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by GregTheLion
#25463 According to Did You Know: Anime, The new girls seem to have some inspiration form the Japanese Folktale Momotaro. Unironically, the tale originates from Okayama. For those who don't know how it goes, here's a quick summary,

"A young boy born from a giant peach goes on a quest to fight some demons, guided by a Dog, a Monkey and a Pheasant."

DYK: Anime goes on to say that Momo is named after the Peach Boy in question and shares a similar likeness (being a young girl who likes Peaches) while the other three girls from the council each represent one of the animals; Hachiko the Dog, Hana the Monkey, Touri the Pheasant.

but then what about the other 4 new girls? well, my assumption is that they represent demons; Beni having the tiger-stripe stockings and wielding that spiked club, Rui apparently eating more than anyone else, and don't get me started on Ukan's *ahem* appetite.

What do you guys think of this? If only we could get Gaijin Goomba here to tell us a bit more.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25507 I wasn't aware of this connection until, say, fifth episode in, when MangaMan made mention of it. It reassured me that a great more deal of thought and attention to detail went into the new characters than I was initially willing to assume; it's also very fitting that viewers learn more about the Prefecture's history, but in a fun way. Making learning entertaining: who could object to that?

Good eye, Greg, and you're right: it makes further speculation fun! The trouble-making "Science Club" (I have yet to see them do any hard science lol) being somewhat analogous to Oni of legend seems appropriate.