Fan projects DIRECTLY related to Tenchi Muyo!
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by YokuMasaki
#25707 Are you a Tenchi Fan and A Talented Musician? ever wanted to Contribute to a Musical Project Dedicated to All things Tenchi? Here is Your chance!

I'm Looking for Talented Musicians to Contribute to a Musical Project Called "Project Jurai" a Musical Opus In Honor of Tenchi Muyo! this project will be Promoted By Me and From All over the world. Those who want to Contribute Must Follow these Guidelines:
  • Music can Be your Own Original Cover as long as it is completly produced and redone by you.ORIGINAL Work is ALSO appreciated. No Remixes.
  • Must Be Music With topics RELATING to Tenchi Muyo or any of the Tenchi Muyo Related Series (i.e. Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi In Tokyo, GXP, War On Gemnar, Etc)
  • Can Be ANY GENRE (rock, Hip Hop, Dance EDM, pop, Folk, etc)
  • Bonus if any artist Also Submits music videos for their Submissions (AMV included)

Music Must be submitted in either .mp3 Format or .wav Format. will be Released Through Digital and Physical Distributors Via Hoodlum.Rebel.Music.Group. a label i own and Run.

Please if you do Email your Submissions to!

also, Those who Submit to the album will have the First Come First Serve option to Purchase a copy of the Album once submissions and Release date is Made.

remember, this is the album BY TENCHI FANS, FOR TENCHI FANS so Please Submit ASAP.

also Please do not Send via Soundcloud or Youtube Submissions ONLY. send file formats to be used for the Album.
tracklisting will be made once submissions are taken.

Also if you KNOW any talented Tenchi fans who would like to contribute feel free to Pass word around!

if any questions, please Ask me or ANY of the Admins from TenchiForum!

Hope to hear from You talented Folks Soon!

- YokuMasaki
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by For Washuu
#27119 Sad to see that nobody's replied so far.

Technically, one could say that I've already done something like this (one track, I mean) that can be heard here:

No, I'm not submitting that - you already said not to submit via soundcloud/youtube. However, I'd love to re-record it to submit. In addition, I've been wanting to tackle "Night Fears" for a while. I have the synthesizers to re-create those sort of tones, and... well... dat song.

I also wrote lyrics for the OVA 1 OP. They can be found in this post:
Re-creating the OP would be considerably more difficult, though. But... eh. I'd still like to do it. Somehow.

So... what's the status on the project?

Edit: I forgot that I also did a (much less annoying and disgraceful) re-write of "Your Hiroshi". That's probably not worth mentioning, but ALSO... English lyrics for "Destino", the ending theme of Saint Knight's Tale. They're not in any way related to the original lyrics, since I am not anywhere near fluent enough in Japanese to properly translate it, but they fit.
That song, though... yeah... It'd be a stretch to pull off that song. Could be possible, but it wouldn't be comparable to the original.