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by SnowQueen
#25562 Im thinking along the same line as drillmaster. I'm thinking (hoping) we might see the different Tenchi-verses collide together including Universe which we've already seen but we might also see Tenchi in Tokyo and OVA persona's as well but who knows. Just hope we get answers soon! ^^;
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by Dagon123
SnowQueen wrote:Im thinking along the same line as drillmaster. I'm thinking (hoping) we might see the different Tenchi-verses collide together including Universe which we've already seen but we might also see Tenchi in Tokyo and OVA persona's as well but who knows. Just hope we get answers soon! ^^;

I don't know if we'll see a "true" crossover from everything (hell I don't know if we'll see Ryo Ohki! lol) but I'd LIKE to see it at least once, as kind of a less subtle nod to the fans than the callbacks and references (not that those are in anyway, shape or form bad!)
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by drillmaster
#25567 This episode was great. I'm so happy to see the girls interact with the new cast now. More Ryoko and Ayeka are always welcome. I loved Ryoko's bouncer outfit.
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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 17:

Sparks are flying and somebody's gonna be dying! Loved the little maid cafe setup in the school, pushing the old girls towards the new. Ayeka's handing of the tab over to an enraged Yuki reminded me of the bar episode in Tenchi Universe with Nagi and her tab. Seeing Ryoko in the bouncer outfit was probably my favorite part of the episode though, the way she just lurches over and "takes care of business". She should sport that getup more often!

And then there's Washu, acting as cupid... or Dr. Drew on Loveline before this is all said and done. She's got some sort of plan in action, otherwise I doubt she'd risk leaving her lab. Going to be veeeeeeeery interesting going forward.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25569 Now that the old guard and the young blood have finally been brought together under the same roof as of Episode 17, I think we're at the precipice of something big.

There were so many fun moments in this episode, it's hard to single any out: fade in to credits roll, this episode was fantastic. Looking at this episode in particular and looking back at the whole series thus far, the number of interesting characters and factions, along with all the callbacks and high jinks intertwined in a compelling overarching narrative...all of this blending of old and new in such a short span of time to short, Negishi's really demonstrated why he's the one in the director's chair. He's showed us his moves, that he's still "got it" and he does not disappoint.

If you can't enjoy Ai Tenchi Muyo! then God help you, because for a short spin-off that simultaneously reboots a classic franchise and brings it into modernity while making it fun again after being stuck in the mire, it doesn't get better than this.
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by evilpii
#25570 Episode 17, about 64 minutes into the series, the Masaki household has appeared at the school. I knew it would not be too much longer. gendo1 A good chunk of this episode feels like a mix of Universe episodes 7 (carnival episode) and 16 (bar episode). Sasami is popping sweets out of maracas, reminiscent of a certain magical girl, while her sister is playing waitress. While Ayeka drops the bills, Ryoko makes sure they get paid. For some reason, the role of bouncer or enforcer seems rather appropriate for her. fyeah1 Besides, Ryoko was not exactly the best waitress in TMiL2, though Universe episode 7 showed she could con money out of people. aquateencarl1

Meanwhile, in the hallway, we apparently get that Tenchi was carrying festival decorations out of the "Temple of Storage" last week. However, I get this sense that people are nudging Tenchi and Momo together. Hana and Tori step aside to munch on festival goodies while Hachiko leaves to help with stage decorations. Then, Washu of all people happens by and pushes Momo into Tenchi. Washu, what's your scheme? butts1

Although, I bet she is just messing with him. blush1 "Romantic" contact between a teacher and student is quite taboo universally. Having been a professor herself, she likely knows this and might be getting him in trouble for fun. Yet, on the other side of matters, it is possible that she is nudging Tenchi and Momo together for some other reason. While we might think that this school universe is the "main" universe of the series,
this could still be a splinter universe from the rift seen in the feudal episodes. This is a wild theory, but it could be that feudal Tenchi and Momo are later drawn into the rift and deposited in another universe, i.e. the school universe, and somehow forget what has happened. Depending on how many years had passed, Tenchi could have aged and gone to teaching while Momo became a teenager. Hence, Washu is trying to jog their memory, or some such. Again, this is not a fully developed theory. Kiyofacepalm1
I did chuckle at Ukan reprimanding her protege. blush1

Oh, and I think Ryoko's gonna have... words with someone soon. sakuyafinger1 Did see that coming at all, did you? tuxedodouche
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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 18 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 18:

Another fun episode today! Beni and Ryoko clashing like bulls locked at the horns, Rui and Yuki scrubbing plates clean to work their way out of their rather large bill, and Hachiko confronted with Tenchi during the crucial moments of a romantic Shakespearean play. I always knew I liked Hachiko the most out of the new girls, but she's a thespian as well? Sorry other new girls, you've got nothin on Hachiko~
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by SnowQueen
#25584 I'm been loving Ai Tenchi as a whole but these last couple episodes I have to say are easily my favorites so far. I loved Beni and Ryoko butting heads to be the alpha-demon. (Oh no Snowy start start shipping already have a Tenchi OTP >_<)

Anyway these episodes are just great and I can't wait till tomorrow and see what Hachiko does but I certainly don't see the situation at hand going well. ^^; I have a feeling Washu is going to step in and do something but we will see. Oh! Speaking of that I wonder what was up with her pushing Momo into Tenchi...I say she's doing it because if those two get together it might clean up the mess she made somehow or....make Ryoko pissed enough to destroy the entire universe. Either way problem solved right? lol