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by evilpii
Nil Admirari wrote:A fine theory. Unfortunately, you won't live to see the reality of it. I must kill you for using Papyrus.

I didn't know! sadface1
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by WisperG
#26294 Ok, I'm now caught up through Episode 49

I'll echo what some others have mentioned already and say that Momo is a lot smarter than we've given her credit for. I am kinda surprised she basically laid out all of her feelings towards Tenchi to the whole school, but I suppose with her wisely playing along with the scandal she didn't have many alternatives.

And could it be!? Was that another teacher sitting next to Ukan and Tenchi? They do exist! Quick, call The Discovery Channel! Tell them a Junai Academy teacher has been spotted in it's natural habitat! kiyonesmile1

Ermahgersh, the GP brought the ENTIRE HQ! I think the fecal excrement is about to make contact with the proverbial air circulation device. WANT1

I really appreciated all of the TMiL nods thrown in there.

I CANNOT WAIT for next week's episodes.
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by Dagon123
#26304 Image

Tenchicast 29: No Need for Ai Tenchi Muyo! PT.6 | Latest Tenchicast

Video from :

(VERY big thanks to Who for editing the cast)