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by Dagon123
julia wrote:Ok so I think episode 8 is my favorite so far iloveit1 !!!

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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 8 is now subtitled and ready!


Episode 8:

So in this alternate timeline, Beni was working for Momo instead. Beni also refers to Momo as "Princess", so it makes you wonder which kingdom she hails from. It obviously isn't Jurai. Hana, Hachiko and Touri have new names in this timeline, referring to pieces of Okayama history as highlighted in the subs (at least the two we hear, Hana's name is never spoken). I laughed out loud when they cut from the sinister shot of the demon to Ryoko chowing down and giving a confused look to the camera. Some more quick but excellently animated battle shots, and overall major callbacks to the first episode of Tenchi Universe. Ryoko doesn't even know who Tenchi is, so it makes you wonder what's going on in this timeline exactly. Why is everyone dressed in traditional garb but Mihoshi arrives as a Galaxy Police officer on official business? I mean, that's how it went in Tenchi Universe, but it makes you wonder how things are going to go from here.
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by SnowQueen
#25340 I like how they made Ryoko look more curvy and like she actually has some weight on her vs how anime girls usually look like stick figures. lol
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by Nil Admirari
#25342 I also wanted to make a comment about some of the negative comments I've seen about the show. Everyone is, without question, entitled to feel however they may about anything. But something strikes me as odd about how many have perceived this show up until the past two episodes - they're judging every episode as though it were a full length episode and barely gave them anything to chew on. If anything, Negishi has crammed more info into the standard length of an episode than the series previous to this.

Tenchi Muyo! OVA 1 Episode 1: (28:50)

  • We meet Tenchi Masaki, learning that he lives with his father and grandfather who operates a Shinto shrine.
  • There's an underground cave with a demon that Tenchi has been wanting to sneak into.
  • Tenchi breaks into the cave, meeting a demon and finding Sword Tenchi.
  • The demon escapes in the collapse, later meeting him on the roof of the school. Enter Ryoko.
  • The two of them fight, resulting in the destruction of part of the school.
  • Tenchi flees, finding Ryoko lying in his bed.

Tenchi Universe Episode 1: (23:46)

  • We're introduced to Tenchi, while Ryoko gives a voiceover about the Carnival and how she wishes it could stay like that.
  • We get our first look at Ryo-ohki, which Tenchi hallucinates instead of the normal cat there.
  • Tenchi lets us know that scene has started in medias res.
  • Suddenly, we're taken to a space fight between Ryoko and another ship, resulting in Ryoko crashing to earth and Tenchi meeting her.
  • Ryoko falls in love with Tenchi at first sight, and helps him run from the well-armed pursuer.
    We get introduced to Mihoshi, an officer of the Galaxy Police who has been sent to apprehend the space pirate.
  • Tenchi brings Ryoko home to his father and grandfather, who are beside themselves at the lovely young lady Tenchi has with him.
  • Mihoshi arrives at the house again later, causing another fight to break out which ends with Katsuhito destroying the mecha-suit.
  • After the situation defuses, Ryoko and Mihoshi now formally introduced, they now take residence with the 3 men.

Ai Tenchi Muyo! Episodes 1-7: (25:02~)

