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by TheFrieza
#26579 Its been a while since I posted here, a few reasons for that, first I didn't want to see any type of spoilers for Ai Tenchi or any type of feedback for the show until I fully finished it. But I have now finished watching all 60 eps :) Also love the new layout look for Tenchiforum

First let me say a huge thanks to all the people involved in getting the show translated at and uploaded at such a fast pace, you guys are awesome.

I really enjoyed watching Ai Tenchi from start to finish, it was so nice to be able to experience a new Tenchi show (something of which I haven't done since I was a child, so it really is close to heart for me :) ) The animation was very nice and I really liked some of the new girls (something I wasn't expecting to do and I'm sure a few here wasn't either).

The ending was definitely quite emotional but there are a few things I'd like to learn more from the last ep
like what exactly had Mihoshi found buried underneath the shrine? Surely it can't just be coincidence, do any of the girls at the school remember Momo & Benni or has that encounter been completely removed from memory. Has teenage Momo gone forever? The petal's at the end of ep 60 and the "Tenchi sensei" that was spoke at the very end while we had a scene with the sword could mean otherwise plus she did say "we'll meet again" which I don't think relates to her younger child self but maybe I'm just over thinking here, of cause the "Tenchi sensei" could just have just been a warm way to send the show off. Still I would love to have to have seen Momo and Tenchi share a kiss during ep 59, I think she really deserved one sadface1
Apologies if someone has already answered my questions on this board already.

So yes overall I really enjoyed this show a way lot more than I was expecting too Tenchismile I would certainly love to see the show extended with perhaps a season 2 or by novel form maybe see seeing more team ups with Ryoko and Benii and seeing the growth of young Momo but that's just my likes :)

Thanks for reading and thanks again to the staff here for getting the show translated so quickly.
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by JGZinv
#26581 Pretty sure if Tenchi and Momo actually kissed Frieza, there'd been blood raining from the sky.
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by chucklocker
#26585 I actually wouldn't have minded if teenage Momo kissed Tenchi right before she disappeared. It was for all intents and purposes the end of her life, and she clearly had grown very attached to him after all they had been through across space and time. Tenchi wouldn't have initiated it, of course, but I bet he would have appreciated the meaning it would have had for Momo. Fun food for thought :)
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by Dagon123
Beagle-san wrote:Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for posting!

And with that being said, you're wrong in almost every single way due to a very simple lack of understanding the content in any way, shape, or form.

Before we even get started here, there are 2 fundamental truths that need to be understood, this is a an ADVERTISEMENT series, first and foremost. The second, is that this series consisted of 50, 4 MINUTE episodes. (60 if you include the recaps)

This means, that one can only put so much into a single "episode"

Beagle-san wrote:The Bad: At least partly due to the format, but something easily within the purvey of the director and production team to take care of, ask yourself: Aside form Momo and Beni, what do we know about these characters? Answer: Other than some general overbroad characteristics, nothing. No depth was given to the girls, even Momo and Beni. We've no idea why Beni was in trouble with Jurai, why they trusted her as being Momo's protector, why they were going to Earth, etc. What's the deal with Hachiko and swords? In short, the new girls don't get the depth they deserved. We just get some stereotypical tropes in the form of some cute girls.

Beagle-san wrote:...But after the depth of GXP and OVA 3, despite the flaws, especially of OVA 3, this show is shallow in comparison. Say what you will about Kajishima, he fleshed out his universe. Negishi didn't and it shows.

Just because something is explained, doesn't mean it makes sense, and if something isn't explained, it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

GXP and OVA3 didn't have depth, they had about as much depth as a puddle in Texas in the summer. You're also comparing an OVA budgeted series in 2003 against a 4 minute short series that ran on TV in 2014 with a total planning time (according to Negishi) of 4 months, of course there is going to be a discrepancy there.

The characters who got depth were the characters who needed it, not every character needs a novel written about them, that's what a background character is.

But even so, every character in the show who had a distinct name was given as much time as they needed to be established, the show establishes everyone of them in the best way they can. We also have to take into account that many of these characters were based on characters from the local Okayama legend of Momotaro, so many of their characteristics could be likened to their original base in the legend which is something us westerners just would not get.

Beagle-san wrote:The Bad: Ryoko so evenly matched against Beni, Aeka and Sasami being detained by the GP - the gals seemed a trifle underpowered, even by Universe standards. Sure, they kick the tushies of high school students, but the GP? fyeah1

Beagle-san wrote:More The Bad: Universe. The first dilution of the OVA cast and templates brought its weaknesses over to this show. Aeka able to take care of a human student, but not the GP? C'mon, man! Ryoko relatively weak, but especially compared to Beni, she of no background.

How does this dilute the OVA characters? This show is it's own continuity

Ryoko NEVER looked weak to Beni, hell none of the original cast looked weak in this show, in comparison to their OVA3 selves (which you keep referring to on such a pedestal of "depth") they were far and away superior.

