the action before him. His artificial eyes glinted in the dim light, their polished glass surface shining over the steel-gray mechanical iris within each, the pupil in the shape “+”.

In the operating theater below, a single insectoid creature laid strapped to the central table. His brown carapace strained against the restraints as he snapped and snarled at the man far above. Around the beast stood storage vessels, each containing a subject much like the captured creature, but twisted or mutilated in some way. Some had humanoid tissue replacing the natural carapace. Some had tattoo-like lines scrawled in circuitous patterns along their appendages and faces. However, all were very dead.

A side door opened and allowed a young woman, no more than 17 years of age, to enter the chamber. Dressed in a white laboratory coat, she made her way quickly to the creature, her long, blond hair flowing in a vixen's tail behind her and over her elfin ears. Her feline gray eyes followed the monster's struggles, but without expression, distant, empty. The sclera of her eyes pulsed with a vile emerald light as she set to her task, revealing a quintet of syringes from the pockets of her coat. Despite the creature's roars and garbled threats, she found the soft flesh between his armored carapace and injected him with each vial of fluid in succession. Stepping aside, she stood patiently, watching his reactions.

As Liaens intently watched the beast's resistance give way to sudden fits, a woman's voice whispered into his ear, “Such delicious torment…”

His eyes slid away from the insect's reactions to the woman standing at his side. Her emerald gaze pierced back into his, vicious and venomous. Framed by her fiery red locks, she leered back at him with a slight, twisted smile on her lips. Notably, a patch of her hair was died orange and teased upward into a bed of spikes just above her left eye. Her blouse was cut low from her neck, plunging seductively around her cleavage, while her dress was split up along each of her legs. A green cloak fluttered about her shoulders as she laughed to herself.

How Liaens hated this woman, this witch Jezibel Kimitan. If not for the use of her psychic talents, he would prefer her kind scorched from the multiverse's memory. Thankfully, his race was immune to her wiles, at least those of the mental variety.

“You sicken me,” he hissed back at her.

“But,” her sultry voice retorted, “it's all for your victory over Jurai, yes?”

With a quick motion, he clutched the hand she had been snaking under his cloak. Raising her wrist upward, he responded, “Don't forget your place, woman. You are merely a means to an end.”

She scoffed as her smile widened. “As are we all in the eyes of the gods, even you.”

Her words burned in his ears as he scowled, releasing her wrist. His reticle-like eyes lingered on her for a moment before returning to the action below. There, the beast's carapace shifted color to green while its talons have elongated and curved inward, more scythe-like. However, his attention turned to the blond girl who administered the treatment.

“You are sure your control on her is absolute?” he worried.

Leaning on a guardrail above the theater, the Kimitan witch gazed down as well. Her eyes burned a deep jade, as did those of the blond girl below. As one, the two women smiled.

“Her will is more broken than it was two years ago,” Jezibel answered. “Even if her beloved hunter appeared, my connection to her mind would remain unchanged.”

“And, my army?”

As both watched, the insect's mandibles reconfigured themselves to match the changes of his talons and carapace, gradually resembling more a mantis than a roach. His eyes grew increasingly weary from the metamorphosis occurring within his body.

“This bug Illirg seems to be taking to the genetic treatment far better than the other subjects,” Jezibel stated. “The girl's hypothesis about Ryoan energy would seem to be correct.”

“Can it be controlled?” Liaens demanded.

Insulted, the witch curled her lip and retorted, “Keep in mind who I am. I can ensure his loyalty.”

“Then, have it prepared and sent to Earth as planned. I want to see how it fares in combat.”

As he spun away to leave, Jezibel called back to him once more, “And, if he should fail?”

“Have the gynoid at the ready. She, at least, has proven reliable.”

The malicious telepath took a sweeping bow, mocking her reluctant ally. “Of course, King Liaens, the Great.”

His teeth ground behind his lips while he vanished from her sight. As Jezibel stood there alone, her jade eyes turned back to the blond girl below, who gazed up at the unspoken command of her mistress.

“Good work, young Nerti Ro.”

Shall we have a new beginning? gendo1
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by evilpii
#29907 Why would a galactic criminal traverse both space and time to attack a high school girl on Earth?

A year after Kain destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters, Washu considers the creature's motives, leading to some sinister questions. However, she is interrupted by an unexpected arrival.

Tenchi Muyo! vs. Men in Black - Chapter 1, Part 1
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by evilpii
#31859 The past few months have been very trying, both professionally and personally, so I have not been as productive as I would like. Nevertheless, I have completed another chapter of this story. ^^v

However, this chapter is different from its predecessors. As a cross-over, this story pulls from two different mythos, Tenchi and Men in Black. As Chapter 1 was primarily Tenchi, Chapter 2 is primarily Men in Black, setting up what information would be necessary or of interest to the reader.

