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by ChaudSept
#28592 What you looked for :

http://tenchi.astronerdboy.com/section- ... uyo-items/

EDIT : I've actually never read it haha. Now that i can really see all the "Funaho and Azusa died" thing, well, i'm satisfied.
Even though i agree with a lot of people here, Misaki being the counteractor is.. well .. That came out of nowhere..

OVA3's ending could have been so much greater if this cutscene was in it. It makes me kinda happy that somehow Kajishima thought about that stuff.

Another thing : Did you notice the image where she say "Shut up" ? In the image just before we see a juraian ship (i guess it is, we see clearly the module).
Is she talking to the ship ? Maybe she just killed her ship, i don't know.. That's dramatic !