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by ChaudSept
#29940 A year ago, plus a few days, Nil gave us the last preview of the second novel. It has been a year, so it is kinda an anniversary!

An anniversary is a good moment to remember.
To remember that a dozen of novels are waiting.
To remember of how great Hexagram of Love was, for various reasons.
To remember that translating a novel in proper english is equal to a tremendous amount of work.

Could you imagine if Okuda's 22 visual novels weren't officialy translated? Would fanscan's groups take over that much mangas? Maybe, maybe not. How much would have been lost?

To all of you who think that they can't do anything but wait, you are so wrong. Don't be naive, publicity won't do a thing, no you can't recruit people on project like this. But showing interest... Oh Gosh, interest is by far the best thing any human wants to get.

I hope that when the project starts again, support will come by too.

"Well done, fellows"
"Here is what I think of it..."
"How is it going so far?"
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by Ukinojo92
#34197 Well this is kinda pointless since almost everyone has gone to discord now, but i started Translating a little of Hasegawa novel 12. I don't care if it's out of order, the scene of Kiyone blushing at a guy has been bugging me for awhile now. I just have to know what is going on.
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by JGZinv
#34199 Sometimes only the undead haunt the halls...
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by Ukinojo92
#34205 Went through and did all the unfinished parts of novel 2.
Here is a part from the Afterword from Hasegawa (I think if I translated correctly)

“Tenchi”, is a "space-friendly" story that connects stars by the aura of love. Every piece so far became a star, I will make a constellation of "Tenchi". That constellation is shining, of course, readers, it is your love!