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by Crazed
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Notes -

Text in upper right corner could not be ripped as well as the blue handwritten text. All other text is accurate.

JP Text -

ラシャラとポチの会話は 文字通り心の葛藤です。

パパチャはもともと弁が立つキ ャラクタ一でしたが、山寺さん のおかげで台詞が数倍に増えま した。彼は絶対に期待を裏切り ません!最後まで見事な悪役ぶ りを見せてくれる事でしよう。 彼のラス卜は物語のあらすじ が完成する以前からこうしよう と決めていました

ブラン……このキヤラには、す っごい危ないネタが内包されて います。時期的に運が悪ければ 発売が出来なくなるのでは?と 思っていましたが、そういった 話は出ていないみたいなので恐 らく大丈夫なのでしょう。願わ くば、視聴者の皆さんの怒りが フォトンの思いと同じであれば と、そう思っています。

今のうちにあやまつとこう。 いろいろな意味で 。

ATLAS Translation -

The conversation of [rashara] and [pochi] is literally the mental conflicts.

Though [papacha] was character 1 from which the valve stands originally, The dialog has increased by a factor of several thanks to temple in a mountain. He never does the reverse of what one is expected to do. Let's do by showing a splendid to the last minute a villain yellowtail. It was decided that did his Ruth fortune-telling so before the outline of the story was completed. [Papachiya] cheers.!

Bran...... To this [kiyara], The material that is not [suggoi] [abuna] is involved. It becomes impossible whether to put if it is unlucky at time. Though it thought, Perhaps, such a story is safe as do not go out. I pray, If viewers' anger is the same as the desire of the photon, It thinks so.

So when you wait for Aya before it is too late. In various respects.

Google Translation -

Conversation of Poti and Rashara is a conflict in the mind literally.

Papacha was the one character that have a silver tongue, but originally, I was or lines increased to several times thanks to the mountain temple's. He does not disappoint absolutely! Let thing to show me the hump Ri stunning villain until the end. Las Bok, he had a decided to try to do this from the previous plot of the story is completed. Papachiya like hurray! !

The Kiyara this ... Blanc, dangerous story lexical Tsu to have been enclosed. By the will not be able to be released luck is bad temporal relation to it? It was thought that, but it would easy all right fear such talk is so like not out. Hopefully, everyone anger of the viewer and as long as they have the same thoughts and the photon, I think so.

Beg to be Ayamatsu one now. In many ways.

Free Translation -

The conversation of ラシャラ and ポチ are the conflict of literal heart.

The words increased to several times by virtue of a/the mountain temple パパチャ, although a/the valve was character 1 that stands originally. He never betrays expectation! 《主語なし》Taking the trouble to show a remarkable villain pose until it is last let's do by. His ラス 卜 was deciding to do this way from before the outline of a/the story finishes. The パパチヤ cheers! !

《主語なし》It is すっ to, this bran....キヤラ and the dangerous material is connoted. 《主語なし》Time like unlucky if launching sbj possible stop because? am I《主語なし》It may be safe perhaps because such a conversation is trying to not out, although I thought that and be. 《主語なし》I think so, with if the anger of everybody of petition わくば, TV viewer are and are same the thought of a photon.

あ and まつ now and it is this way. It is in various meaning.

Excite Translation -

ラシャラ and conversation of Poti It is a conflict of the heart literally.

パパチャ is キ where a valve stands from the first. He is Mr. Yamadera although it was ャラクタ 1. Words increase several times by favor and it is ま. It carried out. He betrays expectation absolutely. It does not become precocious! 悪役ぶ brilliant to the last I will carry out by showing り. his Russ 卜 -- outline of a tale Before completing, I will carry out [ from ] like this. と -- it had decided. パパチヤ Mr. banzai!!

Bran .... this キヤラ -- す っごい -- a dangerous material is included It is. If fate is temporally bad If sale becomes impossible? と -- although considered -- such -- since it seems that the talk has not come out -- fear ら -- く -- it will be OK. 願わ Anger of you, くば and televiewers If the same as a thought of a photon と -- I consider so.

the inside of now -- the Aya pine -- like this . It is various meanings and is .
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by Ukinojo92
#31370 My take on the translation, also I ripped the text that couldn't be scanned here:

I have designed Pocchi in a few minutes.
The image is raw power of the girl at the night shop
ラシャラとポチの会話は 文字通り心の葛藤です。
Conversation between Lashara and Pocchi are literally conflicted mentally.
パパチャはもともと弁が立つキ ャラクタ一でしたが、山寺さん のおかげで台詞が数倍に増えま した。
Papacha although originally was a character with only one speech, dialogue has been increased several times thanks to Yamadera-san.
彼は絶対に期待を裏切り ません!
He will absolutley not double-cross!
最後まで見事な悪役ぶ りを見せてくれる事でしよう。
To the last minute will be trying to provide spectacular villain since the beginning.
彼のラス卜は物語のあらすじ が完成する以前からこうしよう と決めていました。
His last it had been decided to try to do this from before the synopsis of the story is completed.
Papacha Banzai!
ブラン……このキヤラには、す っごい危ないネタが内包されて います。
Bulan ...... this character was really dangerous has been included in the story .
時期的に運が悪ければ 発売が出来なくなるのでは?
If your release date basis luck is bad then it becomes impossible ?
と 思っていましたが、そういった 話は出ていないみたいなので恐 らく大丈夫なのでしょう。
As I thought, it will probably be okay because such a story is not coming out.
願わ くば、視聴者の皆さんの怒りが フォトンの思いと同じであれば と、そう思っています。
Hopefully, as long as the audience's is the same as Photon's anger , I think so.
I'm sorry.
今のうちにあやまつとこう。 いろいろな意味で...... 。
Let me apologize for that one now.......... In many ways.