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by Ukinojo92
#30259 Everyone knows the In Love story from the movie and a story in the Okuda manga. But there is a gap when it comes to the direct manga and light novel of the movie. True, it might be just a re-telling of the story from the movie, but like the Hexagram novel, there might be some small pieces of info or storyboards that might be worth a look into.

Anyone that is able and willing to do it, here is a place for you to place any translated passages.

These links confirm existence of material:
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by ChaudSept
#30365 The hardest thing is that none of these materials got scanned.
I have for now no way of scanning them (whitout destroying them duh). I'm guessing Dagon (and others) feel the same way about their copies.

The 2 mangas, while being easy to rip (because easy to read), aren't filled with Negishi's input. It's like some company did a manga from the film Princess Mononoke : good stuff, but you won't find any cut scene. Though, I will inspect it.

The novel is very interesting, but hard to translate without proper scans. I have a good camera but ... time ...
I want to share the illustrations though ! Happy?

The storyboard is first on my list. I will read the 400+ pages to see where are all the unreleased scene, and I'll see if the dialogue are worth it.
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by JGZinv
#30366 There is an entity that will scan things for cheap and good quality, but your book will be cut apart and there's a substantial fee if you want the loose pages returned.

Beyond that, you either have to build a book scanner (about $350 + cameras), or use a wand scanner (crappy and repetitive).

Destroying a book is the fastest sure way of doing things. But as mentioned, for a lot of us we've paid a small fortune to
get what we have. We'd rather stab ourselves than our collections.
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by Lain
#30369 I would not be interested, at least not for a long while, but it's possible you could crowd fund copies for scanning.

Other sites may also be interested if you posted the crowdfund links there too, although here is the obvious choice for a headquarters.
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by Ukinojo92
Lain wrote:I would not be interested, at least not for a long while, but it's possible you could crowd fund copies for scanning.

Other sites may also be interested if you posted the crowdfund links there too, although here is the obvious choice for a headquarters.

Old series material like Tenchi, is hard to come by. Even if a crowdfund was started, a full genuine copy would be still hard to find. Also if a copy is acquired, you're still going to destroy something people paid money for just to read it something they already watched. Don't get me wrong, I would like the idea of everyone pitching in for a raw novel, but is it really worth it in the end if there is nothing new or groundbreaking info from it?
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by Lain
#30395 Well Uki, I would say so if they don't exist at all in digital formats or in English. Us tenchi fans now can get the books. Tenchi fans 100 years in the future probably won't find them easily on eBay! I'd like to see them translated but more than anything.... I'd just like to see them digitally archived. :)
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by ChaudSept
#30398 ^
Most of the novels are currently easily available on eBay and all of them are on ebook format too, on site like bookwalker (same goes for mangas). Save the War on Geminar novel and mangas that I couldn't find.

Personnally, I'd rather see, obviously, the fandom focuses on Hasegawa's novels. After let's do TTN maybe, or TMIL.
Unfortunatly, a big chunk of the fandom wants to see the TTN before anything else, and I'm not even talking about the GXP novels. Too bad they don't do anything but wanting, though.
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by JGZinv
#30402 Realistically, crowdfunding purchase and scanning of the material was exactly what we have been doing
with the doujin releases for the last 2-3 years. Course KM went and pissed off people, so that's no longer a thing.

If someone were serious enough, and you could get enough money together, then the most straight forward method
would be to use my contact that scans whole books on the cheap, mainly because he's doing it as an archivist, not to
get rich. You'd have to essentially buy a copy of everything for the sake of being scanned and destroyed. Also realistically, it makes more sense as a pay-as-you-go system, progressively getting more books (except in the case of cheaper lots and heavy stuff ie. shipping, as that's a large expense). It would also be wise to have some kind of vote in place that says people are more likely to donate in order to get the next book, if it's one they are interested in. So majority wins for the next thing to be bought and digitized.
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by Ukinojo92
#30485 http://www.tenchiforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=30482#p30480

Awesome scans with good quality. I thought it would be just a re telling of In love, but the pictures are alluding to more than what was in the movie. Eager for info from the novel.
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by ChaudSept
#30488 Image

プロ ローグ
第8章宇宙暦507484 禍因消滅
「天地無用!」のこと あとがきにかえて

Table of contents
Prologue. Page 5
Chapter 1, The world of 1970 (CE). Page 10
Chapter 2, 1996, Masaki house’s extinction. Page 37
Chapter 3, 1970, Lovely youth. Page 54
Chapter 4, Space Calendar 507410 ...... Kain is sealed off. Page 86
Chapter 5, 1970, Tokyo. Page 98
Chapter 6, Space Calendar 507510 ...... GP’s annihilation. Page 126
Chapter 7, 1970, Abnormality in Tokyo’s sky. Page 138
Chapter 8, Space Calendar 507484, Kain’s annihilation. Page 172
Epilogue. Page 194
"Tenchi Muyo!" changes in the afterword (wtf?). Page 203

Chapter 4 has more than 10 pages about how Kain is sealed away. That precious illustration is in that chapter. My guess is Yosho played a role in Kain's capture somehow.

Are all the date already known? If someone could analyze them it would be great.

Space Calendar = Stardate, maybe probably might it be...