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by evilpii
#25724 A lull before the storm, this episode gives a little breath between the zany craziness of last week, and the upcoming insanity for this next competition. Evidently, this competition will determine the club that will lead the student body for the academic year, so both the Council and the Club are preparing for battle. gendo1

While not as action-packed as the previous several episodes, this episode had a more gradual rising tension: watching the Council and the Club ready themselves, Ukan's allusion to larger schemes, the group chanting for the gathered students. Something big is about to go down. badass1

This episode also had a couple nice visual allusions as well.

Nil Admirari wrote:Also, I believe we had caught a reference to the red oni and blue oni in the past, and now we've visibly seen the two in front of the school.

Indeed, there were two statues standing with the banner at the school's entrance, both holding a club like Beni's. mmhmm1 Moreover, during Ukan's little speech to Tenchi, she references a legend that is the basis for the competition. The image shows an ogre terrorizing people, and then decapitated by a young man accompanied by a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. I wonder what she could be referencing. butts1 What might we encounter in the next few days? kiyonesmile1

Too bad Tenchi's getting dragged along as a prize. tenchiahhhhhh However, I have a theory.
I bet, despite the legend of Momotaro, the Student Council loses. Thus, Tenchi would be forced to work for the Science Club for a day, giving those characters more screentime and depth.
We'll have to see how it goes. Tenchismile
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by GaianKnight
#25727 A dog, a monkey, and a pheasant? Sounds like a bad bar joke.

"A Dog, A Monkey, and a Pheasant walk into a bar, the Horse says, why the long faces..."

Anywho... 'will' the school be standing, when this is all done... mmmm1 ...and kinda worried what else will happen to Tenchi later. He's not teaching much so far, in this series. Tenchismile
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by WisperG
Nil Admirari wrote:Looks like Washu's 'teaching equipment' will come in handy!

Oh, you're right, that is the equipment Washu mailed him! With how Tenchi was questioning it's necessity while talking with Ukan, he seemed to be acting like it was something the school provided him.

That does make me wonder when's the next time we'll see Washu in full. Her backside cameo last week was all we've seen of her for awhile, and we haven't seen any surveillance crabs either for that matter. You'd think they would continue sneaking them into the background, but I haven't noticed any recently.

And Mihoshi has been MIA too. Is she ever going to make a proper appearance at the school? Fuedal Japan episodes aside, we haven't seen her since her cameo at the Science Club's dig site. Hopefully she didn't die in the cave in... :-o
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by SnowQueen
#25729 Don't forget Mihoshi has a career! (believe it or not lol) So she's probably just busy doing Galaxy Police things. ^^;

Anyway I'm wondering if the Red Oni, Blue Oni if Ukan is the Red one and Rui is the Blue one (just making this theory based off hair color mostly and what I've read in past replies on here) Guess we will find out today and see but has anyone noticed Hachiko isn't so hand and foot and lovely towards Momo? That makes me kinda sad. T^T
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
GaianKnight wrote:He's not teaching much so far, in this series. Tenchismile

That's actually a funny point. Tenchi's a student teacher, so will we ever see him teach?

I believe Episode 23 is indeed foreshadowing major events, but perhaps more dire ones than immediately apparent. This episode created a stark change in how I view Ukan, though I'm not entirely sure why. I think the weather at the announcement--too perfectly suited for the mood--hints that Miss Kurihara is in control of more than just the day-to-day affairs of the school.

Warning: fan-based theorization ahead!

I think Ukan may in fact be not only the primary antagonist of the series, but also the person Washu has been alluding to this entire time: the common factor between the overlapping dimensions. It would make sense, therefore, for Tenchi to be close to her (teacher's assistant) for the purposes of his mission.

But wait! I'm not done yet!

Connecting back to the school, there's also the possibility that it may be a projection perpetuated by Ukan herself. Notice the overhead longshot of the school in this episode: the terrain looks very similar to the wooded scenery of the feudal-era episodes' setting; then of course there's the legend alluded to in both timelines, as pointed out by pii.

What's more, this mysterious warping of reality (space and time), or perhaps realities, would also serve to explain how or why Hachiko, Hana, Touri, Momo, Beni and even Tenchi end up at the school: not only does it serve as the epicenter of the apparent 'dimensional crisis' premise and the catalyst for the plot to follow, but perhaps also for whatever plans Ukan has been harboring.

Not only is Ai still entertaining with its high-school high jinks (Tenchi is a prize? Well, of course he is!) but now I'm very intrigued with the overarching plot.
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by Nil Admirari
#25742 Image

Episode 24 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 24:

This school's complete and blatant disregard for the safety of their own students continues. With the various clubs competing in the first major event, an obstacle race, the only rule seems to be to stay in the lanes and no sharp objects. Plenty of leeway there! Hachiko ends up a weeping mess yet again, though it seems with Momo there, she's able to break herself out of sobbing uncontrollably. Perhaps there's still a spark in her for Momo after all!

Great episode, score 1 for the Student Council!
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by evilpii
#25745 Today's competition starts off with a foot race through some strange obstacle course, and a lot of outside interference. butts1 Despite Tenchi's plea for fair play, Yuki summons Goriki to take out her competition, including Hachiko.

This episode got to focus heavily on Hachiko and Yuki, showing again Hachiko's "little girl mode" as well as Yuki's scheming determination. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the Science Club is not simply the whipping boy of the Student Council. When Goriki took Hachiko's bokuto, Yuki pretty much had a clear shot at victory if she had rushed to the finish. She seems a more viable threat for a change. badass1

However, Hachiko had some character growth today. Momo's cheers broke through some of her "little girl mode" and got her running again, just long enough for Tori to gain control of Goriki. woooo1 Hachiko even had "success sparkles". iloveit1 Naturally, Goriki gets taken out again, but I bet he will return soon enough. blush1

I can relate to Tenchi's concerns, and I note again that there are no other faculty or administrators here besides Ukan and her "toy". Ukan does seem to be running the whole show, and enjoying what she sees. Might there be something about her we don't quite know yet? qt1

What contest lies next? gendo1
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by GaianKnight
#25746 The next event will probably involve landmines, with the way this is all going. dawohki1
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by Nil Admirari
#25748 Image

Episode 25 is subtitled and ready!

Episode 25:

5th recap. Momo goes on tangents about how much she loves chocolate (I'm with ya there, girly) and how it makes her happier than winning contests. She also gives us a listen in to how Hana reacted before she caught up with Tenchi at his temporary home. She even has some rather mature thoughts of her own for a moment. What about Tenchi's future plans, eh Momo?

The Super Cut is currently rendering and will be available as soon as it is done cooking!