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by ChaudSept
#29373 Hey there !

What I want you to think right now is : "Oh, someone is motivated by a non-"canon" material :o "

So yeah, I guess most of you already know Eternal Memory, the manga telling the story of Tenchi Forever + the side story of Sasami during the movie.

Sasami's story has already been translated, but the translator took a lot of liberties. Therefore I've decided to redo it, with the true meaning and luckily, with good scans quality...

My progression :
100% pages ripped (I double check the text for accuracy only when translating)
75% pages scanlated
I'm actually doing the editing right after I've translated, so I don't get bored. Y'know... repetitive labor is your enemy..

Why I create this thread

While translation is hard, and translators are rare, translating this manga so far is very amusing and even easy sometime. If I'm lucky I can do a few pages in a row on my own... and when I'm not I have to seek help for one sentence per page.
I'm not trying to create a Scanlation Group or whatever. What I would love to have is more than my 2 own eyes to check my work. Accuracy of translation and localization is one thing, but quality of the scans, english expression and grammar are another. And I "need" all that.
I'm confident with my translations, but why should you trust me ?

What you could do, if you wan to
Get some time to look at what I've already done, telling me what should be changed (at large), & stuff
Editing the englsih text in the jap scans, photoshopping is funny after all
Help me proofread the rip text
Help me translating

People interested ?
Deadline : Sometime in August wth2
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by JGZinv
#29391 Just as a note I've offered to help proofread his end result.

I'd also like to say thanks to Chaud for stepping forward and taking on a
project like this.
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by Ukinojo92
#29393 Hey Chaud i'll be happy read and say anything to correct and/or improve the text when you're done translating . We need more translators like you.
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by ChaudSept
JGZinv wrote:Just as a note I've offered to help proofread his end result.

And already helping today badass1

Ukinojo92 wrote:Hey Chaud i'll be happy read and say anything to correct and/or improve the text when you're done translating . We need more translators like you.

I had a hitch about the scans, so I'm going through what I have already done, but anyway, hit me in pm with a mail adress, that way I'll send some stuff whenever possible.
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by ChaudSept
#30189 So.. here I am in vacation.

New sets of scans, lot of time to do translation, and for my own reasons I have japanese humans all over me. So even though I'm not super quick, I'll try to be accurate. I'll aim for the end of August. No guarantee though.

Also, what do you like to read, if say, Sasami calls out Tenchi :

1 - "Tenchi-niichan!"
2 - "Big brother Tenchi!"
3 - "Tenchi!"

I have my opinion, but hey, I want to hear yours.
This applies for all san, dono, sama.. and so on.
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by drillmaster
#30190 That is awesome. I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the end.

If I had a preference, I'd go with plain old "Tenchi." We know Sasami's relationship with Tenchi so it would be more natural for English readers.

But what do I know?
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by ChaudSept
drillmaster wrote:But what do I know?

Jon Snow gendo1

I think I agree with you, though I started scanlating with all the "niichan, san..".., I may or may not change everything.

Without honorific names, it's closer to my french experience of TM!. But if you look at :
- Your dubs
- The mangas in english

Everywhere, there are the "Ms Ryoko", "Lord Tenchi" and so on.
So will it be more natural for english viewer ? I'm not sure.

Crazed and Nil made the choice of going with all the "Miss and Brother" when translating Hexagram.
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by Ukinojo92
#30193 I think I would be easier to just stick with just saying "Tenchi"
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by drillmaster
#30197 Honestly, the two people in the English translations who insist on anything close to a honorific as Ayeka, who calls Tenchi "Lord" and occasionally Ryoko "miss," and Washu, with "Little." It works well with Washu since she is eccentric and with Ayeka since she plays up her nobility. We, as people who understand Sasami's relationship with Tenchi, can imply the level of respect she has for him by her actions. Her character doesn't really need the verbal tics unless you are trying to stick 100% to everything from the text.

Localizing a bit is not bad depending on what you are doing.
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by JGZinv
#30199 On some level it also helps clarify how someone is saying a statement. In other words it can be as much a help for the reader as the translator slogging through the work.