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by evilpii
evilpii wrote:
The-Kaiser wrote:Anyone else notice the GXP computer displays are running Star Trek TNG-Voy era style of display known as the LCARS ?

Actually, yes, we have. kiyonesmile1

Actually, the GP seem to have been using Star Fleet's OS for a while. While I was checking out a reference Snow gave me in another thread, I found this still in episode 11 of Tenchi in Tokyo.
This episode aired in 1997, 17 years before Ai Tenchi.
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by Ukinojo92
#27167 spoiler for ep 54
this is late

in ep 54, Sasami and Ayeka go confront Ukan in Royal Juraian clothes as in Here Comes Jurai. But it is not just the ceremonial clothes they were wearing, they were also wearing the exact clothes they did in Here Comes Jurai. Sasami was wearing her pink carrot apron and Ayeka in her blue yellow pink and purple clothes.