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by evilpii
#25801 Today's episode continues the competition between the different clubs in... booty wrestling... wth2 Momo, what the f-?!

I did enjoy watching Tenchi spend some time with Ryoko, Ayeka, and Sasami outside of their flat. The deliciousness of Ryoko and Ayeka's comments of the competition was palpable. I've missed their banter. mmhmm1

Now, here's a point of fact. Ryoko also recalled her recent exchange with Beni, much like Washu's apparent interest in Beni as well. Moreover, the point of this episode is Momo offering an olive branch, in the form of her butt, to Beni. I am noting a lot of emphasis on Beni, and, considering Beni's visions/memories and the feudal era events, I think that might be a major plot point in the near future. gendo1

Now, it seems the competition is going into overtime. What will be our final round? butts1 Tune in tomorrow! Tenchismile

Marty Kirra wrote:Plot? PLOT?! Where are you?

While I too am eager for the overarching plotline to take precedence, I do not believe the wait will be long. Allow me to make a comparison to Universe. The overarching plot regarding the coup d'etat on Jurai did not start until Kagato took the throne under the guise of Yosho in episode 14, the episode after the halfway point. Moreover, said plot did not become heavily dramatic until episode 22, four episodes from the end. A good chuck of the series's content was fun adventures that gave us more depth to each character.

Please note that in Ai Tenchi episode 26 is the episode after the halfway mark, where Washu is shown lurking in her laboratory with a particular interest in Beni. I fully expect that once this sports competition ends, the overarching plotline will come to the forefront. I also expect that in the last week of November, said plot will become much more dramatic.

Keep in mind: we have only seen 22 episodes of new content and 5 episodes of recap, which yield a total of ~66 minutes of new content. In that time, we have been introduced to characters, new and old, and even had them grow, much like Universe did. Please be patient. The overarching plot will come soon enough, and if Negishi's tweets are to be believed, FEELs will be had.
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by GaianKnight
#25805 Universe had the luxury of more episode time to flesh things out with. The time crunch on these episodes, with a further 4 or 5 recaps, doesn't really give much time for much more frivolity. I'd hate this to become a mad dash rush to get to the point, with less than 15 episodes remaining. Hope I'm proven wrong, but still throwing the dog my worry bone, over this, for the moment.

Do please new episodes, shut moi up. badass1
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by Nil Admirari
#25813 Image

Episode 28 is now subtitled and available!


Episode 28:

It is no surprise that the science club wouldn't take "you lose" for an answer. Tenchi just can't get out from between these two groups, nor his home crew either. I loved seeing Ryoko finally dishing out some more pain over these girls, even taking Touri and Rui to task at an eating contest. They don't know about her bottomless stomach! And again, more little plot threads coming together. Momo dropping that little bomb while talking in her sleep. The implications!

Tomorrow, Tenchi starts his work as a slave in the dorms for the girls. I can see this going several different ways, none of which are good for him.
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by GregTheLion
#25814 So has anyone ever heard of "Squidward Torture porn"?
Well, I'm starting to think this show has an overdose of Tenchi Torture porn. tenchiahhhhhh
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
GregTheLion wrote:So has anyone ever heard of "Squidward Torture porn"?

Nope, and I think I'm okay with this. wth2

- Ep. 28 -

Momo must truly be special, as she has thus far been spared the "Vengeful Ryoko" treatment (maybe this is the new, more passive "scorned by Ryoko" treatment?). Even though Tenchi didn't do anything wrong, I can't help but cheer my girl on for finally holding him accountable in some way and having some respect for herself (& don't worry guys, Tenchi's a trooper, he can handle it).

Interesting, as normally Ryoko would have gone into "attack-mode" on any potential rival within arm's-length of Tenchi...then again, she was never outright aggressive towards Sasami...maybe she goes easier on the younger ones? Then again, she kinda almost killed Mayuka...maybe that was because she's Tenchi's daughter (and annoying)?

It seems with this series they have actively made decisions to have the characters slightly different to reflect the passage of time, yet one can plainly see it's not a case of the director or writers misappropriating traits or misunderstanding who these characters are, as feudal-era Universe-esque Ryoko plainly demonstrates: Ryoko in those episodes is as "Ryoko" as I've ever seen her in any incarnation.

P. S. Someone gets a cookie for calling it: Touri had a moment in the sun (even though it was after dark).

P. P. S. Look at that, Greg! They heard your pleas for more cartoonish, SD Tenchi faces and delivered.
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by GregTheLion
wwwwhhhhoooo wrote:
P. P. S. Look at that, Greg! They heard your pleas for more cartoonish, SD Tenchi faces and delivered.

eh, it's not quite Tex Avery level, but for this generation, that's to be expected, so its still a welcome treat. mmhmm1

Also, I agree with your thoughts on Ryoko. While she does try to enjoy herself during the festival (the butt wrestling not bothering her and the eating contest like a cake-walk), her fever runs high when she sees
Her Tenchi
with some significant type of other, thus a envious punch-up to help him grasp the situation at hand.
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by evilpii
#25819 Now in ridiculous overtime, the battle competition continues between the Student Council and Science Club, while poor Tenchi just wants to go home. tenchiahhhhhh They have gone from athletic competition of the steeplechase and the cavalry battle to seemingly random other things: games of chess, eating contests, even whack-a-mole (ORAORAORAORA jotaro1 ).

But, Yuki refuses to accept defeat, and the games continue. I do appreciate her tenacity. Ganbatte, Yuki! fyeah1

However, notice that Rui referenced the excavation from the first week. They wanted the funds to finish uncovering their treasure. Indeed, what is that treasure? Do tell. Yuki and Beni do seem rather protective of it. gendo1

Moreover, Momo mumbles in her sleep something about her and Beni "returning together". Return where, Momo? Are you saying you and Beni have a history? Do tell. butts1

Be on notice. The threads are starting to align. Soon. Just like Ukan said, all will be revealed soon. gendo1

Then, there's Ryoko. Tenchi, you made a mistake. It wasn't directly a fault of your own. You should know better. tenchiahhhhhh However, Sasami's words creep me out almost as much. Are you telling me that the dorms are a roach motel? wth2 Once you check in, you never check out? sadface1 Stay tuned! Tenchismile
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by GaianKnight
#25820 Wait! WANT1 Ryoko hit Tenchi?! When has that ever happened? mmmm1 And his head didn't pop off in a bloody mess? He really is tougher than he looks! (Or she just held back.)

And Sasami has a bit of a cruel side to her now, just leaving Tenchi hanging like that. iloveit1 Or at least she acts like her mother anymore. (Wonder if Sasami will start hugging and throwing Ryoko around, at some point. dawohki1 )

EDIT: Oh wait, Ryoko and Ayeka hit Tenchi in the Pretty Sammy OVA twice, but that was because he got in the way of them. Tenchi does that stuff alot, it seems. =^^=
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by SnowQueen
#25824 Well like Who said in mini-chat, Tenchi did hit Ryoko once so it was about time she creamed him back.

I do think Momo gets a little to much leeway with Tenchi but its Momo so I'll let it slide even Ryoko gave Beni a hard time when she wanted to arm wrestle with her Sensei. Lol
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by GaianKnight
#25825 I wana see Sasami hit him. Just to see if it's even possible. Ayeka already kicked him in the OVA beginning, so she's already got a shot in. Mihoshi already smashed the house a few times, so she got a shot in too. soawesome1