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by Nil Admirari
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Episode 45 is now subtitled and available!

Super Cut en route.

Episode 45:

The penultimate recap episode. Momo's unaware of just how high the stakes our as the galaxy around her plans on converging upon Earth. GP, The Academy AND Jurai all have chess pieces in play now. Can't wait to see how they all come together over the final 3 weeks!
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by SnowQueen
#26146 I don't even understand why Hana called Ayeka a grandma when they look around the same age.... tenchiahhhhhh but no matter because of it Hana seem to found a new "Onee-sama" to possibly write doujins about. Lol
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
SnowQueen wrote:I don't even understand why Hana called Ayeka a grandma when they look around the same age.... tenchiahhhhhh but no matter because of it Hana seem to found a new "Onee-sama" to possibly write doujins about. Lol

lol right? Hana was just asking for Ayeka's divine punishment!

In case anyone wasn't aware up til this point or is skeptical, this should cement it for you: this series is made by a hardcore fan of Tenchi as a whole. If Hana's "Onee-sama" moment isn't a poke at Ayeka's "Call Me Princess" then I might as well throw my Film Studies degree in the trash.

Video from :

Ai Tenchi Muyo!: has all the surface-level requirements for a run-of-the-mill contemporary anime, while being esoteric to a staggering degree.
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by SnowQueen
wwwwhhhhoooo wrote:Ai Tenchi Muyo!: has all the surface-level requirements for a run-of-the-mill contemporary anime, while being esoteric to a staggering degree.

^ I totally agree with this. its a certainly the type of show where you have to look very careful for the small detail and that detail can sometimes make the show SO much better. Because honestly when the Tenchi girls or Tenchi himself isn't in a episode I feel like I'm watching a completely different show that isn't even a Tenchi related show (I'm not complaining though) but back to my main point...its the small things that you see the second are third time watching a episode that make this series spark.
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by GaianKnight
#26154 Personally I like there are attempts to expand upon the Tenchi universe (and not just Tenchi Universe. Sorry... sorry, mmhmm1 ) Like how Kazuki, Senia and Kenshi had their own stories, that expounded upon the main themes we've all come to enjoy and accept here, as Tenchi fans. I mean we know it's a Tenchi themed series, so we enjoy it in that context, and I would personally hope for more of that kind of thang.

Course it may be weird we may be looking at 'two' main characters here, in one series, and we know we don't need Tenchi, so we can start with Momo-Beni Muyo, when all is said and done. badass1
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by WisperG
#26167 Quick thoughts on this week's episodes. I just wrote them today, but I probably should've done them as I watched each since some details on the earlier ones started to get fuzzy...

Episode 41
Nice touch with the Sailor Moon reference. Touri is still a creep. Plot teases abound and setup for Ryoko/Hachiko and Hana/Ayeka fights.

Episode 42
I loved the Hackiko/Ryoko fight. Hachiko has another humorous breakdown and Ryoko's reaction was priceless. But didn't Hachiko have a bunch of swords stashed in her skirt? What happened to those?

The result of Hana/Ayeka's fight was funny, although I hope we don't start seeing Hana write questionable dojinshi starring Ayeka... Kiyofacepalm1

Dat plot. Momo's sword make's a reappearance (or key or whatever it's called), although it fell down an even bigger hole...

Part of the old school building collapsed, but the whole thing almost looks like it's sinking although it's still standing when we see it again next episode.

Episode 43
My favorite episode of the week!

What the heck was that giant yellow thing Ryoko and Ayeka were fighting over in the bath? A sponge of some sort?

Oh gosh, the students intend to spend the night with the Masaki household. And now they're cooking.

lol, very happy to see Ryoko's tentacle monster soup(?) return.

Washu is still using a monolith, it still up to things and is still being vague.

My jaw dropped at those reveals at the end. Ukan apparently is (or at least working with) the GP, and Mihoshi is working under her. Holy crap. I did not see either of those coming O.O

Episode 44
Hey look, male characters not named Tenchi!

That was a nice shot of GPHQ from space. Very cool to see them get involved. I had no idea they had a SWAT team though O.o

More goofy antics with the Student Council. The different approaches to the election posters between them and the Science Club were hilarious, as was Hachiko's reaction to Hana deleting her Momo pictures :lol:

Hachiko's tablet also has a magical, disappearing... strap(?) on the back. You can see it in Nil's gif. It vanishes when Hana deletes the pics woooo1
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by evilpii
#26168 Sorry for the delay. Work has been keeping me quite busy. blush1 Since I have not posted in this thread yet, I will discuss the entirety of Episodes 41-44 as a whole, rather than individual posts for each.

