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Notes -

Text rip is 100% complete and accurate.
The top most title bar cannot be ripped, and is barely legible if you were a native reader at this
resolution, so it can't be translated.

JP Text -

AH! MY GODDESS ラストスチ一ジ





ATLAS Translation -

AH! One MY GODDESS [rasutosuchi] [ji]

Fujishima [**kai]

Refer and become empty ..reeling...

This pleasure that combines with one piece [su] and motorcycle.

Firefly 1 nothing but single-mindedly aims at one [ni] [go] [ru].!!

Google Translation -

AH! MY GODDESS Rasutosuchi us-

Fujishima Oshikakai

Joints Shima Kosuke

This pleasure to be integrated with the bikes and one database call.

Hotaruichi just aim for one single-mindedly Le Go!

Free Translation -

AH! MY GODDESS ラストスチ 1 ジ

Fujishima 麋介

Become vacant will scatter and do and do ふ

コ 1 ス and motorbike and this good feeling that unify.

Lightning bug 1 aims at ゴ 1 ル to diligently merely! !

Excite Translation -

AH!MY GODDESS ラストスチ 1 ジ Fujishima 麋介 I will lie down, carry out and wind -- become empty This pleasant sensation that is united with コ 1 ス and a motorbike. the firefly 1 is merely alike intently and aims at ゴ 1 ル!!