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by JGZinv
#13467 ... ED76BF9A52

Minor quibbles aside and all the issues we had, turned out pretty well overall.
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by Dagon123
kazuki wrote:Copyright Infringement - what the hell? Did you tube actually pull the plug on this one? :o :evil:

The original youtube account we had was taken down due to multiple accounts of infringement (all at one time too so there was really no saving it, the nuke had already launched, lol)
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by JGZinv
#19277 The cast was done some time ago, put on youtube, which the account was killed, which in turn deleted the video.

Dagon has the parts though so it should be able to be rebuilt.

Though if you want to chat up Dual, feel free to drop in mumble and we can go over things.
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by JGZinv
#20054 We're looking at doing a DualCast Re-Do..

I've talked with Dual_Addict, he can make Sundays, so I'd tentatively
go with like mid afternoon or evening for it.

I'm also hoping to get animegodfather, but haven't talked with kazuki or bib yet.

Other people that are interested in doing one, post your availability, I'll see how we can work
around it all.

Also with Dagon's recent loss, I'm not 100% sure on doing one without him, but it doesn't hurt to get some things out of the way.
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by chucklocker
#20055 I will be available any time during any given weekend as long as you give me a reasonable amount of notice beforehand.
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by kazuki
#20070 Sounds like fun. :smile:

I am in a different time zone, 8-12 hours ahead. Just let me know when it the best time available.
If it done in Sunday evening, it's Monday noon on my timezone.

What requirements do you need for a podcast? Just a mic or a webcam?