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by Dagon123
#25423 Discussion for episodes 11 through 15
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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 11 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 11:

Mostly an episode of action rather than plot advancement, we see Hachiko and Tenchi walking around in this decrepit warehouse filled with some dangerous traps and hidden passageways. The Science Club is right behind them, but has to work around the fact that they can't navigate this place with any accuracy. Beni's injury could place everyone in an interesting position. If Tenchi and Hachiko tend to her wounds, will she be so opposed to them as she had been in the past? Her working relationship with the Science Club seemed to be a matter of business rather than preference after all. Not a whole lot else to talk about.
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by evilpii
#25439 Today's episode had some wild antics: Tenchi and Hachiko wandering around the storage building, the Club following unluckily behind. However, the episode has a notable Indiana Jones vibe about it. fyeah1 We have a climbing rope, hidden passages, collapsing corridors, a spherical boulder, and a huge storehouse of relics. Who thinks they might find the Ark of the Covenant in there? qt1 In particular, the final shot of the episode looks remarkably like the final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I laughed at the elaborate incantation, as well as the creepy spider. woooo1 This episode was just a fun romp of hijinks, not unlike Universe episode 4, where Ryoko steals Tenchi away to the cave near the Masaki shrine and encounters wacky traps along the way. kiyonesmile1 Another shoutout to Universe? Tenchismile

Where will they go from here? They've gained a Beni and lost a map. Tenchi still has his sword, safely stashed in his back pocket, as well as whatever artifact they were set to retrieve. What even is that? gendo1
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25440 - Episode 11 -

THIS is the kind of stuff I think Ai will be perfect for: fun high jinks and episodic adventure with just enough at the end to leave you excited for more ("tune in next time" etc.), and after all the character intros, setting up the premise, and overarching plot complete with multiple flashbacks/different dimensions (presumably) I think we all needed this reprieve.

The jab at manga reading and correlating levels of productivity was hilarious!
(Have we finally discovered where Nobuyuki ended up hiding his collection?)

The Indiana Jones vibe was indeed strong in this one, Pii. I too particularly liked the ending shot, so much so that I had to comment on it.

Episode 11 YouTube

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Hachiko possibly having a little crush on Tenchi surprised me (really, it shouldn't, like at all but oh well). True in spirit to the original material, amorous intentions, shy schoolgirl crushes, and competition for another's affections is most welcomed, but I hope in Hachiko's case they don't push it too strong (I'm with you, Snow) it doesn't seem to befit her character. (Then again, we don't really know them that well yet, do we?)
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by WisperG
#25447 I really liked this one! This episode has "Fun" written all over it, which all the Indy references certainly contributed to. My favorite scene was definitely the key incantation :lol:

I wonder what they'll do now that Beni is along for the ride and the map is gone? I'm very much looking forward to tomorrows episode.

As for Hachiko x Tenchi, I'm not surprised in the least. Tenchi is such a manly studmuffin, even the token lesbian was bound to start falling for him. I knew it had to happen eventually. Though I guess that makes her officially bi now. I admit, it was rather abrupt and seemingly came out of nowhere, and I felt a strong urge to facepalm with a wry smile when it happened, but it was bound to happen eventually.

That said, as someone who's not a fan of yaoi/yuri content, I'm mostly indifferent about the whole thing. Hachiko x Momo seemed pretty one-sided anyways...
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by Nil Admirari
#25450 I'm glad to see people enjoyed yesterday's episode as much as they did - I feared that perhaps because it went a little slower and didn't forward the plot too much it would come under fire. kiyonesmile1


Episode 12 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 12:

Another episode of action, but a dash of plot added for good measure. Beni has a dream that relates to the young Momo from the feudal timeline, so her current self is at least semi-aware of what happened in another life. Though it was interesting to see Hachiko in her normal getup instead of the battle garb she wore in Episode 8. Hachiko and Beni, previously enemies on the battlefield, accept a short truce so that they can get out of the warehouse alive.

When Tenchi yells at them to calm down over a spat they get into, I found it very interesting to watch the faces of the two girls. Beni is unapologetic and looks pissed off as he yells at them. Hachiko on the other hand, gets a dejected look on her face. Perhaps an extension of her 'loyal dog' trope and namesake, her tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve for the people she is most loyal to surfaces. Tenchi saved her life, and because of this his words hit her harder.

And then there's the fact that the school had a robot, one that was considered enough of a danger that they buried it under boxes in the warehouse. At first I thought it had something to do with Washu, and it may still have something to do with her, but what kind of school has a functioning robot?!

Overall, a great episode of character development while keeping the action up. Tomorrow's episode may turn out pretty packed! Poor Beni's going to end up more stitched up than an old doll at the rate she takes beatings.
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by WisperG
#25451 Ever-so-brief hints towards the plot! Character development! Random robot-action!

I found it marginally less entertaining than the Indy romp we got yesterday, but still a very solid episode. Can't wait to see how they deal with their robot adversary!
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by GregTheLion
Nil Admirari wrote: but what kind of school has a functioning robot?!

And why would anyone think a large pile of boxes would stop it? You were better off sealing it in a cave... oh wait.