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by JGZinv
#30035 Doujins are relatively easy because most of them are thin and just held together with a staple.
The thick ones however have spines and are very stiff and easy to crack.

What I'd like to find is some sort of glass or "view shifter" that is somewhat like a periscope.
Where I could place the flat glass shifter, and it would fit into the book so the whole page was covered, then use the
wand scanner an inch or two away from the spine on the glass and get a proper full page image. Some things you just can't
scan well without destroying it, so that's what I need to figure out.

I got the scanner wand in today. Going to start messing with it in a few minutes.
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by JGZinv
#30042 Well bottom line is that if it's used for what it's designed for, and used how it's designed, it works as expected.

The two issues I see with it is there's about an inch of housing to either side of the wand (not edge to edge) that keeps
it from being close to the spine.

The second is that it has no real ability to scan hovering above a page or not directly on the page. The reason is two fold.
A. The rollers on this particular device actually activate a burst light when it moves. No motion = no light.
B. When not directly on the page, the image is blurry and smeared all to hell.

So my next course of action is to get some glass and maybe a mirror, see what can be done with that.
Otherwise, I've only messed with JPEG at medium (600dpi) and hi (1050dpi) and the scans are usable.
There's a bit of a crosshatch or almost like a texture effect in the solid areas of color if you zoom into the resulting
pictures, but hi level scans at 8MB for a book cover are really nothing, and scaling down the image for web removes
that anyway. PDF might be different, haven't tried. Scan speed I'm going slow (to me), but I'm faster than a flatbed, haven't had a smeary image yet when I was using it properly.

Color reproduction is fair to good. Certainly web usable, but I wouldn't use if for color print reproductions without some tweaking against the source. The same could be said of flatbed scanners, albeit to a slight less degree.

For the $42 I paid for a $80-120 stick, I think it's worth it for the functionality it offers. It's a one trick pony, but that's all
it ever promised to begin with. Supposedly I can get several hundred to a thousand scans on a 1 GB microSD card, and the built in battery will last a few hundred on it's own. Don't know if the 1.3 tft screen is worth it, probably not, you really can't see squat for the previews on it. The extra 140dpi in high mode over the next model down is probably kinda sorta worth it though.

It does offer a scan direct to computer mode, as well as ABBYY FineReader 10 (should sound familiar to some of you), and a cloud app if you want to do that. Otherwise PC hookup just sees the memory card as flash storage and you can pick files right off the card.

Edit - Trying it with some heavy plate glass, just produced non-useful mostly blurry images. Probably find some thinner scanner bed glass before I call it pointless, but not looking good.
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by ChaudSept
#30044 The not hovering thing is not surprising at all.

I'm little disappointed if the wand isn't able to scan properly a book with a big spin. It was to be expected though. Is it so even if you force on it a little wth2 ?
I guess 1 inch of housing is pretty big hu.. :|

600 Dpi is already awesome quality, 1050 isn't a little superfluous?

Also, we need samples \o/
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by JGZinv
#30045 Here knock yourself out.

Took about 26 scans and photoshopping to get these 9 usable. These are done on hi dpi in jpeg. Then reduced 50% in photoshop and straightened and skewed on some of them.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ht1b5z652nait ... T.zip?dl=0
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by ChaudSept
#30050 26/9 ?
Well it seems good for one-off scans, and rare unique art work, but as you present it it seems rather time consuming. Scanning a document with more than 50 pages appears to be quite the battle.

Your document is rather small isnt it ? On the writing is smaller than usual maybe ? Because I have a feeling we could get a better zoom capacity with bigger example mmmm1 .
What did you scaled down again?

Also ocr is tricky when it comes to no-white background but meh.

PS: Yay, El Hazard o/
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by JGZinv
#30051 It's a CD booklet... it is relatively small.

The scans started out as 5200x5200 or so. Not sure what else you could want from it.

The source just needs to be flat, even staples in the middle of the page can be a problem.
The more annoying thing for me is I can't seem to keep it from cutting off the end of the page for
most any given scan, or because you drop off the page the scanner shifts in hand and you end up smearing it.

It does work, just it has some quirks.
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by ChaudSept
#30393 ^Are more examples to come wth2 ?

Anyhoo I have been recommended to use the app CamScan to take picture of document, so I've decided to try it out on the TMiL novel.

Conditions of scans : crappy (old novel = the page is old-white-yellow-brown with a lot of imperfections,light uncontrolled, I used my finger to get a flat page, there was shadows on the page...)
I used an iPhone 5C, so 8 Mpx camera.

The post processing of the app is simple : Croping auto or manual, and auto-leveling (can be done manually too).


So yeah, the changing of contrast made very visible the little flaws of the page, and the shadow mark is darker than ever. But the definition is large enough to do OCR.

So I did it... And you'll be surprised of how fast it was !! Seriously, ABBY add trouble on a very few kanji, and also on ponctuation, but it wasn't a pain to rip AT ALL.

に も記憶されるべきものではありません。すでに、あなた以外の人たちの記憶は、消してあ ります。もちろん信幸殿の傷も、痕跡はすべてです。そして、あなたの記憶も消さねばな りませんわ」
魎呼の、阿重霞の、美星の、清音の、そして砂沙美と魎皇鬼の顔を見渡しながら、阿知 花が言った。

「ええっ……さようなら。あなたたちが来てくれて楽しかったわ。でも、もう二度と会え ないのね……。天地を……あの子をよろしくね」

I didn't double checked it.. I double check only when I translate, but we're safe on the accuracy.

And as a bonus, a scan of the summary on the plastic-like cover of the book
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by JGZinv
#30449 and yet another variation on my translation idea...

http://gizmodo.com/your-android-wear-sm ... 1725393864