Fan projects DIRECTLY related to Tenchi Muyo!
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by Dagon123
#19902 I started this here because as you may or may not know, Pioneer released the Toonami broadcast versions of the first 13 episodes of the OVA (Tenchi Muyo! which we have!) and all of Universe on VHS. However, they DID NOT release the Toonami version of Tenchi in Tokyo on VHS, It only exists on VHS from those who may have recorded it way back in the day.

So basically, I'm looking for these tapes to digitize them and put them up for everyone to watch

If you have any VHS tapes that have even one episode of Tenchi In Tokyo from Toonami, or know anyone who might, let me know, send me a PM and we can work it out from there, Thanks!

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by JGZinv
#19917 probably should talk to thebib62 from dualfans,...

I sent him a whole box of VHS from that era as he's an archivist of sorts.

I might have part of an ep somewhere, but no idea where, I have a whole closet of VHS tapes
with random recordings.