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by Kerbs
#27427 Please tell me if this is the wrong place/post! blush1

I recently got it into my head to rebuild the Masaki house in the Sims 3. I've been taking screencaps of different rooms shown in episodes, as well as finding some materials online. I even found a 'blueprint' sketch, but unfortunately only some of it is translated.

Was wondering if anyone else has tried to do anything like this before? It would be fun to compare results, especially because the house really varies from universe to universe. Also some rooms are simply never shown, or are very hard to tell where they are located in relation to the rest of the house! (For example Mihoshi's room, Noboyuki's library, what the inside of the greenhouse looks like.)

I'm also pretty horrible with directions so it's hard to visualize where the house is in relation to the steps to the shrine, lake, front gate, or Funaho.

Any ideas or resources would be great!
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by JGZinv
#27441 I forget which guide books have stuff in them. The OVA perfect collection extras has a walk through of the house that's cobbled together from parts of universe though.

OVA 3 had a lot of shots from parts of the house.

Depends on what you're going for, cause it would seem it changes depending on which series you're using as a source.

The Sanada residence from Dual actually has a complete floorplan for it.
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by Ukinojo92
#27457 Hey Kerbs check this and the following thread
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by Kerbs
#27758 Thanks all for the tips :B

If you care to see, this is my progress:

I've actually sort of called it quits and started playing the game.

Sasami is a child - goes to school, plays with Ryo-Ohki who is a cat who I tried to deform into a rabbit...
Washu is a teen who goes to school and is learning to invent/build stuff.
Mihoshi is a private eye.
Ayeka is working in fashion.
Ryoko and Tenchi are improving their martial arts skills.. and Tenchi recently visited China.

Sooo yeah idk if anyone else plays but if you have tips LEMME HAVE 'EM!! soawesome1
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by Ukinojo92

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