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by Nil Admirari
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With Ryoko resurrected, Tenchi Masaki’s day-to-day life was no longer peaceful. One after another, the Princess and Galaxy Police officer, who had been chasing Ryoko across the galaxy arrived, and in their wake they destroyed his school and the Great Seto bridge! Tenchi is now surrounded by all these dangerous women, his life won’t be the same again. He is now ringing in the new year. He is not a husband! The girls from outer space have feelings of love that are beginning to bud for Tenchi! The story is a very popular SF hybrid - with love - and comedy that’s all based on the original OVA! Life’s too big not to have read this!

Originally published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko in 1993 and written by OVA1 scriptwriter Naoko Hasegawa, One Visitor After Another has remained untranslated from its original Japanese text for over 20 years. Having discovered this, I set upon the insane task of making this work available to English-speaking fans. Thanks to a back breaking amount of hard work and dedication from a group of excellent fans, it is here for you to enjoy at last. I'm incredibly proud of the effort everyone has put in to helping make this a reality. May they be remembered for this day in Tenchi fandom history.

The novel gives us a peek into some ideas set aside from the OVA1 creative minds Naoko Hasegawa, Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi. Written during the last half of OVA1's production, Hasegawa combined her knowledge of the characters with Kajishima and Hayashi's ideas to craft a short comedy drama that really combines everything that makes Tenchi Muyo! so special to fans. I have no doubt that there is something in these novels for everyone. And what unique insight it gives us into how things were going towards the end of OVA1 at the studio!

Anyways, without further delay I would like to present to you Novel 1 of Naoko Hasegawa's Tenchi Muyo! light novel series. Please enjoy and let us know what you think in the forums!

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Nyaa torrent

Special thanks to: Crazed, Dagon123, Shadowsfall0, WisperG & JGZinv. I couldn't have done this without you, and I wouldn't trade those late night/early morning sessions for a damn thing.
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by Nil Admirari
#23629 Naturally this is a very new thing to all English speaking fans so I would like to remind everyone to please discuss but tag your spoilers appropriately for the first few pages. It is a very very short novel (less than 100 pages on A5 cut paper) but not everyone may be able to read through the whole thing right away. I'm looking forward to everyone's thoughts on the story though!
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by JGZinv
#23630 Congratulations to the crew for their hard work in getting this made.
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by Dagon123
#23631 Just figured I would jump in here and say first that I'm very proud of everyone who has worked on this project, but most importantly Nil and Crazed, these 2 guys have proven that nothing is impossible and that with even one more set of eyes, ears and hands, things can get done, you guys deserve a nice rest.

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by evilpii
#23687 This novel continues from the end of OVA Series 1, starting on New Year's Eve, six months after Ryoko's release. With a cursory review of who the characters are, the reader is treated to a bash at the Masaki home.

The opening scene has Ryoko and Ayeka vying for Tenchi's affections with their confections, which showcases the ladies' personalities quite well. Naturally, the young man himself tries to mediate before just escaping. Sasami stands out as the voice of reason, and Washu the voice of sarcasm.

Tenchi also has a more forceful presence in this work. He stops Ryoko from kissing him, breaking her heart and leading to one of the heartfelt exchanges in the novel. He demands that everyone stop railroading him into choosing a mate, breaking Ayeka's heart in the process. The novel also focuses on his indecision and inexperience, which gives him a more rich character, as opposed to his nearly background status in many continuities. In both above situations, Tenchi immediately feels wretched for what he said and how insensitive it was, which the girls sometimes use to their advantage.

Notably as well, Tenchi can use the Light Hawk Sword rather readily, though he cannot completely control it. This makes the ending of the novel problematic for all parties involved.

Ryoko remains very blunt and brash as illustrated by her attempt to kiss Tenchi, as well as her confrontations with Ayeka and Azusa. However, these two scenes also illustrate that she has potential for deeper meaning. She wholeheartedly loves Tenchi and wants to be with him, despite her tactless approach. Likewise, she will stand against even Jurai's “Divine Response Warrior”, or more simply “hitman”, for her own freedom and individuality. Coming directly off of her battle with Kagato, her attitude seems very well-founded.

