Fan projects DIRECTLY related to Tenchi Muyo!
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by Lain
#30306 Hi guys,

Recently I've been looking for info on the Tenchi games and noticed outside the SuFami one, there's not much info out there. Same for the books, the trading card game (and the collectable picture cards), as well as just general merch

I would suggest a new wiki, but some people have been very hard at work over at wikia already:

They've already added 316 articles. Some/a lot are stubs like this, and could use work:

But I think the best place for us to collate this info would be the Wiki.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to help build a list of all the different types of merch, and even adding some descriptions and info where possible? I think we'd all benefit. :)
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by Lain
#30312 So, maybe we should just start with straight forward lists? What do you think?

We can flesh them out with a page for each item later, then.

If anyone knows any good Japanese Tenchi resources for this kinda info btw, let me know please!! Maybe I can make some sense of it with a little thought and some google translate :P
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by ChaudSept
#30315 When I first came here, the first thing someone told me when I brought up the wikia was "Watch out with the wikia y'know, it's filled with other people's opinions rather than fact". It's true that sometime there is a cruel lack of references.

Btw, the same goes for the official wikipedia page (for the lack of reference).

Lain wrote:I would suggest a new wiki

I kinda agree, if we adjust the discussion to Evangelion, we have : EvaGeeks vs Evangelion.wikia.
IMO, EvaGeeks is better, for lots of reason unfortunatly.

But starting a full wiki page from scratch seems like a shit load of hardwork (Though I could get behind it). On the other hand, I'm also all in for improving the wikia.

Lain wrote:What do you guys think? Would you be willing to help build a list of all the different types of merch, and even adding some descriptions and info where possible? I think we'd all benefit.

I would. Give orda'.
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by Lain
#30317 Well, ok. We could review the guidelines of their wiki, and maybe work on having just factual information on the articles if they're laissez-faire about theories on the main page, maybe we could work with them on it. You could have seperate pages for theorys, or on Wikis, you can have talk pages:

Normal page:!_Ryo-Ohki
Talk page: ... !_Ryo-Ohki

They may relegate theory to talk pages. Or even just have all the factual stuff at the top, then a theories section at the bottom. There would be a few ways round it if they'd work with us.

I don't know much about the Tenchi wiki though. For all I know it could already have similar guidelines and already have similar attitudes.

There's also nothing stopping us starting a and linking back to the other Tenchi wiki for information (and here for discussion).

The admins could also add a wiki to this site. I would also be willing to help on the technical side on that route if we decided to do that. I am a webmaster, programmer, sysadmin and web designer so I could help out if the staff were having difficulties (I don't know how technical you guys all are, sorry! It's my first day here)
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by JGZinv
#30321 At some point Dagon was starting a Wiki system here, for this purpose, don't know what the status is /was on that.

The tenchi wikia yes is plagued by people that prefer their own version of history as they see it rather than fact,
as such in the past we've tried to edit it to bring it in line, just to have detailed articles wiped out.

The older folks here and myself are probably the most equipped to be able to tell you whats in or about certain objects.
The older generation fans here, I can probably speak for when I say we won't work with or on something that's open
to being wiped out or changed by those that have trolled and caused havok previously. It needs to be public yes, but
not open to everyone to edit.

Since you're into Gokuraku, Gokuraku 2 actually has a zelda esque game with it.
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by Lain
#30325 Gokuraku 2!! Yes, that's it. I knew in the back of my mind there was at least one more I found out about ages ago. If you know of any more... ;)

Well, I would be willing to help if needed.

Or if the admins didn't want to, we could do an offsite wiki with a loose affilation
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by ChaudSept
Lain wrote:Well, I would be willing to help if needed.

Oy! You start a proposal, don't back off now rageblow1 .

Seriously though,
There a million project Tenchi related, I'm mainly interest in the translation side, but the wiki side interests me too.

JGZinv wrote:At some point Dagon was starting a Wiki system here

Was it loooong ago? I guess it was. Project drop or on hold?

Also, I was kinda waiting for JG to bring up the "two sided" fandom we have here. And trust me you want the elder one with you when writing stuff, 'cause they know.
Seriously, I could support you on a wiki from scratch. But where to do it, heh?

But most important, Lain, do you want to write only about merch?

I think the admin would, but we have to fight his busyness wth2
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by Lain
#30331 I am more interested in merch, but I would be willing to help operationally and to maybe start small articles or add to others on the series. But I am only just getting re-intersted it Tenchi even though I've rewatched a few of the series since I first saw them on Toonami over the years so my word wouldn't exactly be gospel

It could also help co-ordinate translation
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by JGZinv
#30332 It's hard to recall specifically when, it was part of a site update after we ended on this forum version/skin.
Around the time Ai came out.

I really don't have a lot of info on that other than what we'd discussed. You'd have to kindly ask Dagon.
Realistically if it could be done here, that would be better for traffic as it would help bring people to the board.