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by SilverWhisper
#25095 I believe I've held this off for a while now, but why the rattail? Why?!

Sure it might be a characteristic to Tenchi himself, but so was Washu's hair resembling a crab, which was obviously thrown out the window for her character redesign.

I was hoping to see something more along the lines of his older appearance in Tenchi Forever! Also, how Sasami appeared in that certain Kamidake Onsen story, although Kajishima's drawing style is completely different on paper.
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by JGZinv
#25096 Cause it's another crew doing the production, it's a fresh take on everything, and KM's not really involved?
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by mitsuki lover
#25129 Read a synopsis of the new series at Absoulte Anime website yesterday.So the whole thing is Washu's fault?
And Tenchi has to pretend to be a teacher to stop the Universe from going Ka-Blooey? wth2
Is there not some connection to Mihoshi being Mihoshi somewhere here that wasn't mentioned?