Ayeka notably has a good deal of inner monologue. She deeply considers ruining Ryoko's life by having her father make her permanently wanted, the pros and cons. She schemes to ingratiate Tenchi to her father, much to Ryoko's dismay. She reflects on her behavior when dealing with Ryoko and her heartbreak over Tenchi. This all gives her a more cerebral presence, always analyzing and weighing her options. Yet, her main flaw is her rivalry with Ryoko and affection for Tenchi.

Mihoshi, however, has a fresh coat of paint. While she is a bit oblivious at times, she actually has some thoughtful musings, both in her own thoughts and with Washu, who is surprisingly very sympathetic to her plight. This does seem to reflect her characterization in Series 1 of an overworked officer, needing some respite.

Here, Washu seems much more of a mother figure, scolding both Ryoko and Ayeka for their behavior, before getting frustrated with them and storming out. She seems to fit this role rather well, being the most experienced and forward-thinking of the group.

However, the highlight of this work is Makibi Kiyone, Mihoshi's dear partner, worried about her comrade's fate.
Ms. Hasegawa actually gives more background into Kiyone, stating that she was a Juraian commoner who joined the GP and has little love for her homeworld, but a particular hatred for terrorists.
She even harbors some jealousy against Mihoshi for all she has had been given. It was refreshing to see Kiyone in this setting, as well as learning more about her character, particularly some of her feelings toward
Mihoshi and her homeworld

Indeed, Kiyone's lack of patriotism toward Jurai establishes a divide between the commoners and royalty of the world, a huge class gap. Rebel factions exist and would love to have a chance at the emperor and empress, familiar faces Azusa and Misaki. This interpretation colors Jurai as a less stable empire than the rest of the OVA portrays. Arguably, this seems more in line with the usurpation of Universe.

The reunion between the ruling couple and their children is quite touching, portraying them as loving parents who are loved by their daughters. However, Azusa calls out Ryoko, and the confrontation between them is respectful and blunt. Ryoko says her peace about her involvement and swears she would rather die than be imprisoned again. Azusa admires her courage and absolves her of the crimes under Kagato's control. He even welcomes her as a friend of the crown. As for Katsuhito and Tenchi, he welcomes them openly and without hesitation. This is very counter to his role in OVA Series 2, where he is very distant to Katsuhito and dismissive of Tenchi. He also appreciates his sake and loosens up very readily, much to his wife's dismay.

Misaki, likewise, has different portrayal. She tries to save Ayeka embarrassment of her drunkenness. She comforts and protects Sasami when danger strikes at the banquet. Again, she is quite sensible in direct contradiction to her appearance in OVA Series 2. Admittedly, she seems more like Funaho in OVA Series 2.

Even Nobuyuki receives a great scene with Tenchi. Son confronts his father, asking him if he knew about Jurai. Not too surprisingly, he did, and the exchange between them was precious. Here, the architect shows some of his grief over the loss of his wife, Masaki Achika, and, moreover, his dedication to her by choosing not to remarry. This is an insight into his character reflects many of the feelings from Universe Episode 9 and Tenchi Muyo! in Love.

Marshall Kuramitsu himself makes a rather extended appearance throughout the half of the novel, wanting to meet with his daughter, as well as with Azusa. He more subdued in this work, rather than his ambitious and scheming portrayal in OVA Series 3.

Of another particular note is the new character Peter “Pete” Finlay of the Administration Department of the GP, saddled with preparing a banquet for the arriving dignitaries from GP and Jurai. He becomes rather interweaved into the plot, so to avoid spoilers, it is sufficient to say that he is an interesting character and cryptic. His relationships seem to focus mainly with Mihoshi, and to a lesser extent camaraderie and respect for Ryoko.

Overall, the novel was very enjoyable and jives very well with OVA Series 1. The literary style is notably similar to a drama script rather than a novel, leaving it feeling a bit bare. Also, there are some issues with knowing who is speaking. Yet, the dialogue really is where this work is at its best. The characters seem very true to their portrayals in the original six episodes, and I give kudos to Ms. Hasegawa for her work. Brava. gendo1

And, thank you again to the translators. Barring a few capitalization and spelling errors here and there, the piece was splendid. Keep up the good work. kiyonesmile1
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by SnowQueen
#25421 First of all thank you guys for working and translating all of this. It's certainly appreciated.

