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by Dagon123
#685 This is from the old forum, so I thought I should bring it back for those who are interested in it! ^_^

Rejected Tenchi Storylines- GREAT place to get ideas for your own fanfic!
(This link is separated from the others, mainly because it is not fan fiction. There is no story, just an overall idea.)

Sites: Tenchi Muyo Page- General fanfic site.
Nuriko's Tenchi Muyo Scan and Fanfic Page- His site contains a few stories, as well as some scans from various Tenchi materials.
Death Quaker's Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction- A great collection of Tenchi fan fiction, mostly about Mihoshi.
The Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive- This site is full of all different types of Tenchi fanfic. This is definitely not an archive that you can read through in one night!

If anyone has any suggestions or additions to this list, be sure to speak up! =D
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by Akawoa
#688 Awesome job on bringing those back, tons of good material for anyone looking to read any fics!

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by devilbecka
#745 its been years since tmffa was active i miss it but i sometimes go on the old one witch is
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by Tearatone
devilbecka wrote:its been years since tmffa was active i miss it but i sometimes go on the old one witch is

I actually am in contact with Gensao (the founder of TMFFA) through facebook via his photography of my costumes. I see him at conventions regularly.I'm trying to become more friendly with him in the hopes of asking if he will ever finish updating the site and reopening it for public use. That, and we have a lot of geek interests to share (plus he's a pretty nice guy!) But TMFFA was one of my favorite sites, the first one I ever bookmarked as a kid, and I kind of want to use it again!... Hmm... I wonder, if he is done with it do you think he would be willing to pass it on to dedicated fans to keep it alive?