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by JGZinv
#26558 I spotted Ryo-ohki.....

I get the feeling that it insinuated the Masaki shrine was founded in the TU by Juraians.
There's plenty of evidence I think to support it leans toward TU as the source material, but is
still it's own spin off.
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by chucklocker
#26559 Thank you so much to everyone on the translation team! You guys are the reason our carnival came back around dawohki1

It's going to take a little bit of time for me to digest this series, but I can't wait to finally unpack my thoughts about how it all turned out. It's been one hell of a ride, though, and I've loved sharing every minute of it with everyone here!
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by Nobuyuki
#26560 Welp, that's that.
Good work on the translation and presentation, team.

Onward to Comiket!
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by evilpii
#26563 This episode gave the series a nice send off, with lots of symbolism and hints to other parallels. Tenchismile

I loved seeing the Masaki household back to business as usual. I got the happy FEELs again, particularly seeing Ryo-Ohki at last after endless debates on her appearance. dawohki1 Ryoko atop the shrine gate was very nostalgic for me. mmhmm1

While silent, I did enjoy the final moments with Momo and Beni.
Also, we got to see a Juraian tree become a spaceship, without carving or physical action! WANT1 I'm not sure if Juraian space magic was the cause or Washu's reset button returning Toshika to her original state. Either way, might this set a new precedent? Also, this has been theorized before. gendo1

Interestingly, Momo and Beni return to their voyage, to what seems like Earth. In fact, the cliff they stand upon is exactly the one from Yosho's flashbacks in Universe.
The shrine gate notably had no name. Again from episode 8, Momo and Beni were to met "Sou-sama". Was Sou-sama already on Earth waiting? There are lots of open questions regarding these two. More on that in a moment. qt1

Not unlike the ending to Universe and TMiL1, the show gives a quick review of everyone's epilogue.
Presumably, with Momo and Beni set back to their original place in spacetime, Junai Academy became what it should have been. The student council positions shifted slightly, and Yuki and Rui were set back to build Goriki-kun without Washu's insight. Perhaps Yuki can one day impress her mentor with her own talents. mmhmm1 Ukan is still Mihoshi's superior, but is notably dressed in a standard GP uniform. Apparently, she's a slave driver. Kiyofacepalm1

However, one wonders about what Mihoshi doused at the Masaki shrine. gendo1
Given Momo's sword is inside the shrine, one really has to wonder how connected Momo's world and this one are. Perhaps there are more stories to tell here. butts1

JGZinv wrote:I get the feeling that it insinuated the Masaki shrine was founded in the TU by Juraians.
There's plenty of evidence I think to support it leans toward TU as the source material, but is
still it's own spin off.

However, there are several other notable indications that the OVA had significant influence on the series as well. As a celebration of the franchise, this series pulls from all sources, even Tokyo, though certainly not equally from each. I can agree that a shrine was founded by Juraians, but one looks at the front of
shrine and the Masaki shrine, they are dissimilar. Now, perhaps the shrine has been rebuilt or renovated, and Mihoshi's dousing and
Momo's sword
definitely point at the possibility. However, just like the ending of TMiL2, nothing is stated outright or for certain.

chucklocker wrote:Thank you so much to everyone on the translation team! You guys are the reason our carnival came back around dawohki1
It's been one hell of a ride, though, and I've loved sharing every minute of it with everyone here!

Nil Admirari wrote:It's been a crazy ride working on this with you all and being able to bring the fandom fresh Tenchi material every single day. Thank you all for watching and being here with us for the carnival.

Folks, it's been a fun show, and my thanks go to the entire translation staff for putting in the hours of effort to bring this show to us all. Bravo, gentlemen, and well done. fyeah1
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by WisperG
#26566 Very cool to have an episode set back at the house. Overall, a very fun finale.

With Hana being president now, it does make me wonder if they remember Momo, or if its like she never existed?

Yay, Ryo-Ohki is alive after all! lol

Ukan wears that GP uniform well tuxedodouche , and at least Mihoshi seems to actually leave the house and go to work sometimes...

It's interesting to see that Momo and Beni traveled to Earth and worked at the shrine, if not founded it themselves. But how did they know where to go? O.o This poses several new questions. Did they not know, and simply built a shrine in an ideal location that Tenchi's ancestors just happened to take over? Are Beni and/or Momo actually Tenchi's ancestors!?

And what was up with the visitors at the shrine? Man-Hachiko with (presumably) his wife, Hana and daughter, Touri. That was odd. The only possibly explanation I can think of is that it was to show that there are multiple iterations of everyone throughout time and space, and that these alternate iterations don't necessarily have to be identical to the "present-day" versions like the previous feudal-era council trio was. If so, that bit of info feels rather... extraneous. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it...

One thing I do find odd was the fact that Juraian politics never really came into play regarding Momo and Beni. Ayeka and Sasami never reacted to them either, and as far as I can remember their reasons for fleeing Jurai were never fully explained. It was just like, "oh, by the way, Momo is Juraian (and Beni too?) and she has a ship and a sword just like Tenchi's. Those latter two things will be important later, but her nationality? Nah, you can forget about that. We're not really going to talk about it again."

