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by Ballsmagee01
Lighthawk93 wrote:Did anyone else know she was in How I Met Your Mother?

whitch episode?
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by bkev
#14967 She's in the Britney Spears episode. I saw it in syndicated reruns and said to myself, "finally! I got to see this!" haha.

The name of the episode is "Everything Must Go."
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by Kiyami
#15009 Please, back to the topic of this thread which is questions for the voice actors, should you meet them. I encourage you to watch the episode of How I Met Your Mother Petrea is in, and if you know what she looks like it should be obvious who she is. If I remember correctly, it's a quick scene.

Henceforth, please do not spam this topic with off-topicness. Anything off-topic may be deleted.

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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#15041 If ever the question found its way to K.T. Vogt, I'm curious:

Do you have two little "A" & "B" ego-boosters that you can summon from your shoulders on command?!

p.s. Petrea on HIMYM: Season 3, Episode 19 "Everything Must Go" (pretty sure)

sorry Mitts! M'kay serious I'll stay on topic now :D
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by mitsuki lover
#15063 For all of them(Japanese and American and Canadian):Are there are any goofs or flubs you made during the
production that looking back seem hilarious now,but at the time you made them you just wanted to crawl
away into a corner some where and die?