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Notes -

Text rip is 100% accurate and complete.

Free translation had to be performed on external website.

Special thanks to Shadowsfall0 for assisting me in this.

JP Text -

ちょっと駆け足でしたが夏冬と二回に分け、これでようやくアニメの一話へと繫 がりました。アニメでこの部分の説明をしなかったのは、単純に話数が長くなり、 物語の緊張感も無くなる、そして天地を知らなくても楽しめる独立したものにした かった等の理由からです。今回は天地版扱いでしたが次回からは聖機師版に戻ると 思います。この『聖機師物語』の世界観説明本は、描いていて楽しいので今後も続 けていく予定です。

さて、次は仕事の話になるのですが、今回はちょっと同人と本業の両方にまたが った話になります。冬コミではいつもの本と『天地無用If』というストーリー ボード形式の本を出しましたが、この本についての説明文はあちらの本には一切載 せませんでした。それはその本がアニメ企画に添付出来るようにした物でしたので、 同人色を出来るだけ出したくなかったからです。内容は天地無用の未来『もしも』の 世界の話です。なんだか天地の企画を出した時、彩色した画があった方が相手方の 食い付きが良かった事を思い出します。ただそこまでするとイメージが私の中で確定 してしまい、オリジナルの場合は特に、他の人との共同作業が難しくなるので避けて いました。しかしやはり具体的な画を描いた方が説明し易いのは確かなので、今後は こういう形式の本も出していこうかなと思います。今回他にご報告できるのは、いつ もの『天地無用GXP』小説の第十巻です。アニメについてはまだ流動的ですが、もしかして次の夏の本より早く 以上です。

ATLAS Translation -

,divided into winter and 2 portions in summer though running for a moment, One story and, at last, ? of the animated cartoon in this. Not having explained this part in the animated cartoon, The number of talks simply becomes long, The tension of the story disappears, And, from the reason such as having wanted to make it to the independent one that it is possible to enjoy it even if it doesn't know Tenchi. I think that I will return to Hijiri [kishihan] from next time this time though the Tenchi version treatment. [Kono]『Hijiri [kishi] story』The field of ..drinking.. [sei] outlook explanation book, It is scheduled to continue in the future because it is happy to draw.

appended to the animated cartoon project, It is because it did not want to put out the member color as much as possible. The content is the future of Tenchi Muyo. 『もしも』The story of [sei] field. drinkWhen you submit the project of Tenchi somehow, A good thing is recalled with opponent's eating by there is a colored picture. However, the image is fixed there in me when doing, Especially in case of the original, Because the joint work with other people became difficult, it avoided it. However, explaining a still concrete picture is drawn easily : because it is certain, I think that put out the book on such a form by me in the future. Being possible to report to another this time, Always『Tenchi MuyoGXP』Volume 10 of the novel. The animated cartoon though it is still fluid, It is earlier than the book on the next summer and is above.

Google Translation -

It was a whirlwind, but a little divided into twice the summer and winter, was rising 繫 to one episode of the anime finally now. It was not the description of this part in the anime, it is because of Katta, etc. you have to be independent to be able to enjoy without knowing the Tenchi Episode longer simply, and, no longer even tension of the story. I think this time was Tenchi version treats, but be back in Hijiri machine teacher version from the next time. We will go continue in the future world description of this book "Hijiri machine nurse story", so fun to draw.

Well, next I will talk about the work, but it will talk you ll extend over both the core business and a little coterie this time. You issued a book of storyboard form "Tenchi MuyoIf" book and always in the winter Komi, but description for this book did not let mounting any books there. Because it was what the book was to be able to attach to the animation project, I did not want to put out as much as possible the color coterie. The content is the story of the future of the world of Tenchi Muyo "Moshimo". When you put the planning of Tenchi Somehow, I remember that the person there was a picture that was painted was good the bite of the other party. I've been avoiding image would be determined in me just to get there, especially, collaboration with others becomes difficult in the case of the original. But I think the more easily drawn the field concrete still is described because it is sure, and wonder if let's put out the book of this kind of format in the future. You can be reported to the other this time, it is also the tenth volume of the time of "Tenchi MuyoGXP" novel. It is still in flux for the anime, but it is more faster than the book next summer you mean.

Free Translation -

It was a little mechanized winter and summer in two, and finally to talk of anime and withdrawal. This anime is not part of the description of the number of the simple story of the story, the longer it also lost sense of tension to the heavens and the earth, and even if you don't know can enjoy the independent to the reasons were. For the heavens and the earth at this time was from the next time you return to the Holy machine for artists. This 'holy machine story, who describes the view of the world is being drawn, fun, so much so we will continue.

