Fan projects DIRECTLY related to Tenchi Muyo!
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by JGZinv
#16181 We do have some muffins pictures for you mittens...

Also here's the con AMV list, we came in at the start of drama. Sorry no Tenchi's made it.

Anime: The Freak Show – Allmostanyone
Pure Imagination – Zanzaben
Blackout Shooter – l33tmeatwad
Razor’s Edge – SprinkleSprankles
The Combat of the Warrior – MusicFreak34 of Valiant Hell Fire Productions
MMV: The Front Lines – BecauseImBored1
Wasted Away – LoneSaiyan115 of Way of the Pride Productions
Don’t Walk Away, Minato & Kushina’s Last Battle - SprinkleSprankles
Endless ∞ Hide & Seek – Vej
Florence + Time – Patrick Merritt
Saudade – Galia & Kitty
You Are - Ellen Packer of Empty Mind Studios
Psycho-Pass: Mental Regression – Robert Frazer of Cyclops Productions
Sparkling Demons – nicki_013
The Avengers Live TV – EimiJ7
Anten Piece – l33tmeatwad
Soulmance – FuzzyRedPants
Accidently Tsundere – Zanzaben and Hamstar138
BFB – Bill Meunier of Jump Cat Productions
Once Last Kiss – Lita302 or Double-Z
Wish – SatoshiSakura
Your Parachute – O-Dub of evolved Productions
Beautiful, Dirty, ANARCHY – James Blond
Dreamer – Renato-kun of Sora Studios
Le Cirque Sheryl Nome – Cassi
My Anima – EimiJ7
Persona 4: Gangman Style – cuteenei
The Good Guys - Lussuriioso

Best of Mindtrip - Anime; The Freak Show by Allmostanyone, second is Pure Imagination by Zanzaben
Best of Action - Wasted Away by LoneSaiyan115 of Way of the Pride Studios - Second place was Combat of the Warrior by MusicFreak34 of VailantHellFire Productions
Best of Drama - Saudade by Galia & Kitty - Second place was Endless Hide & Seek by vej
Best of Parody/Trailer - The Avengers Live TV by EimiJ7 - Second place was Psycho-Pass: Mental Regression by Robert Frazer of Cyclops Productions
Best of Romance - Wish by SatoshiSakura - Second place BFB by Bill Meunier of Jump Cut Productions
Best of Upbeat/Dance - Beautiful, Dirty, ANARCHY by James Blond - Second place was My Anima by EimiJ7
Audience Choice - Soulmance by FuzzyRedPants - Second place was Persona 4: Gangnam Style by cuteentei
Best of Show - Dreamer by Renato-kun of Sora Studios - Second place was Saudade by Galia & Kitty

Most of those wouldn't be my choice... but there's the list if you missed them or want to track em down.
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by devilbecka
#16188 Why does the end of a lighthawk sword look like an 3 hearted jammy dodger?
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by Ballsmagee01
#16195 Sounds like you guys had fun. One again I wish I could have been there with you guys. I look forward to more pics and maybe I'll see you guys for ct-con in the summer.
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by JGZinv
#16209 found em...

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by JGZinv
#16263 Here's a couple more.


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by crazypackersfan
JGZinv wrote:Hi Julia, we found a couple outer members floating about.

Post panel report:

The panel had about 25 fans show up. So it was a good showing.

You know, I wish I would have gone to Ohayocon just to see your panel. But 2:30 in the morning? That's Ohayocon for you, shoving quality programming to the middle of the night. I could go on for days about cons and their terrible programming scheduling.

I feel bad that you only got 25 fans, which is about what I got for each of my Tenchi panels. Mine were at smaller cons but at reasonable times of the day. There was a Tenchi panel at Ohayocon 2 years ago and it had probably about 50 people including Ayeka & Sasami cosplayers. But the people running it weren't true Tenchi fans, they seemed to hate everything about Tenchi except Tenchi Forever.
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by JGZinv
#16277 Here's all my photos.
Friday Pics
Saturday ( Mostly SAO)
Sunday Pics - ^ also Kerito and Asuna in floor 22 casual outfits which I thought was rather rare.
Other Photographer's Pics (mixed - some tenchi)