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by Ukinojo92

Tenchi Muyo Kotaku Article link
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by chucklocker
Ukinojo92 wrote:

Tenchi Muyo Kotaku Article link

Altogether a pretty fair review, all things considered. I'm glad this show is getting the attention it deserves!
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by Crazed
#28087 Overall I thought the article was pretty meh. Kind of seems like they were trying to bank on the fact that the majority of people would hate on it, which didn't happen (Let's face it, it's Kotaku).

However, this is one of the few times that a comments section on Kotaku hasn't totally disappointed me.

for example:

Oh man, I have intense nostalgia for Tenchi Muyo OVAs 1&2 and Tenchi Universe. They're soome of the first anime shows beyond DBZ that I saw when they started airing on Toonami a thousand years ago (I was really confused at first when they switched from the OVAs to Universe without really explaining the change, especially considering the original OVAs kind of ended on a cliffhanger). Never did get around to watching that third OVA but I heard less than great things.

its been so long since i watched Tenchi Muyo!... I kinda miss it now. Will most definitely check this series out, although the 3.5 min episodes do seem kinda weird. In other news, Tenchi Universe was my first "favorite" anime series and it stuck with me over the decades. I've used this screenname, with "masaki" taken from the Tenchi series for almost 15 years now. ahh, nostalgia...

Ohhh snap I really liked watching Tenchi in Tokyo and Tenchi Universe show from Toonami, I'm sure they were heavily modified for America but I loved watching every episode. Now if someone wants to bring back Outlaw Star...

Does it go completely batshit like the Ryo-ohki series did near the end? That got weird almost instantly.

I didn't like that it was short episodes... other than that it was great.

And when someone complained about the art style changed to a modern style.

Have you seen the next Digimon?

Or any other anime lately?

Sorry, dude. Welcome to the future

I also liked how this person viewed the series ending as a whole.

To me, the series had a pretty solid conclusion already.


I didn't need more after that.

Oh, and let's not forget this.

fuck yes! did you know that Ryoko was originally going to be Tenchi's only love interest?

Video from :

Man, all that Ai Tenchi love. Isn't it great when people pay attention?

It wasn't perfect, but overall you did a decent job, Kotaku comments section. Image
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by Nil Admirari
#28089 I thought the review brought up some very fair points, some similar to how I feel but on the whole he was a lot less forgiving than I was about the flaws. Which reminds me, I still need to work on my write-up for the series as a whole. It's been 3 months! Gah, I am so behind on things.

Kotaku comments section doin the heart good for once though.
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by Ukinojo92
Nil Admirari wrote:I thought the review brought up some very fair points, some similar to how I feel but on the whole he was a lot less forgiving than I was about the flaws.

This is what I thought too about how the article was as well, it looked at it objectively then felt a little aggressive on the cons.
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by Dagon123
#28097 I have to say that this was pretty much the first time that a Kotaku comment section actually impressed me with how great it was. So kudos to the individuals who were in there!

I do think, while the review was fair, there is one line in particular that sums up a thought I have and a point I drive home every . single . time someone "reviews" (and I use that term very lightly) Ai Tenchi.

Richard Eisenbeis wrote:As an introduction to the franchise—or as a modern harem comedy—it is largely a failure. As a 20th anniversary love letter to all things Tenchi Muyo, however, Ai Tenchi Muyo is a decent nostalgic outing. And let's face it, that's probably exactly what it was trying to be.

This line right here emphasizes what everyone is looking at but misses, there's no "probably" about it because that was the very first fucking graphic we saw for Ai Tenchi Muyo, lol.


In a lot of ways, as much as it was a series to make new fans (through the modern look and new girls) come in, it relied on the hardcore fans through the various jokes and homages it paid.

There's no doubt that people have expectations with the Tenchi Muyo! name, we all have that in some degree or fashion, but sometimes you have to splash some cold water in your face and realize, it's not 1999 anymore people, Tenchi is no longer the juggernaut it once was.

I hate big-leaguing anyone, but this show wasn't made for anyone who casually watched Tenchi Muyo! It was made for people who had never seen it, and the people who know and understand that 20 years of carnivals happened before this series

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ai Tenchi Muyo! had problems, Ai Tenchi Muyo is not perfect, and I can't blame anyone for wanting Tenchi to not suck ass like it has for a long, long, time, but when I see people say "These characters don't look like muh characters" I point to one comment in particular that Crazed linked that said

Have you seen the next Digimon?

Or any other anime lately?

Sorry, dude. Welcome to the future

This show didn't happen the way it did by accident, everyone on here knows that, so the entire point of all that is, while anyone can come in and review the show, throwing around "It failed this, it failed that", is a bit disingenuous when the show took place between commercial breaks for other anime, and made no bones about saying it was "a nostalgic outing" in the form of a 20th anniversary celebration.
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by Ukinojo92
Btw, is responsible for the illustration : Yasuyuki TSURUGI (剣 康之)

Kajishima is credited as "Original work", he really do have his hand on everything no matter what ^^.

And weirdly enough, Negishi is nowhere to be found here (from what I've been able to see). The author is "水樹尋" which I'll read Mizuki Hiro. He is the author of Paradize War.

Negishi Hiroshi's name is not on the staff page of both books.

This is possibly Kajishima's attempt to add credit to his name through, piggybacking off of Negishi's work. Ai Tenchi Muyo was written and directed by Hiroshi Negishi, but the books on Ai are a different matter. I think I remember reading somewhere they had ousted Negishi when putting the book together.

I highly doubt it. Kajishima gets credit for the original in every derivative work.

I think so too. Original character design is what he had always been refered to.

But still, Negishi is not the author of the books. What's up with that? Ai Tenchi was so popular, AIC wanted to cash in more ? Or was it not popular at all and the books are meant to help the failure ?

Ai did fairly well, being a tourist advertisement show for the city of Takahashi. Negishi had said in one of his twitter posts a long time ago, that he was not included in the book, although the original twitter post would help to reference if anyone can find it. Though I find it ridiculous for Kajishima to get credit for Negishi's work, you have your doujins Kajishima, Negishi has Ai.
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by Nobuyuki
The November issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Sirius magazine announced on Saturday that Haruna Nakazato's manga adaptation of the Ai: Tenchi Muyo! anime will end in the next issue, which Kodansha will publish on October 26.

Nakazato launched the manga in Monthly Shōnen Sirius last November, and Kodansha has not yet published any compiled book volumes of the series.

You can look it up! ;)
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by ChaudSept
#30780 I don't know where to put it, but :

To read (kinda) the first few pages of the manga.
Just clic on the left and roll out.

Another day, another artstyle, and we have some extra scene with the old cast.
Apparently, it's Nakazato Haruna to the screenplay, and Suzuhito YASUDA (chara designer) to the drawing.