Fan projects DIRECTLY related to Tenchi Muyo!
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by ChaudSept
#30335 I would be all-in for a "" huhu.

So what you're saying JG, is that it isn't that old. Aside from that, I think we all agree the site needs / will have improvment (because of the read page and such). My guess : Everyone is freakin' busy :).

I also guess that html skills are require to edit the website?

Lain : If you introduce yourself, maybe they'll see.
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by Lain
#30336 No, something like BB Code used on the forums. For the back end stuff yeah, HTML knowledge for adding templates and stuff and programming knowledge for editing the backend. But for contributors, no, you wouldn't need to know HTML.
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by Dagon123
#30338 There's the old wiki I attempted to start, or starting a wiki through the /universe side of the site, the latter would be easier to do, but actual wiki software would be more comprehensive (hence why I started it in the first place), regardless, both would need contributors.

I would be willing to help again, but I would need to see some real work coming from those wanting to contribute.
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by Ukinojo92
#30343 Just an idea of organizing

Tenchi / Dual / Moldiver / El-Hazard / Pretty Sammy / Photon

Subsections of Tenchi: OVA / Universe / Tokyo / Ai / GXP / Geminar

I went with series in subsections because going by continuities or who was behind it: Negishi or Kajishima, gets confusing.

The categories the merchandise can be ordered under what kind of material it is: doujins, manga, novels, games, etc.
Then under what order it came out.

Just trying to help give a start.
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by Ukinojo92
#31259 sorry for the bump

links that have Tenchi Muyo info that I found helpful