Again, those who want plot should be watching this last week's episodes. Bombs were dropped. War was declared. Tenchi fandom, all hands on deck. We're heading for the endgame. gendo1

Episodes 41-42 were pure gold. After Goriki takes an "arrow" to the knees, Ryoko and Ayeka throwdown against Hachiko and Hana, respectively. Ryoko strikes her iconic pose, crossing her arm across her chest before blowing away Hachiko's swords, just like OVA series 1 episode 1. Ayeka takes some significant offence at Hana's poorly chosen words, and we remember why she's crown princess of planet Jurai. fyeah1 I loved seen both in full action again, particularly Ayeka. Many forget that she has often stood toe-to-toe with Ryoko, as well as both incarnations of Kagato and other foes in Okuda's manga. She gets very few action parts, and to see her dominating the battlefield put a smile on my face. soawesome1 Negishi, have you been reading my mind? butts1

chucklocker wrote:Image
The references were strong with this one.

Oh, that is a very good catch, Chuck. But, also I noticed the dialogue mirrored another favorite of mine, the Punisher, particularly Thomas Jane's interpretation. I doubt this was as intentional as the Sailor Moon reference. blush1

Below, Momo and Tori fall into the excavation, where Momo and Beni get their hands on the 1300-year-old cell phone. Enter space magic! WANT1 Digging later reveals the next big revelation.
Child Momo dropped her Juraian key during the earthquake caused by the rift. Moreover, Sasami acknowledges exactly what it is for anyone who is doubting this fact. tuxedodouche However, when Momo and Beni both touch the sword, the ship below awakes, causing a new earthquake.
The entire scene climaxes with another visual cue, again from Indiana Jones. Based Negishi, you know your movies. soawesome1

While all this drama is happening, Mihoshi recognizes Washu's voice. More on that in a moment. gendo1

Sadly, the excavation crumbles, and the key is buried once again. At Episode 43, it seems like everyone is back to square-one again. tenchiahhhhhh While the Student Council girls are occupied with a cooking contest, Tenchi discusses the recent revelations with Ayeka and Sasami, spurring a lot of questions.
Notably, Ayeka and Sasami do not seem to recognize Momo or Beni. Considering Momo is certainly Juraian royalty at this point, one would wonder why neither princess would know her. Now, this could be explained by Momo being very low-tier in the line of succession, but I don't believe this is so. Observe that Toshika crashes 1300 years ago. Could it be that Momo and Beni are from that era of Jurai's history, rather than the present? If so, then neither Ayeka nor Sasami may have been born when Momo and Beni were on Jurai. Depending on how the series ends, wouldn't it be heart-wrenching to have Momo and Beni return to history, live their lives, and then have Ayeka find a reference to them in a Juraian history book? I dare you, Negishi. I double-dog-dare you. gendo1
Also, Tenchi suggests leaving Momo and Beni ignorant of this. I know why he's doing this, being the nice guy that he is, but really, I do have to question the wisdom of leaving important facts lie.

With the Science Club, Yuki and Rui report to the monolith, who replies that they should take over the school, just as planned. Enter the presidential election, where Yuki throws in her... skill at photoshop. Oh. My. wth2

However, the greatest revelation of this week has to be Ukan.
She is a Galaxy Police operative who is supervising Mihoshi's investigation of the spacetime meddling on Earth. Moreover, she emphasizes her disinterest in Momo, Beni, and even the Juraian key. It is the disruption of space that concerns her. Notice that the minute she hears about Washu, both the Galaxy Police (GP) and the Science Academy (SA) mobilize.
Admittedly, my theories for Ukan are now all shot to hell, but I'm now hyped to see where this thread goes. butts1

Episode 44 opens with the GP and SA having a meeting about the situation. Notably, they discuss Washu's search for the "great treasure". Of course, one now has to wonder what this treasure is. They seem to have no interest in Momo, Beni, or the base Juraian trees, which is a divergence from the OVA and manga. Instead, it seems there is some secret on the ship Toshika. What is it? This ultimately goes back to Episodes 3 and 33, where this all started.
Momo and Beni were sailing through the stars together when the rift happened. Were they running? Were they transporting? Why were they there in the first place? Just imagine what lost Juraian relic could be hidden on that ship from 1300 years ago. I don't think Jurai will stand idly by here either. gendo1

Enter the GP SWAT unit. A special unit dealing with "serious criminals" was last referenced in TM!iL1 with the Operative, dragged back in time with Kain. Could we expect more of the same: active cloaking devices, cyborg weaponry, superhuman speed and stamina? This concept opens up a wider range of what the GP could bring to the table.

