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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 20 is now subtitled and available!

Episode 20:

Recap #4, nothing too special. Momo's giving a breakdown of how everything went at the festival so far and comments on how she felt spending so much time with Tenchi. She's got it bad, bad, bad... she's hot for Sensei. She just doesn't quite know it yet. Though that comes to no surprise, look at who we're talking about here.

Super Cut will be live as soon as we can get it ready.
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by evilpii
#25629 This week has had a fun ride of episodes, though I do wonder how reliable a narrator Momo makes. blush1 Thanks again for the entire translation team for pushing this series out to share! kiyonesmile1

What awaits us next week? woooo1
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by Dagon123
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Tenchicast 27: No Need for Ai Tenchi Muyo! PT.4 (Episodes 16-20) | Latest Tenchicast!

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