Also, I got to speculate a lot about interim scenes and backstories. woooo1

Without further ado, I present Tenchi Muyo! vs. Men in Black Chapter 2 -- Induction.

Chapter 2, Part 1
Chapter 2, Part 2
Chapter 2, Part 3
Chapter 2, Part 4
Chapter 2, complete
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by evilpii
Idly, Jezibel Kimitan watched the sparring match below. As she reclined slightly to the side of her seat, her jade eyes followed the blond Nerti Ro dodging and striking at her male adversary, her instructor. The man's spikes of green hair barely slipped from the hook of her wooden scythe as he spun the length of his spear at her legs. His feline amber eyes followed his student as she ducked and rolled to the side, soon regaining her footing, weapon held ready. He stepped back, taking a defensive posture, drawing his spear's length slowly along his free hand, observing her closely, his elfin ears listening intently for her next attack.

Jezibel, however, yawned. Such physical conflict bored her when no blood was shed. She loosened her control on Nerti during these practice sessions, letting the girl's subconscious and analytical faculties learn from the exchanges while keeping her free will suppressed. In so doing, the blond young woman could neither rebel against instructions nor flee from the influence of the Kimitan witch. Nerti was simply a caged bird, singing on command, in preparation for the great chorus to come.

Yet, the bird's talons were growing quite sharp as shown by how her instructor sweated in the next exchange. Her blunt weapon swooped close to his neck twice, only narrowly dodged or deflected. Her physical training was nearly complete, and the next phase would commence soon.

Jezibel did smirk to herself as she thought of giving the girl a slight nudge, to be more aggressive, to slay her opponent.

How entertaining would that bout be? she asked herself.

Before she could consider this scheme any further, an alert flashed on the arm of her seat. Her lip curled at the annoyance while she lightly tapped the alert icon. In front of her, a translucent rectangle appeared, displaying the insectoid face of the caller. While his visage was twisted and stretched by the genetic treatment, Jezibel recognized Illirg's compound eyes and the eager loyalty they expressed.

“Mission report, your highness,” the creature's voice grunted with a vaguely male tone.

Jezibel grinned to herself. Controlling a bug seemed very easy since they already were genetically predisposed to following orders. Their biological hierarchy demanded that a worker caste like Illirg submit to any member of the royalty class, such as the queen. All Jezibel needed do was supplant the image of the queen in his primordial brain with her own, and dominance immediately resulted. While the genetic treatment administered by Nerti made his body exhibit traits of the royal and soldier castes, his brain remained purposefully unchanged to ensure his loyalty. Now, he would obey any command, suffer any wound, only to earn the telepath's favor. Moreover, she did not even need to be in close proximity to maintain her sway over him.

“Very well,” she replied. “Make your report.”

“As instructed, I have arrived on Earth. The active cloak prevented even the Arquillian battle cruiser from detecting my approach.”

“Good,” the Kimitan witch answered. “I assume then that you are on the planet's surface.”

“I am, royalty,” he stated before adding, “but an issue has come up.”

“Oh?” she inquired, a brow rising with her interest.

“While I flew unnoticed with the Arquillian ship, I sighted a Ryoan Ohki-class organic ship coming from the planet.”

A smile stretched across Jezibel's lips.

Ryo-Ohki, yes?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, your excellency,” he answered. “As you commanded, I shot her down while the Arquillians fired on Earth.”

While the galaxy at large heard conflicting accounts of Ryoko's demise on Jurai, some interested parties knew well that she had survived. Though she could have fled back to the pirate guilds of her home-world, she instead flew to Earth, following her heart's desire.

And, a heart full of desire is fertile ground for the seeds of corruption, Jezibel reminded herself. All as my Lady has foreseen.

“Well done, Illirg,” Jezibel praised. “This changes your targets' priority. Be sure to have the 'seed' ready when you encounter Ryoko.”

“I will, my queen.”

“Carry on.”

With a wave of her hand, the communication screen vanished, ending the call. Pleased, she smiled widely. While Liaens thought only of his conquest of Jurai, Jezibel had far larger aspirations in mind.

Should Illirg fail, she reminded herself, he will still have purpose in acquiring the pirate.

Meanwhile, the mutated bug lightly slid his claws down a cylindrical container. Within its transparent walls, a black flame writhed and flickered, burning higher as Illirg approached. Against the wall nearest to the insect, the flames pressed against the surface and mimicked a face, smiling knowingly back at him. Marked simply as “II”, the container was one of a pair, the other empty and marked “III”.

“Anything for my queen,” Illirg reiterated.

Tenchi Muyo! vs Men in Black - Chapter 3, Part 1