Then, there is the SA. The Science Academy has always been a background entity. Washu was a professor there in OVA series 1, and OVA series 2 has her reference a lover and child during her time there. OVA series 2 also gave us Dr. Clay, a denounced researcher from the SA. OVA series 3, of course, introduces Airi, a headmistress of the academy and one of Washu's colleagues. Universe mentions the SA briefly in Episodes 4, 8, and 26, concerning Washu's excommunication and reinstatement. Washu also reference the SA when she boasts to Kiyone she could hack their account books in TM!iL1. TM!iL2 references the academy again when Kiyone and Mihoshi infiltrate the main campus and hack the dimension locking system. I apologize that I don't remember any reference from Tenchi in Tokyo to the SA, but then again, Washu was Ryoko's partner in crime there. blush1

However, Ai Tenchi paints the SA a bit more sinisterly. They have an interest in the "alteration" of Earth and the "treasure" of Toshika. What do they want here? Perhaps the SA will be the actual foe before the conclusion of the series. butts1

Nil Admirari wrote:
GaianKnight wrote:Well, guess I was wrong about the treasure bit. mmhmm1

Wait. You're telling me there are two key swords? mmmm1

I don't remember Tenchi dropping his, and... I'll go on presumption here, that if it be so, two Master Keys in this timeline. I know it's a timeline that Momo ended up in, but is the timeline then a 'real' one, and that somehow when Tenchi got vacuumed up into the rift, in a previous episode, that it somehow either got copied, or that we're looking at Momo and Beni are bigger wigs than we thought they were.

Course it also could be a similarly shaped Key, so what do I know, without more episodes, so... BRING EM ON!! rageblow1

There is precedent of Juraians having different keys to their ship. Ayeka's comes in the form of her headdress. It's possible there's a specific format for ships choosing how their key is presented. Momo's seems to be a secondary sword to the one Tenchi has, since the hilt is a different color than his, which would be the key to her own ship which had wrecked underground 1,300 years prior to the start of the series.

The sword design of a key is not unique. In the opening and flashbacks of Manatsu no Eve, a Juraian soldier cut down Yuzuha with a sword shaped very much like Tenchiken, though with a slightly different pommel.
It is curious that Momo's key is so similar to Tenchi's, except for the color of the guard, which made me wonder if Momo might be an alternate-universe version of Tenchi himself. However, as this show seems a bit more oriented toward time travel, it might be Momo is one of his ancestors, and the sword a precursor or prototype of his own. Still, this is entirely speculation. blush1

Also, the concept of "master key" has only been used in OVA series 1, where Tenchi was able to override Ayeka's command of Ryu-Oh. OVA series 1 shows three keys: Tenchiken, Ayeka's tiara, and Sasami's "pistol". OVA series 2 and 3 seemed to drop this plot point after a while, as did GXP. Universe notably only seems to show four keys, all used as weapons at some point: Tenchiken, Ayeka's tiara, and the knights' staves. There are also the "dark keys" used by Kagato and his two knights, also weapons. None is ever used as a "master key" to control or dominate a tree or other device in Universe continuity. Interestingly, Ai Tenchi is the first time the keys have been used as a "key to a lock" or a "command totem" since OVA series 1. Now, Katsuhito did use Tenchiken to cut down Haruna's tree in TM!iL2, and presumably project himself into her realm. This could conceivably be construed as him controlling the tree.

GaianKnight wrote:And back to the key bit, I get that it may simply be a different Key than Tenchi's. I don't get yet (obviously as of us all,) why it's a sword hilt, as unless they give precedent that Momo can use one, 'as' a sword, then when it is used, it may come across as a little odd, without some 'filler background' that justifies it being used 'as' a sword. Also feels odd it'd be a sword, and 'not' a Key shaped as something else, like Sasami's Key is. Just all feels odd to me, and will love to know who the key is exactly for. For Momo, we need more. For Beni, I get it, won't argue there. And I suppose we won't really know, for a good while, so BRING EET ON EPISODES!!! mmhmm1

This seems to be a "chicken or the egg" type argument, which could be applied to Yosho and Tenchi just as well. Was Yosho a warrior and his key made a sword, or was his key a sword and he became a warrior? With Momo, it might be the designer of the key liked the shape and made it that way. It could be equally possible that her parents made it a sword to influence her into becoming stronger. Realistically, the pink-guarded key is simply a command totem at this point, something to awaken Toshika. Does the design suggest that either Momo or Beni could use it as a weapon? Oh, certainly, and there is a good bit of precedent for it. However, recall that in Episode 6, as well as the promotional material, Momo is carrying a sword. Considering the direction the series is starting to take, it may happen that Momo will take up the key as a weapon. Only new episodes will show for certain. butts1