Now for my opinion of this novel... I loved it. I really did but I'm not sure how to explain and voice my opinion without spoiling but I'll do my best.

I really enjoyed going and digging into the characters and getting into there minds and see how they REALLY felt about certain things despite what they show on the surface. That being said I see Ryoko and Ayeka in a bit of a different light. This part I can't really say without some major spoiler so if you want to know more of my opinion of this.... PM me I suppose. (quite a long opinion though I warn you) but to save time I strongly agree with Pii.

Anyhow...I liked the little exchange between Mihoshi and Washu towards the start of the novel. Agreeing with Pii I see Washu being more of a motherly figure towards all of the girl's though she is as sarcastic as always and Mihoshi having her own voice and not just being a comic-relief character but also a developing character.

I liked having backstory to Kiyone. In Universe you never knew to much about her and that was a bummer so seeing more to her than just a pro law hardcore officer was nice. I also enjoy Pete. A new character who I thought at first having a thing for Ryoko but it just ended up him having respect for her and him actually having a thing for Mihoshi which I thought was great. It's about time the other girl's got noticed more.

Anyhow I enjoyed this way more than I thought and honestly I wish something like this was getting animated instead of Ai Tenchi. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy Ai Tenchi but after reading this and then going back to something more....I don't know...more bubblegum fan service that is Ai Tenchi...I rather having something like this that has a slightly more deep and slightly dark (I'm not sure dark is the right word but this is the best I could think of at the moment) Tenchi story.

So that's my opinion. Sorry if there are a lot of typo's. ^_^;
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by SnowQueen
#25441 Well I'm just going to place the rest of my opinion on here but please DON'T read it if you haven't not finished the novel yet because it has MAJOR spoilers. Now that I warned you...

I wanted to talk about this while it's in my mind and I'll back track to my other thoughts but I wanted to discuss first what bothered me about the ending of novel. Don't get my wrong I LOVED like I said so above in my last reply but what I DIDN'T like about it was the die and come back to life trope. I think it's such a cop out and having it in stories always bothered me when it's in a story. That being said I also hate it when the character's go through traumatic events that are life changing to the character and it end's up all for naught because they don't remember it happening. Going from point A to point B and then just going all the way back to Point A. So what was the Point spending all this time going to Point B when none of the characters remember. I wouldn't be so moody about this if at least Tenchi remembered it all but I can understand that someone of his character probably couldn't handle it but even so I would have liked SOMEONE beside's maybe Sasami and Washu(because they are goddess) to remember but I guess that would have made it to dark of a story for the Tenchi-verse and Tenchi is more of a episodic series so even though I'm complaining about this I understand why it ended the way it did . So yes I know I'm contradicting myself in a way.

Now that being said yes it would be horrible to remembered that you died and in quite a painful and terrible way. Now I want to talk about Ryoko and Ayeka more in detail. Ryoko first of all seeing here respond to death a couple of times throughout the story see seemed rather calm about it like it didn't faze her because she was going to loose her freedom but right when she was going to disappear her responds to death changed instantly and that to me actually made it seem very real. After she is saved however she lay's her life on the line for Tenchi and thus dies and seeing that make's me just like Ryoko even more because she's not afraid to die I don't think but to die for nothing seemed worse than dying for a purpose. Now as Ayeka goes it was sad to see her so heartbroken and to see her a victim of a demon because Ayeka is usually so strong mental. That being said before she became the perfect victim of the demon (evil life-form) I liked how she felt more free even though she was heartbroken. She wearing a outfit that is a taboo to her royal name and she is going off her own way without someone else telling her what to do. So this is why I am upset with the ending being on for not because Ryoko and Ayeka and Tenchi really change throughout all this but I guess I can see they weren't going to be the same people anymore for sure but even so. Seeing Ryoko being more deep and sensitive and Ayeka taking charge of her own life was something I really liked seeing. It broke my heart when Ryoko could hear Ayeka's screams of pain in fear while being controlled by the demon which makes me want to say one more thing.

Now for this last part of my opinion if you haven't seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica (yes I am going there) then just ignore this last part.

