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by Ukinojo92
#27761 http://jurai.murdoch.edu.au/tenchi/MasakiHouse/

Here is some pictures of the Tenchi household with Text untranslated
Not sure where to put this
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by Ukinojo92
#27771 http://www.bonanza.com/items/like/44647730/Tenchi-Muyo-TV-Manga-Complete-Set-1-to-12-Tenchi-Universe-Full-Color-Comics-Lot

Not sure of this link, it looks like a place of a lot of raw mangas and such and extra stuff.


Don't know if this real or not
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by JGZinv
#27801 The first floorplan page is close to being usable, but still need something of a higher dpi scan to use.
Every bit of the kanji is going to be lost with how it is there.
Generally everything I start with is 300dpi and it goes up from there.

The rest are stuff that would have to be scanned. There's no way to do any of those pages as is.
Even a single book is a massive undertaking, ask crazed or nil about how much is involved with that sort of work.
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by Ukinojo92
#27809 http://sc.bobodm.com/manga/2862387/b1f044cd529ac96b-v1-2.jpg


a few pages raw of gxp

A few more pics



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by Ukinojo92