The following is the story of the work of the people, but this time with a little bit of organic matter was also have both. As usual in winter at the heavens and the earth with the book "useless," If storyboard-style published a book for a description of this book, but there are statements in the book of no-jae was not to be. It is attached to the book is anime planning to make, so I was only able to take out the people who didn't want to color. Future of the heavens and the earth is useless in the world of the 'What If' story. Don't you think it's time that the heavens and the earth out of the planning, and painted images, but they bite at the opponent was good to remember things. It's just the images and confirm in my mind, and the original, especially if you work with other people because they are more difficult was avoided. But concrete painting to describe how that's easy, because it is clear that the future of the format we also thought that it would. Report this to the other at any time, you can see that the heavens and the earth." "useless GXP the winding of the novel. For more information about anime are still fluid, but did you mean the following Book of Summer more than earlier.

Excite Translation -

Although it was slightly a run, it divides into summer winter and 2 times, and it is this, and is to one talk of anime at last? がりました. that anime did not explain this portion, the number of talks becomes long simply -- the feeling of tension of a tale is also lost and it was made the independent thing which can be enjoyed even if it does not know Tenchi It is from the reason of having cut. although treated as the Tenchi version this time -- the Hijiri set from next time -- a teacher -- returning to a version I consider. this -- " -- a Hijiri set -- a teacher -- since it is pleasant to draw the view-of-the-world explanation book of the tale " -- future -- 続 It is a けていく schedule.

Now, although it becomes a talk of work, next, it is が in both a member and a main occupation again just for a moment this time. It becomes った話. A story called a book and "Tenchi MuyoIf" usual in winter handicap Although the book of board form was published, the explanatory note about this book is 載 entirely in a book there. せま was not carried out. That is because the book was the thing it enabled it to attach to an anime plan, so he did not want to take out a member color as much as possible. the contents -- the future of Tenchi Muyo -- " -- if -- " -- It is a talk in the world. The direction which had the colored drawing when the plan of Tenchi was issued somehow is the other party. It eats and 付き remembers that it was good. If it merely carries out to there, an image will be decided in me. Since it carries out, and bilateral work with other persons becomes difficult especially when original, it avoids. It was. However, since it is sure, it is future that it is easy to explain the direction describing too concrete drawing. I think the kana which will also publish the book of such forms. When is it that this time etc. can be informed? It is the tenth volume of a thing "Tenchi MuyoGXP" novel. Although it is still fluid about anime, possibly it is early from the book of next summer. It is above.
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by Crazed
#21653 Crazed Translation:

It’s been hectic this past summer and winter, but I’m finally commencing negotiations on the new anime. I did not explain this portion of the story in the anime because it would be far too long, and the feeling of tension would be lost. I wanted to make it easy to come into for those that had no knowledge of Tenchi. I think I will return to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari” and treat it the same as Tenchi. The plan is to continue to add on to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari’s” story in a written form, it’s so fun to draw.

Now then, I am going to talk about the upcoming projects. Now even though this is talking about what is being made, let me share with you in the most unprofessional way, a heart to heart. At the winter Comiket “Tenchi Muyo If” was released. The book was released in the style of a story board; however, the explanation for its content was not included. Because the doujin is tied to an anime project I didn’t want to reveal much. The contents of Tenchi Muyo “If” will be the future installment. When you pitch a new Tenchi project, it’s a good idea to try and entice them with pictures. I’ve been trying to avoid images that would be considered finalized. As was the case with the original, working in collaboration with others can be difficult. I think that in the future it will be easier to create more finalized images if future books are released in this format. Additionally, the tenth “Tenchi Muyo GXP” novel is complete. The anime project is still incomplete, but maybe it will be complete by summer…..
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by NinjaboyMMGN
#23593 I keep coming back to this... Kaji-sensei said "The anime project is still incomplete, but maybe it will be complete by summer…..r" Is that this summer or next? I needs to know! rageblow1
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by Crazed
#23596 Well, it was released in the winter of 2013, so it's implied he's talking about this summer in 2014. Of course, summer could roll around and all that shows up is the next batch of doujins and still no new anime. You can never really tell with Kaji as he'll tell you one thing but he may end up doing something completely unexpected. It's also possible that the new anime he's talking about is a Paradise war anime (I could be wrong, but as I said who really knows). So, we'll just have to wait and see because even with this info everything is still one big -If-