The last scene right when Ryoko's gem shatters and she gives her life to save Tenchi's so that way he can save Ayeka really reminded me of the fight scene in Madoka Magica with Sayaka in her witch form no longer a human but just a being with nothing to live for and Kyoko who gives up her life by shattering her gem to save Sayaka form herself (and so also so Sayaka didn't have to be alone in death) and to save Homura and Madoka. For second I compared Ryoko as Kyoko and Ayeka as Sayaka and Tenchi as Madoka and Pete as Homura. Yes this might sound quite silly but the way it is described in the novel really reminded me of that episode and how Kyoko in a way died the same way as Kyoko and Ayeka in a way died the same way as Sayaka which really got my brain going and think really deeply about all of this. Also one more thing...that last fight scene while they are surrounded by darkness for some reason my mind imagined it as a witches labyrinth in a way. I would show a picture but I'm not sure how to post a picture within a spoiler.

Anyway I'm done now. Sorry for the long ramble and hopefully it make sense. hopefully I didn't have a million weird typo's going on. Lol
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by ChaudSept
#28171 Hey hey I unearth this lovely thread.

First of all, glory to you translation team.
Glory to you Nil Admirari
Glory to you Crazed
Glory to you Shadowsfall0
Glory to you JGZinv
Glory to you WisperG
Glory to you Dagon123
Glory to you, whoever i forgot, but i doubt that, i took the names on the book.

Anyhow, SPOILER ahead so watchout.

It took me time to read it, mostly because a didn't really realize what the novels were. After i understood it was another storyline following the path of OVA1, well i was thrilled, and excited.

I'm a big fan of the OVA continuity, i really love the original idea of Kajishima : Ryoko being the shrine's demon, leading to a big drama relationship with Aeka, the 3 godesses... Washu = Ryoko's mom, Tsunami = Sasami...
When i read the novel and i saw that even Tokimi was there, i realized that this timeline is what i'm looking for.

Like everyone else, i was disapointed by Kajishima choices, OVA 3, Doujins and so on..
Knowing that these novels basically take OVA1 and continue it with other choices.. Well i just want more.

Don't know if it's the fact that im reading, but the novel seemed much more serious. And Dark/Sad. Really deep actually.
Right at the begining, Ryoko & Tenchi, literally fighting their feeling. Tenchi who cries when thinking about is mother...

The conflict between Ryoko and the princess was really extrem. That's so much more powerful than any other argument in the show...
And all the love drama is going further than just the love triangle. I mean Kiyone, are you serious ? Kiyone crying for Mihoshi ?! I was so surprised, in a good way.

All we saw animated was fight, space travel, and non-official relationship choices. This series of novels is obvsiouly more romantic than action, and that's refreshing. It's like the love story we always wanted.

Don't be surprised if i pop up on mumble, to ask questions, and talk about.. secret stuff.
Because there is some things i'm sure of : I want to read them all, i've got time, i've got the will to help. And i also won't make miracle.

Once again great job.
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by Nil Admirari
#28187 As Crazed and I came to find out slowly, page at a time, this novel felt like exactly what we were looking for. The dramatic aspects, the darker look at romantic feelings and the inner workings of characters... it's a very special treat for fans. There's something in there for any fan, even with the ways she plays with Mihoshi and Washu's relationship to each other and Ayeka's temper tantrum causing a huge chain reaction of things that is unlike anything we've gotten to see yet in the series.

Getting a look at some of the interior workings of the Galaxy Police, seeing Ayeka pull a crazy stunt in front of the entire galaxy's news cameras, showing more of Mihoshi's responsibilities as an officer and hearing Kiyone's personal thoughts on her partner were all things I never thought about but was so glad we got in Hexagram. Naturally, the extremely romantic moment shared between Ryoko and Tenchi early on in the book really did a number for our hearts as well. There's a powerful, human, mature aspect in much of the book that is complimented by the occasional humorous moment. TMiL2 is one of my favorite parts of the franchise because of how it had intimate looks into the motivations of characters and their desires moving forward. Hexagram showed that Miss Hasegawa was already thinking about that stuff years before TMiL2 was a thing. And I'm so glad she was.

I'm happy to hear you loved Hexagram so much! It makes all of that work all the more worth it when we get to see someone who really gets all that the novel has to offer. <3