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by Kiyami
#12550 It is nearly upon us... the 20th Anniversary of Tenchi Muyo!, the show we have come to love and which has lead us to this forum and each other. The show and characters we obsess over, creating fanart and fanfiction. The show and spinoffs we spend our hard earned (well...) money on at the store and conventions and the interwebs as seen in the Collections thread.

The 20th Anniversary that Tenchi Muyo! first aired in Japan is September 25... how do you feel about it? Let us all reflect.

Wow, TWENTY years. Twenty... In 1992, let's see.. I was.. 5 years old? I discovered Tenchi in 2000.. I've known it then for 12 years more or less and though it's gained and lost steam here and there, it's as awesome as ever. Speaking solely of OVA 1, with it's traditionally drawn animation and catchy theme song, energetic interesting characters that have stayed in our minds.. There aren't many shows like Tenchi Muyo! anymore, are there? Yeah, there are many other anime I've watched and liked, and I went through a hiatus but I feel this show is permanently etched into my brain. Fan for life :D. Anyway... TWENTY years.

Where do you think you'd be without Tenchi Muyo! in your life?

@.@ Without hearing Petrea as Ryoko or Sherry Lynn as Sasami/Kiyone? The other main cast or Japanese seiyuu? Without Jurai or Space pirates or the Galaxy Police or carrot loving cabbits? It's certainly made an impact and I don't know, honestly, how different my life would be without these influences.

What are you hoping for in the future?

An addition to the OVA is a given, or Geminar or other spin-offs. As mentioned other places, I really do want a Universe continuation or spin-off... even a prequel with Miho-Kiyo :) I really hope that the Funimation re-releases bring in new, diverse fans that bring awesomeness into the Tenchi fandom.

*passes around some muffins* I expect well-thought out answers and thoughts on the 20th Anniversary ^_^. If anybody wants to add any questions, go right ahead.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
Mittens wrote:Fan for life

Wurrrd coolguyshadesplz

Wow. Alot to consider. Alot to look back and reflect on. Alot to account for and hopefully, alot more good times to come in the future.

The most profound questions for me personally involve speculating as to what my life would be like without Tenchi: what would I be doing? And most of all, (yes, you called it, but I'm serious) who would I be as a person? Difficult questions to answer; I imagine the shorthand response to all of these questions, in a nutshell, would be--in all honesty--my life would not be nearly as fulfilling. First of all, look at how many totally awesome, fan-freaking-tastic, amazing friends I've made from the fandom of Tenchi alone! Just stop and think about it for yourselves: How awesome is that? This aspect in and of itself alone would be enough proof that my life would not be as complete as it is now without Tenchi--and you all (well, is it 'complete' yet? I'd venture to say no, but it'd be waaay less complete without...oh you know what I mean).

Where would I be without the advanced, humanoid civilization known as Jurai? Or the rural Japanese teenager? Or the brash space-pirate/demon? I shudder to think. Seeing that stuff at such an early age, even I am at a loss as to just how much it's inspired me, in my own writing/artistic endeavors and influencing my own sense of imagination. I'll never truly know how much it influenced me...

But to the question of "where would I be?" Well, actually, again I cringe at the thought, but I might not be going in the 'right' direction in my life were it not for Tenchi!

Video from :

As simple as they may seem, the lyrics to this particular opening of Tenchi really inspired me during a crossroads of my life; if I'm ever successful at my future career endeavors --*knock on wood-- I'll owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone involved in the making of Tenchi Muyo!
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by Soundmonkey44
#12553 Happy 20th Tenchi! :Tenchismile: Well almost!

Also great choice of AMV WWWWWWHHHOOOO!!!

Pioneer Truly a song that does a perfect job of expressing the heart of the Tenchi franchise

VIVA TENCHI! 20 years of entertainment, and lets hope for 20 more!!! *Knock on wood!*

Wonder if Japan will do any-thing special for any of Tenchi's upcoming imporant B-days. They don't seem to be doing much now, but they GOTTA do something come his 25th!

And yes I agree, its high time for some new Tenchi content, especially an OVA 4 &/or some new Universe related content!

Anywho Tenchi Fan since 2000!!! WHOO!!!! :washu: :washu: :washu: :scared: :fight: :Cheeks: :Tenchismile: :D :cool:
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by Thorn
#12554 Twenty years ago, I was just a mere toddler at the age of nineteen months. :D Like pretty much everyone here, I first discovered Tenchi around 12 years ago when it aired on Toonami. It's always had a place in my heart, and admittedly, it had fallen off my radar but was not forgetten until I rediscovered it about 2 and a half years ago. Since then I've been an avid and eager participant in the Tenchi fandom.

As for the future, well, there are so many things that I hope for the future of Tenchi. I realize that much of the fun of the series is that Tenchi never chooses any of the girls, but at the same time, I hope we will eventually see the day that he does. I hope for a continuation of Tenchi Universe and for more of the story arcs from the manga to be translated onto the screen in some form!
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by Llwchwr
#12560 Even though i only got into anime late last year and Tenchi Muyo is older than me I am thoroughly enjoying my time here on :sign: my first and only forum i have joined.
I will raise a glass in honour of Tenchi Muyo and to many more fun filled years to come.
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by mitsuki lover
#12638 Twenty years ago I wasn't interested in anime.I was just getting re-interested in American comics at the time.I didn't get into anime really until 2001/02.I didn't even learn about Tenchi until I joined The Anime Cafe
Forum(R.I.P.)which has gone the way of a lot of other forums,sad to say.
Hmmmm.....The first time I saw Tenchi on tv was a scene between Sasami and Tenchi from Tenchi In Tokyo
on Toonami.I wasn't impressed by the dub so I turned it off.What really got me into the whole Tenchi thing
were the manga and Dual!Of course back then I didn't know the connection between Dual! and Tenchi.
Tenchi Forever was one of the first DVDs I bought.The first DVD I bought was vol.3 of GITS:SAC.
Ah!Now me is rambling.Sorry.
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by Ballsmagee01
#12798 Ah Tenchi Muyo! How u have grown in the hearts of many people. What I am planing to do is draw a happy 20th birthday poster. I have been a Tenchi fan since 98-99 (can't remember withch date it was when I started watching) and will always be a fan for life. Long live Tenchi Ryoko Ayeka Sasami Washu Kiyone Mihoshi Noboyuki Yosho and little cute Ryo-Ohki :fight: :Tenchismile: :scared: :washu: and long live :sign: