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by Ukinojo92
ChaudSept wrote:I don't know where to put it, but :

To read (kinda) the first few pages of the manga.
Just clic on the left and roll out.

I think the link went dead to that page linked, because I keep get re-rooted to the main page
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by Nobuyuki
#30811 ^ This works.

The first link you provided re-directed me to Kodansha's website, and they aren't even the publisher. woooo1
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by Ukinojo92

Ai manga info

"[Released today / final episode in December issue]
"I Tenchi Muyo! "Original: Masaki Kajishima cartoon: Nakazato Haruna peach and red. To share the two people, it is revealed now the bond connecting the two people!
Comics is expected to release on December 9."