  • A dazzled Tenchi arrives on the scene, physically assaulted by several groups of people before he can even figure out what's going on.
  • Tenchi arrives at Junai Academy, we learn that he is due to be a teacher at the school and that he will serve under another teacher for two weeks as training.
  • Each of the girls Tenchi ran into earlier happens to be in this class, and he formally introduces himself as Tenchi Masaki.
  • Tenchi is taken on a tour of the campus by Momo, the Student Council President. They're followed by Hana, Hachiko and Touri, the Vice President, Bodyguard and Treasurer respectively.
  • Tenchi recognizes the peach on Momo's panties, which leads to confrontation with Hachiko.
  • We catch a glimpse of Washu spying on Tenchi via crab insignia on the walls.
  • The girls toss Tenchi into the Student Council HQ and begin to restrain him with a muzzle and other toys.
  • Touri comments that his school record not existing was very suspicious to them, and Hana decided they had to investigate why their new teacher was so mysterious.
  • We're cut to a sequence where young Momo is aboard a spaceship of indeterminate origin with Beni, commenting on the beauty of the planet Earth.
  • We get a shot of the Masaki compound, a hybrid of styles from series' past, and Washu's lab. Washu has a job for Tenchi to do involving someone who exists in every single dimension. She sends him off to another dimension.
  • Tenchi arrives at this new dimension and is pounced on by young Momo, both of whom are dressed in more traditional-era garb. A Peach is featured prominently on Momo's dress.
  • Momo tells Tenchi she's looking for someone with eyes like "this", and the two formally introduce themselves to each other.
  • Meanwhile, back at the timeline we first joined in on, Tenchi-sensei runs from the Council room almost buck-ass naked, and takes cover in a building adjacent to the main school building which is covered in warnings not to enter.
  • Tenchi falls into a trap door and comes across a massive digsite being helmed by Yuki under the Science Club's name.
  • Yuki reveals that what she's looking for will allow her to have some influence over the Student Council and perhaps join it/take over it herself. Rui protests, but is shot down.
  • Tenchi hears a familiar voice, Mihoshi, and almost gives away his hiding position. Beni tracks him down anyways and drags him to the Science Club's underground HQ.
  • The Science Club is equally as confused as the Student Council as to why Tenchi is there, and decides to launch their own au-natural investigation.
  • Momo gives us a recap of the previous events.
  • Arriving just before Beni can Run The Jewels on Tenchi, the Student Council arrives and a fight breaks out between Beni and Hachiko as the digsite collapses around them.
    Momo, Touri and Hana help Tenchi escape, with the Student Council making it out just as the roof of the dig finally caves in.
  • An exhausted, beaten, naked Tenchi rests his weary bones at a new house. Sasami and Ayeka rush to his side and try to get him feeling more at ease after an insane first day at work.
  • We learn that the group of them have just moved in to this new apartment, with Washu shipping a crate of riot police gear and a pre-emptive tombstone in the event that Tenchi doesn't survive his task.
  • Tenchi goes to wind-down in the shower and prepare for his second day as a teacher when Ryoko invades and a fight breaks out between Ryoko and Ayeka.

So, already in Ai Tenchi Muyo!'s first 25 minutes, we have double the events and a ton of information crammed into densely packed 3 minute long bite-sized snacks. 6 vs 8 vs 22 in terms of bullet points, even more when you consider the information in each bullet point. I'm not even counting the effort they spent in Ai to give us callbacks and references to the other shows.

What's frustrating me about some of the negative reception is that every episode is treated as though it is a dog-year, yet people are ready to drop it because "Oh where is so-and-so? Dropped!" It took Tenchi OVA 1 14 minutes before we saw a glance of Ryoko's human form. It took Universe 4 minutes. While Ai Tenchi took 22 minutes to show us Ryoko, it also contained way more information packed in before she showed up and introduced a large cast of characters it took those shows 6-8 episodes each to get to. Granted, Ai Tenchi has the benefit of everyone knowing who the main girls are.

The highschool thing threw me for a loop, I don't like the panty shots and overt fanservice and the recap episodes are somewhat excessive, but so far I've really enjoyed this series. The new girls could end up being interesting characters by the end, the plot is entangled in several webs we're being exposed to at the same time, and when the girls are on screen it is as if they haven't missed a beat since the early 00s. And honestly, with the way some people are still convinced this show is a monster-of-the-week, episodic series with no actual plot, I think some people need to have those recap episodes. Negishi is running this show at a hyperspeed pace and I think it shouldn't be treated so negatively from episode to episode. Which I think is truly messing with some peoples' ability to pick up on and understand all of what is going on.
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by evilpii
#25345 Switching from the home life of Tenchi in episode 7 back to the spacetime craziness of episode 3, episode 8 returns us to space, where we are confirmed that the second person on the vessel is indeed Beni, or at least some incarnation of her. gendo1

Interestingly, Beni is quite concerned with Momo's well-being, and even calls her "princess". Similarly, Momo does not want to leave Beni. One could speculate that Beni here is Momo's guard or caretaker, given "high school Beni" has the role of bodyguard for the science club. While Momo is dressed in what looks like a kimono, their ship does not seem to be the usual Juraian make. I doubt Momo is from the Jurai royal family, which means she might represent a different faction in space. That would be quite refreshing. Tenchismile However, as a princess, that might imply that Ayeka may know of her in some fashion. qt1

Beni's dialogue references a "him" and "his trials", as well as a "Sou-sama". Whether or not "Sou-sama" and "him" are the same is not made immediately clear, but one does wonder if these incarnations of Momo and Beni are running from or to someone. Then, one asks why. butts1

Washu's brief dialogue mentions that "she died", but since the genius likely does not know either girl's name, which one she means is left open. Considering Momo is shown with Tenchi in episode 3 and 8 during this feudal era sequence, one could surmise that the "spaceship Beni" may have died due to the rift.

