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by ChaudSept
#30498 I've been late. But now I'm fine.

Reviewing the eps like that, you really see numerous thing that I'd just never seen. Good stuff.

Now, let's go for the episode where 3 interesting characters are shown, but you'll never see them again. Or.. kinda.
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by drillmaster
#30814 I updated the review after Charlie's comment about him remembering it on Toonami. I scoured the internet to see whether Toonami aired it and if they did how they edited it. In doing so I learned something interesting. To quote:

"We never aired, nor had access to the special. I have no idea why a clip from it might have ended up in the promo. And we never aired it because... it's not very good!"

That means the rights for The Mihoshi Special are different that the OVA, Universe, and Tokyo. This may explain why Funimation didn't rerelease it on DVD or Bluray.
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by mitsuki lover
#31043 Loved the review. I think the Hiwa story sounds interesting. Nice to learn again that Tenchi had a normal life before all the chaos dropped on him. But what was the purpose of the Staypuff Man in
the Magical Pretty Sasami story? I think I mentioned before elsewhere but I kinda like Pixie Misa.
And MIT? any version Washuu's a genius. It might have been the translator localizing it so
North American readers could understand her totally soawesome1 intellect (of course Washuu is not
above doing it herself!).
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by Dagon123
#31329 Drillmaster, just want to point out something.

Petrea did TECHNICALLY decline the role, but not because she wanted to retire, she declined (she FINALLY said why after 10 years at Anime Fargo this year) because Funimation were incredibly unprofessional with her.

They contacted her, she asked for a rate that was more in line with what she thought she was worth (IE Actually getting paid) and Funimation never responded, cut ties with her and dubbed it behind her back (I'm paraphrasing of course) but the answer is finally out there.

The very same thing happened with Jeff Nimoy and the main cast (sans Johnny) of Trigun.