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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#1254 I wanted to start a thread to talk about one of the newest series of Tenchi (let's just say most wouldn't exactly call it canon) started entirely by Tenchi Muyo fans...I'm talking about The Lighthawk Force's version of Tenchi Muyo/Universe Abridged.

For those of you who may not be familiar, an Abridged series is a fairly new, mostly youtube phenomenon. One day a fellow named LittleKuriboh got the idea of making a shortened, fan-dubbed parody of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh...suffice it to say, it was a hit. Since then, scores--perhaps even hundreds--of other would-be abridgers (as they are called) began their own versions of abridged parodies for countless other anime series (rule of thumb: if there's an anime, there's more than likely an abridged version of it...attempted, at least). Some were successful (Teamfourstar ring a bell?) others were forgotten to the pages of yt history (believe me, many for the better).

Out of these early years of the abridging scene (approx. circa 2008) another talented group of individuals began carving their own niche in abridging history, but sadly they have not had the same amount of recognition as TFS or LK (oh well, more for us right?) This team is known as the lighthawk force (TLF) & instead of trying to follow the popular crowd & abridge a more well-known series, they began work on a lesser-known, somewhat aged anime we all know & love (yes, Tenchi Muyo...) with hopes of not only brightening fans' day by making their sides split, but also by doing their part to help keep Tenchi Muyo alive--for those of us who are long-time fans, & perhaps even introduce Tenchi to those not fortunate enough to have experienced it over a decade ago...

Apart from the fact that it's so darn funny (imo), I am also a huge fan of the lighthawk force because of their continued support of Tenchi fandom in general. Even if you may not be aware of it, their abridged series was actually a significant force contributing to what some of us on the forum are beginning to recognize as a 'Tenchi fandom revival' of sorts.

So if it's not very aparent already, I am a hardcore fan of these guys & their work (they're also pretty okay chaps as well, despite what they or anyone else may want you to think) ;) & would recommend viewing the series to anyone who is a Tenchi fan & wouldn't mind seeing a different perspective of one of our favorite shows. It may not be your cup-of-tea, but I just wanted to get the word out to anyone who may be interested. TLF is well-respected with the abridging community in general, so I felt they deserve recognition with the community they are a part of & have been for years: the Tenchi fans. :sign:

Anyone else have any thoughts on TLF, please feel free to express them (I intend to say good things about Tenchi Abridged--why I love it, favorite characters, etc.--but if anyone feels the need to share legitimate constructive criticism, I suppose that's ok too). I'm interested to see who amongst us is familiar with their work, who's a fan (who's not a fan 0.o you don't have to admit if you don't want) & if you're not familiar with it, maybe introduce new people to hopefully experience good times with a humorous re-telling of a familiar story, as I have. ^-^

I've got a lot more to say about this, but I think for now this is a good starting point to let others jump in on the discussion. Have at it!

*EDIT: Here's a link to their yt page, so you can check it out yourself

*Remember, this is primarily a fan-thread, I do NOT intend for this to become the storm that is the oav3 thread...
(maybe I'll just let management decide if this is solely a fan-thread or not)
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by Dagon123
#1257 Hey Who, nice idea to post about TLF ^_^

But since it is mainly fan-related, we moved it to chit-chat (It might even see more action down here xD)
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by Akawoa
#1258 As per request Who's old post from the archive follows this sentence ^_^.

I personally love what these guys have done with Tenchi Muyo. Their sense of humor is pretty unique, I can see how it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I find it hilarious!

If you watch the series (I assume we're obviously talking about TLF) it's remarkable that amidst all the rude and crude humor, there's actually some character development going on. Like any good parody should, they took some of the main attributes of the characters from the original series & just went wild with them! Over-exaggerating character flaws (don't mean that in a negative connotation) is a trademark of good Abridging (I mean what we think of as 'abridged series' thanks to LK & yt, not the literal definition of the word) & good parody in general. The easiest example of this is Nobu Yuki...sure, it was hinted at he may have been a bit of a peeping tom in the series, but I didn't think of him as a complete perv (trust me, as far as anime in general goes, Nobu Yuki was very tame). So what does TLF do? They make him into the most perverted, sex-craved character they possibly could, & I found it hilarious, without it being insulting to the original Nobu Yuki

That's a whole nother issue with abridged series in general: some people see it as just a bashing of their fav anime/characters, & in some cases of less-skilled abridgers out there, I couldn't agree more. But with TLF, it just shows (to me anyways) through their work that they're huge Tenchi fans & prob love the series as much as we do. To come up with half the material they use, you'd have to be knowledgeable of the series, which I don't think anyone would do unless they liked it.

Aside from all this, there's also their overall contribution to Tenchi fandom in general- they yt friend I think literally EVERY Tenchi Muyo fan they come across, & provided a meeting place of common ground for fans to gather (I probably met a fellow Tenchi fan or two via TLF) & as with TFS & DBZ for me, they helped re-kindle my interest & love of the Tenchi Muyo series. Up until recently, I hadn't even thought much about it ever since Toonami went under--r.i.p.

So all in all, I am genuinely thankful to TLF for making me laugh after having a crummy day at work/school, helping me meet some other people with common interest, & re-igniting my indistinguishable love for Tenchi Muyo! smile.gif

p.s. Let's just say I have some experience with editing/writing for a series, so I know firsthand how much work actually goes into making even a single episode...the fact that these guys are sticking with the series (& others) for so long truly speaks volumes about their dedication to the original series & theirs as well. Their earliest work (at least two years ago, mind you) everything was great--audio quality good, editing very clean--but if you watch their work now, with two years experience under their collective belts & some advances in computer editing software, it is still fantastic.

(phew...thanks to whoever read all--or most--of that, sorry it got so lengthy!)
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by Guts1985
#1263 I was going to recommend this, but I didn't want to post old news just in case everyone on the board knew about it. I was floored by some of the stuff in Tenchi Abridged. In fact, this actually inspired me to watch OVA 1 & 2 once again.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#1269 *Thanks Dagon for moving to chit chat, I was this close to posting it in chit chat, but I wasn't quite sure...
**& thank you Akawoa for posting my old post (gosh knows I wouldn't be able to remember all that) ^-^

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Guts, I feel the same way. After seeing TLF, it definitely made me want to watch Tenchi all over again--a good abridged series will do that.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#10881's certainly been a long time since this thread has seen some attention! (look at my last post...over a year ago!)

As I'm sure you're all aware by now with regards to the big announcement concerning our collaboration with TLF, you can see why we felt this section needed some delegating, and this particular topic deserved its own thread (as we will likely see more activity here in the future).

So in short (probably obvious, but anyways) post here with anything to do regarding TLF--why you like the series, questions about TLF, or anything of the sort--and [likely, but don't quote me] we will be posting here with any sort of announcement/releases from TLF's end regarding future of the series, uploads, etc.

So, in very short: stay tuned TLF fans! :cool:

EDIT: Oh yes, & to any and all TLF fans just jumping ship to the forum to stay in touch with our favorite abridgers: welcome to the forum! Feel free to wander around, peruse to your heart's content, & any questions, ask away!

Here's a better "welcome" thread (told ya not to quote me on that!)^ :lol:
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by Dagon123
#15110 To any TA fans who haven't heard, Tenchi Universe Abridged is continuing! Make sure to check here in the near future for when the episode drops!

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