On Earth, Tenchi and Momo encounter alternate versions of the student council members: Inukai (Hachiko), Tomomi (Tori), and ??? (Hana). Considering the double versions of Momo and Beni, one wonders if this trio are the original incarnations of these girls, or parallel doubles created from the rift.

Point of fact, Momo is wearing a similar costume as she did on the spaceship, but since it is a kimono either way, one might not be certain that this Momo and "spaceship Momo" are the same. However, I would bet that they are. blush1

Tenchi and Momo are accompanied by the trio, who are planning to confront a demon. Their description of the demon is a throwback to Ryoko's introduction in OVA series 1 episode 1 as well as Washu's in Universe episode 4. Apparently, said demon rules over everything. Upon arrival, we encounter a version of Ryoko, dressed as she was in OVA series 1 episode 3 or many episodes of Universe. Notably, this Ryoko proclaims herself to be a space pirate, aware of bounty hunters, and with no knowledge of Masaki Tenchi. Moreover, Tenchi recognizes her immediately. Likely, since alternate universes seem to be the shtick, this Ryoko is an alternate universe double of the one Tenchi knows. After a brief exchange with Inukai, Mihoshi arrives driving the mecha suit from Universe episode 1 (and episode 5) and wearing her combat uniform from OVA series 1 episode 6, OVA series 2 episode 5, and Universe episode 1. She announces herself as a Galaxy Police officer (and as 1st class detective, if I'm hearing the Japanese right).

The entire sequence with Tenchi running across Ryoko and Mihoshi appearing in the mecha suit is completely a direct reference to Universe episode 1, where both are introduced for the first time in that continuity. That alone makes me fall in love with this episode of Ai Tenchi, and the series as a whole. The entire episode feels like Tenchi to me, much like episodes 3 and 7. mmhmm1

However, what has happened? Considering Washu is playing with multiple universes, the versions of Ryoko and Mihoshi seen here could certainly be homages to, or incarnations of, the Universe Ryoko and Mihoshi. Since Momo and Beni were dragged into the rift and presumably deposited in this "feudal universe", perhaps Universe Ryoko and Mihoshi were as well prior to their crash landing on Earth in Universe episode 1. That would explain their equipment, costumes, and lack of knowledge of Tenchi himself. This is, of course, speculation. We'll have to see how it plays out over the next few episodes. gendo1
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25347 First off, since I don't toot my own horn all that often....

"In another time, another place, Beni sits at the controls of a spaceship mere seconds from being swallowed whole by an interdimensional rift."

Called it (actually, rtil's got honors I believe)

Second, as a series "for the fans" I would say the multiple universe/timelines/dimensions/whatever it ends up being is a subtle acknowledgement that Tenchi over the years has had many wonderful incarnations, and these larger-than-life, truly timeless characters really can't be held by one universe alone. So, as if we haven't said it enough by now, "celebration of the franchise" blah blah blah. We've all waited long enough, and we've all bickered enough. It's 2014: it's time for everyone to just enjoy Tenchi again.

& Third, OMG!!! colors2 It's 2014 and I'm loving a new Tenchi series. I don't wanna wake up if this is a dream. Nobody pinch me! rageblow1
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by julia
#25348 Her old outfit looks SO much better <3 It was so nice to see her in it iloveit1

While I still stand by a lot of my previous comments at the moment, I will say this episode made me feel much better about the direction of the series. (as soon as I heard oni I knew, ah I KNOW WHO'S COMING UP iloveit1 it made me happy) but yeah, hopefully this trend will continue and the important of all the original girls is front and center!! The pessimist in me though isn't letting me get too excited ;3; Like how it's too early to judge it as being "bad", it's too early for me to get excited ... but like I said, I HOPE THIS CONTINUES Tenchismile
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by SnowQueen
#25349 though I do dig the new outfit I LOVED seeing her in her old outfit too! It made my feels scream with joy. Lol Now hopefully I can find some nice Ai screencaps of the girls. They are quite hard to find. Anyone know a good website were there would be good Ai screencaps? blush1