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by GaianKnight
#26246 Not sure anyway, with that much bedrock in the way, the students would be able to dig through in time anyway, before the GP got to them. A bit much for pickaxes and all. blush1

Now, I remember in the Tenchi Muyo Okuda manga, there was a story arc involving a Little Tenchi Masaki and a Little Hiwa Takahashi, where they found a little bird named Ukan, that they raised back to health, before apparently living with Hiwa for a long time. It was a heartwarming story, that touched the soul.

This Ukan isn't like that. mmhmm1

Gee, worrying about a mere touching incident, when you got a teacher (And undercover space cop,) into apparent BDSM, in a school room? Gee Tenchi, man up a little before caving in like that! mmmm1 But at least we see Momo in the theme of what her hidden upbringing will be wrought for her, soon enough anyway. And soon I hope, we're running out of episodes now, for all this, so one would hope this wraps up quick.

I wonder if Yuki might win anyway. Just a sense there, since the student base is a bit 'mannequin' acting and all. But we'll see. colors2
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by evilpii
#26253 The scandals keep racking up in Episode 47: invisible ink, rigged ballot boxes, even promotional sandals? WANT1 Washu's been busy promoting her little protege, hasn't she? blush1 But, the newspaper scandal trumps them all. Poor Tenchi! tenchiahhhhhh It seems my previous worries are coming true. woooo1

Of course, the confrontation with Ukan in Episode 48 didn't help matters much. However, considering her true motives revealed in episode 43, one might not be too surprised at how she let the incident go, after a little bluster of authority. gendo1

Yet, Momo seemed to grow a good bit in this episode. She stood against Ukan and did not back down, even though she was scared. The pink-haired girl is getting a good bit of development and screen time, meaning only bad things are in store for her. Remember that talk about a room full of ammo in an FPS? tuxedodouche

Shall we see how the debate goes in Episode 49? butts1
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by Nil Admirari
#26256 Image

Episode 49 is subtitled and available!


Episode 49:

Momo sure isn't going to let a little sex scandal get in her way of being Junai's school President. Yuki's got all of the slack in the world with which to hang our lovable peach, but despite her best efforts to milk the situation to her advantage... Momo somehow pulled through. Makes you wonder how the Clinton trial would have gone if he'd tried a defense like that, huh? iloveit1

With only two weeks remaining after tomorrow's recap episode, the boys in blue have finally arrived. And damn, they brought the whole fucking station with them for this! Someone's in trouble!

As an aside, have a NSFL error that occurred when we were working on the video earlier:

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by SnowQueen
#26258 I'm really excited to see what happens next. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Peach-chan and the rest of the gang sadface1 still I was kinda surprised she went a long with the scandal as if she real was doing something Tenchi-Sensei but I guess denying it and fighting would have made it worse so smart move Momo ^_^ to bad it was all for nothing it seems but even so how is she going to give the re-cap if in this last episode her body is "glitching" so to speak.
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by WisperG
#26261 I'm slightly behind again blush1

Episode 46
Unsurprisingly, Yuki has resorted to cheating and bribery.

I spy a Jojo reference, but I wonder if it was worded like that originally or if it was on the translation team's end? gendo1

Kumo-kun appears once again! It seems Touri is also afraid of spiders, but to no-one's surprise Hachiko is not.

I do find it strange that Tenchi and Beni were basically just standing there the whole time waiting for Momo to throw the "bomb." Maybe Beni spilled the beans to Tenchi?

Episode 47
Yuki and Rui sure do have some amusing toys, courtesy of Washu it seems.

So the science club (?) is pulling out the big guns and is trying to create a scandal. Didn't think they had it in them, assuming this was Yuki and Rui's doing. Things aren't going too well for Tenchi at the moment, especially once Ukan gets him in her clutches.

Also, Momo's run at the end just doesn't... look right. If you pause on a few frames you can tell they just mirrored her chest. While her chest is swinging to the left the perspective looks off.

It just occurred to me after seeing one of GaianKnight's posts that this picture was from when Washu briefly showed up and shoved Momo into Tenchi before quickly disappearing WAAAYYY back during the school festival, wasn't it?

Episode 48
Momo goes to confront Ukan, who is willing to overlook any sort of punishment if Momo wins the election. And if I understood that right, Momo is apparently looking for something too, like Beni?

I really like how many things were handled in this episode. We learn that Ukan's insistence throughout the series that Tenchi keep physical contact with the girls to a minimum had some deeper meaning to it than simply being a running gag where Tenchi gets dragged off and "punished" repeatedly. It seems she was well aware that it would be a ripe opportunity for rumor and scandal with the elections fast approaching.

It also shows that there can be consequences for harem tropes, and it's quite rare for a show like this to consider that angle. Most other shows would never have thrown a wrench into the works like this, opting instead to brush off an awkward moment (even a teacher x student moment) like as this as something silly, maybe have some teasing from the other characters, give the viewer a laugh, and then get right back to status-quo. They've averted some of the usual harem/rom-com expectations, and for that I commend them.
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by evilpii
#26273 I say again that Momo has really grown. She gave quite the moving speech and annihilated Yuki in the process. ^^;

But, the big moment was when she started to
scatter and phase, much like Tenchi did in the opening of TM!iL1
. Then, in another nod to the same film,
the Galaxy Police Headquarters itself appeared in Earth's orbit
. wth2 I'm not saying Negishi is pulling out his old tricks, but he is. aquateencarl1

Notably, these events seem to be happening in reverse.
In TM!iL1, Kain drew GPHQ into a temporal distortion, causing it to momentarily vanish and leaving it a wreck. Soon after, Tenchi is walking down stairs in the Masaki house and starts scattering.

Where's this all going? What will happen to the cast? What is the inevitable fate of our dear heroine Momo? Tune in next week. butts1
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by evilpii
#26274 Today's episode has galvanized me to detail my current theory on what has been happening in Ai Tenchi. Please be aware that this theory is built heavily on the content from previous episodes, so be sure you are up to date on content before reading farther. You were warned. gendo1

Also, please be aware that this is purely speculation on my part. The next two weeks could easily debunk everything I am about to say. blush1

In Ai Tenchi, I believe there are two universes in play, here named Universe Alpha and Universe Beta. Universe Alpha is the realm from where the Masaki family originates, as evidenced by Tenchi and company being transported from Washu's lab in Episodes 3 and 37. Universe Beta is the world of Junai Academy and the feudal era segments, as connected by the cell phone lost in Episode 33 and recovered in Episode 39. To illustrate, here is a diagram of what I believe is the timeline of events so far.
Green lines indicate movement from Universe Alpha to Universe Beta, while red lines indicate movement from Universe Beta to Universe Alpha. The purple line signifies the "dissemination" which happened to Momo, as stated by Washu in Episode 37.

Currently, I think Hana, Hachiko, and Tori are descendants of the "feudal trio" who encountered Tenchi and Momo 1300 years before present. As for Beni, I am not sure. At the moment, I think she may well have been locked in her escape pod for 1300 years and released by Yuki and Rui, or perhaps randomly in the modern era. The crash, as well as the 1300 year sleep, could explain the lost memories. It is entirely possible that the feudal trio and Beni were pulled into the rift and disseminated alongside Momo.

Considering the ending of Episode 49, I doubt the spacetime craziness is over. In fact, I bet the GP and SA are only going to cause more warping of reality and crossing of universes before the next two weeks come to a close. My body is ready. butts1
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by GaianKnight
#26277 other words: -takes kid gloves off, throws them into the incinerator- It's clobbering time! rageblow1

(Nothing like a potential cross universal hyperspace Fold Jump to get the real crazy action started! mmhmm1 )