All things Tenchicast! Suggest, Join In, etc
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by Dagon123
#20122 This thread has been re-christened as the

So here are the guidelines

Whenever an interview comes up and you'd like to submit a question, put this at the beginning of your post



*Please do note, that all questions are screened beforehand, not all questions will make it in, thank you for understanding.
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by NinjaboyMMGN
#20125 Question for Mat Miller - How did you get the role for Tenchi? How was it working on the Show? What were the other Voice Actors like?

Take your pick of Questions. icon_gendo
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by Kiyami
#20134 Questions I would ask Matt are.... What is your favorite Tenchi season/series and why? (i.e. OVA, Universe, Tokyo, movies...) or if he had a favorite episode.

And then also "If there was one thing you could say to all the Tenchi fans, what would it be?"

Those are the only ones I can think of so far.
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by Crazed
#20136 For Matt Miller

Why do you think Tenchi still lives on to this day? As long as Tenchi has a future would you still be a part of it and voice Tenchi?
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by JGZinv
#20138 For Matt Miller:

Would you be interested in doing more Tenchi in the future?

Did you ever get to meet the other VAs, like Petrea, or what did you think of their performances.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#20144 For Matt Miller:

What are you up to nowadays? How did voice acting (as Tenchi) affect you/your other acting endeavors (if at all)?

EDIT: 1. via member thiefalos (who hasn't gotten around to it, apparently): "which girl do you think Tenchi would/should choose???" (goin for the jugular there lol)

2. (via me): How'd the whole Homer Simpson-esque "Doh!" come about? (because those of us as Tenchi fans think Tenchi before Simpsons whenever we hear it).