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by evilpii
drillmaster wrote:...is that OVA Kagato?

JGZinv wrote:It's Eternal Memory, so unless done as a parody, it would be Universe Kagato.

Having read Punistation's version and seeing all the images, the character design being used is from OVA Kagato, or at least heavily influenced by him. Whether or not the character itself is Universe Kagato will have to be sorted via the content of the story.

Ukinojo92 wrote:I think another nod would be Tsunami, I don't think she has been mentioned in Universe nor been given physical appearance.

JGZinv wrote:Eternal memory introduces tsunami, not as the tree...

Likewise, Ukinojo and JG are correct. Tsunami has never been mentioned by name throughout Universe or its two films. I have had my own pet theories about how Tsunami might be connected to the Jurai power referenced throughout Negishi's works, but I am eager to see what Chaud's translation yields. Tenchismile

How is that going, Chaud? qt1
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by ChaudSept
evilpii wrote:How is that going, Chaud?

Huuu uh. .

Well I think I didn't translate anything in months :|
Anyway, half of it is already done, but when a bubble stops me, it slows me, and I end up doing a big break.

The story is divided in several chapters, I'm thinking of releasing the first one instead of showing off the whole thing when done. What do you guys think ?

Also, how should I share it ? Nothing is better than direct download ?
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by JGZinv
#32772 If the pages get much more yellowed you're going to have a banana with text. wth2
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by Ukinojo92
#32785 are there pages that haven't yellowed yet? gonna scan them or no?