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by JGZinv
#18866 Source Image -

Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru Sekishi Ban 10.8 - page 1


Notes -

Translation is machine translated plus my own interpretation.
Don't doubt for a minute it might be off, but it is fairly obvious what they are talking about.

I'm not going to list the various machine text rips.
You can point them at this page and get the same stuff.

JP ripped text is 100% accurate.

JP Text -


たまに · · ·


· · · 今回は聖機人編です
では本編をどうぞ· · ·

JGZinv's Translation -

Hi it's Mitsuki!
Hi it's Lashara!

Work sure has been really harsh lately,
doing the same thing every day.

I think we've finished the bulk of it, we
should be near the end right?

Chiaia - We'll be getting back to the SKS main story...
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
JGZinv wrote:Chiaia - We'll be getting back to the SKS main story...

Did we call that? I feel like one of us called that.

& Mitsuki there...does that mean something or more endless teasing, or ?
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by JGZinv
#18870 It doesn't mean much of anything cause there's no follow up.

What they are talking about, to add some back story, is that KM had been on a spree of these doujins for SKS being about the pilot suits. Up to this point that's all he'd largely done.

So they are referring to going back to some plot related talk in this doujin, and this is page one.

Doesn't mean new SKS or any of that, this is old it's 10.8, we're up to 12.08 now.
Started with 9.08, so 7 volumes thus far.

So the "joke" is that all the SKS girls have been posing putting on their revealing uniforms...
and Mitsuki and Lashara are like... we just keep doing this over and over... aren't we finished already?
It's a play on KM essentially not doing anything else but drawing scantily clad anime girls...

Chiaia not being a exhibitionist like the others... is probably mind-blown or exhausted style appearance there when she says her line.