Am I over-thinking this, or is that underground... thing Mihoshi was searching for a possible hint at a continuation? That bit felt kinda out-of-place, like it might've been important, but was downplayed by Mihoshi getting distracted by food.

And not to question the accuracy of the translation or discredit the work that was done on the subs, but was the elusive "Sou-sama" (did I spell that right?) actually a name that was mentioned, or was it a possible mistranslation? Or was it supposed to be Momo's father, from the Jurai flashback? If so, the show didn't do a very good job of making that clear.
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by Beagle-san
#26568 Thanks for the hard work!

As for the series itself: Fun, but the format wasn't the wisest way to do this show. This kind of short format works better for slice-of-life 4-koma style shows, and/or quick comedy than for Tenchi Muyo! So, what about the show?

The Good: The new girls were a lot of fun, with enjoyable characters abounding. Momo is a truly sweet character and Hachiko was a riot.

The Bad: At least partly due to the format, but something easily within the purvey of the director and production team to take care of, ask yourself: Aside form Momo and Beni, what do we know about these characters? Answer: Other than some general overbroad characteristics, nothing. No depth was given to the girls, even Momo and Beni. We've no idea why Beni was in trouble with Jurai, why they trusted her as being Momo's protector, why they were going to Earth, etc. What's the deal with Hachiko and swords? In short, the new girls don't get the depth they deserved. We just get some stereotypical tropes in the form of some cute girls.

The Good: Aeka, Sasami and Ryoko all get good time and good moments. There was a distinct worry about whether the veteran girls would lose time and not have much to do, as was all too often the case in OVA 3.

The Bad: Ryoko so evenly matched against Beni, Aeka and Sasami being detained by the GP - the gals seemed a trifle underpowered, even by Universe standards. Sure, they kick the tushies of high school students, but the GP? fyeah1

More The Bad: Universe. The first dilution of the OVA cast and templates brought its weaknesses over to this show. Aeka able to take care of a human student, but not the GP? C'mon, man! Ryoko relatively weak, but especially compared to Beni, she of no background.

Really More Bad: Washu and Mihoshi. Absent for waaay too much of the show, we get Mihoshi appearing back in time with a demonic Ryoko, seemingly as a tribute to the OVA origin, but we hardly ever see her until the end. Washu appears a bit more, but not much, and then, alas, in full blown Universe mad scientist mode. Given that Washu had some of the best screen time in OVA 3 of the original gal cast, it's a shame to see her character stripped of wisdom, maturity and a degree of competence. Mihoshi is pretty much her Universe self, lacking that certain mystique, but she comes out far better.

AWOL: It appears that there can be only one, Kiyone, that is, in any of the Tenchi continuities. No Noboyuki, and Katsuhiko is also MIA. But especially, a few seconds of Ryo-Ohki eating carrots outside Washu's lab door in the final episode does not excuse the horrific misuse of one of the best mascot characters of all time! rageblow1 dawohki1 wtfisthis1

So, this show managed to show off a number of characters having good moments, some nostalgia tie-ins, some nice new characters, but ended with a shallow story, no depth to any of the new cast, far too many loose ends and unexplained events (such as Ryoko and Mihoshi in the past and the rift they went through), and the blatant nonuse of a great income generating character.

I can't decide if this show's problem was that it wasn't ambitious enough, or if it was overly ambitious. Because there was a really nice chance here, one which would've made great sense for an anniversary show: Do a Dr. Who special, a continuity crossover. They touched on it back in the feudal period, but didn't follow up on it. In the end, the feudal time period ends up being wasted programming. Negishi would've been better off slimming down the story and consolidating the feudal episodes and spending some time on character and story development. Either way it was a wasted opportunity.

In the end, this show brought in some nice things for the fans, and is certainly not the worst of the Tenchi shows out there. But after the depth of GXP and OVA 3, despite the flaws, especially of OVA 3, this show is shallow in comparison. Say what you will about Kajishima, he fleshed out his universe. Negishi didn't and it shows.
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by chucklocker
#26578 Indeed, welcome back to the fold Beagle-san! You made several points, many of which I agree with to an extent, but I have to entirely disagree with your analysis of the new characters' "depth." In my opinion you have misassociated back story with actual depth. Just because we don't know every little biographical detail about these characters doesn't make them "stereotypical tropes in the form of some cute girls." We don't need to know exactly what crime Beni committed in the past to know that she was a bad girl whose heart was softned by baby Momo. One is back story and the other is depth. We don't need to know what precise trauma occured in Hachiko's past to cause her to break down when her sword is taken away to know that she is tough girl who has hidden confidence issues. One is back story and the other is depth. I'm not saying that the new girls were as deep as the old girls were back in OVA 1, or even as deep as I would have liked. Neither will I comment as to the relative depth of one Tenchi series to another. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions in such matters. I will say only that in my opinion, to claim that the new characters had no depth whatsoever is simply untrue.