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by JGZinv
#20222 As far as hosting necessary images, like examples for doujinshi pages in
the posts you make with rips....

I have a separate Photobucket for > 1 MB files that we can use, and if need
be I can tap other hosting for the larger files. Viewing access to this Photobucket
so you can post links, can be made available to people helping with translations.
Uploading directly isn't feasible, and carries some risk, so I won't be doing that for now.

In any case, I want a copy of all source images/scans for projects (ie doujin at a time
or group projects, not one offs) preferably at max resolution available, to go through my hands.

This is both as a backup, as we have lost already finished translated work in the past, and
so we have it all consolidated in one place.

So if you need to host or include an image for translating, please contact me.

Doujinshi, and what other projects where I have scans for, I will be uploading
all at once, so all pages are available.