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by Dagon123
#25770 Discussion episodes 26-30

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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 26 is now subtitled and available!

The blog portion of the site is currently not working properly, so I'm linking to the tumblr post until we can get that issue cleared up.


Episode 26:

Well, this week started off with a bang, didn't it? At least the school is being honest about turning itself into a warzone. I liked that even Yuki started questioning their own methods halfway through the bloody battle. A little flutter of happiness for Momo being able to get through to Hachiko and inspire her! Things have tied up, which will make the next few episodes relating to this "day" at school even more intense. And it looks like we might be coming back to the interwoven plot elements soon as well, what with that little sneak peek at Washu's smirk. Seems like Beni's the one! ...or is she?
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by evilpii
#25784 The sports competition continues today with a team event, a cavalry battle. fyeah1 Naturally, the Student Council and Science Club are the main entities in this confrontation, but I do feel a little sorry for the nameless cannon fodder getting trounced by Hachiko and Beni. blush1 Also, judging by the score, there have been other events offscreen, since the Council at 50 points last Thursday. gendo1

I did like that Yuki has gotten a lot more of the spotlight in the last two episodes. While Hachiko's character development in episode 24 overshadowed it, Yuki got a nice range of emotions as well. This episode continues that, particularly as she shows concern for her robot Goriki, who was notably patched up offscreen. Unlike the Council members, Yuki and Rui really have not had an episode of their own yet, so it is good to see them getting some attention. mmhmm1

By the way, I love Goriki's sign "Legal Victory". It reminds me of the catch phrase in my tabletop RPG group of "Lawyered!" when someone argued using the law and the letter of the rules. Nice. badass1

Also, I am waiting for Tori's character episode. She has been the quiet one of the Council, but she has shown some skills getting control of Goriki once already. I half-expected her to do it again today. Tenchismile

But, the icing on the cake was the creepy spider! woooo1 Poor Rui got to ruin some asses today. There's your secret weapon. badass1

Washu, I see you peeking. What're you scheming? Tell me your secrets. butts1
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
evilpii wrote:Unlike the Council members, Yuki and Rui really have not had an episode of their own yet, so it is good to see them getting some attention.

Yeah Beni and the others are great, but Yuki and Rui have grown on me more than any other of the new girls.
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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 27 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 27:

Momo is a goober. Setting up the final event to be a PG-13 rated version of a certain sequence from Requiem for a Dream simply because she felt it was a good way for her and Beni to talk is, well... a unique way to approach things. We all know a Dandy guy would certainly be down for judging such a competition! Though it was quite interesting to see that Momo is making moves to cause a friendship between the two factions.

A tie score?! tenchiahhhhhh Welp, I guess Tenchi isn't quite out of the forest just yet.
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by GregTheLion
#25794 It's really starting to get under my skin that everyone's accusing Tenchi of a pervert. Especially Touri-
sakuyafinger1 Put your goddamn computer away, Bird-brain!! He's Suppose to look at the butts! He's the goddamn referee!!

Poor guy's trying to make a living, he doesn't need this. It's like working in an animal shelter constantly being bombarded by PETA Nazis.
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by Nobuyuki
#25796 ... we never had that in my high school. dawohki1
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by WisperG
#25800 Well, that was... interesting kiyonesmile1

Tenchi is now a "booty watcher" apparently. Dandy would be proud! Image

Also, wouldn't the easiest solution to avoid a tie have been to simply hold an odd number of events? qt1