The first thing that everyone wanted to see when Ai was announced, was "Where are the old girls?", nobody gave a shit about the new girls, they had no reason to.
So now we ask ourselves, how do we endear these new characters to the audience? You make them stand toe to toe with the old girls without making the old girls look bad, so what did they do? EXACTLY that.

When Ryoko is shown in the Feudal era the first time, she completely dominates the feudal versions of the girls except for Momo, but instead of Ryoko looking weak, with a smile on her face she says "Oh, you think you can dance with me? The GREAT Space Pirate Ryoko?" Momo looked powerful and Ryoko still looked like a badass, who lost in that situation?

And the Beni comparison, the first time they arm wrestled, that was an important moment in establishing Beni, because not only did she stand toe to toe with Ryoko, but they were BOTH psyched out by the other's power, why is this important? It's important because Beni was shocked and didn't look more powerful than Ryoko. Everybody is already looking for Ryoko to dominate, but by not having Beni be smug or dominating Ryoko. Beni looked strong, Ryoko still stayed strong, they tied, and everybody wins, because Ryoko didn't lose.

Do you know how you DON'T introduce characters? By having someone like Airi's first introduction in OVA3 completely dominate and slap Ryoko, making her powerless, or Noike completely squelching Ryoko and Ayeka fighting, neutering the power of both characters, how again is OVA3 and GXP more "deep" than Ai? If Kajishima doesn't even know how to correctly establish any character?

Beagle-san wrote:Really More Bad: Washu and Mihoshi. Absent for waaay too much of the show, we get Mihoshi appearing back in time with a demonic Ryoko, seemingly as a tribute to the OVA origin, but we hardly ever see her until the end. Washu appears a bit more, but not much, and then, alas, in full blown Universe mad scientist mode. Given that Washu had some of the best screen time in OVA 3 of the original gal cast, it's a shame to see her character stripped of wisdom, maturity and a degree of competence. Mihoshi is pretty much her Universe self, lacking that certain mystique, but she comes out far better.

Beagle-san wrote:AWOL: It appears that there can be only one, Kiyone, that is, in any of the Tenchi continuities. No Noboyuki, and Katsuhiko is also MIA. But especially, a few seconds of Ryo-Ohki eating carrots outside Washu's lab door in the final episode does not excuse the horrific misuse of one of the best mascot characters of all time! rageblow1 dawohki1 wtfisthis1

So let me get this straight, it's ok to not explain everything for Mihoshi in OVA3 and her have "mystique", but none of the new girls are allowed to have that "mystique"? Now you're just being hypocritical.

Also Mihoshi wasn't actually a bumbling idiot in Ai, she was way more akin to her OVA1 self and even double crossed the family by not letting on what she was really doing and reporting back to Ukan, she was way more competent here then she's been since 1999.

If Washu losing to Mihoshi is a loss of competence, then she wasn't that competent to begin with, because throughout the OVA especially, Mihoshi finds a way to foil her.

And how was Ryo-Ohki "horridly misused" when she wasn't used in the first place? Aside from the fact that the cast for Ai was already crowded, having Ryo-Ohki there made no sense, the same for Katsuhito and Nobuyuki.

If Ryo-Ohki had been around, she would have immediately alerted the GP through Ukan and everything would have failed, the whole point of the operation was stealth.

A lot of people also don't seem to understand who the characters are at all anyway, some people have said "Well Tenchi WOULD have used the Lighthawk Wings to contain the girls" "Ayeka WOULD have stopped the GP" "Ryoko WOULDN'T have hit Tenchi", All of which are COMPLETELY out of character for the character themselves.

Just because they can, doesn't mean they would, When has Tenchi EVER hurt the girls or used his power as a way to control them? Why would Ayeka openly go against the Galaxy Police?

Why didn't they? Because they wouldn't, and they didn't here.

Beagle-san wrote:Either way it was a wasted opportunity.

Obviously not, considering that after episode 50, the fan reaction in the East and the West has been majorly positive, and especially after Negishi let slip that In Love 3 was almost a thing, it's almost like Tenchi has a second chance because of this show.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#26601 This series was so much fun! I can't believe a Tenchi series was fun for me again! The ending of Ai was maddeningly enticing:

Though in Universe continuity (if I recall) it's implied that Yosho brought the "Jurai element" to the Masaki shrine, here it is highly suggestive that Beni and Momo founded it! (This lends more credence in my opinion that Ai is indeed in its own sandbox as a separate continuity, but perhaps there's room in Yosho's recounting from Universe for the possibility of an earlier Jurain encounter that assimilated with Terran culture, which he then adapted to easily.) What's more, unless Tenchi keeps his sword on him at all times (plausible) there's even room to suggest that Momo's "Tenchi-ken" is actually Tenchi-ken, albeit from a different era (though again this could also work for separate series angle, in Universe I don't recall the sword being explicitly bonded to a particular tree, as in OVA (it was used to thwart Haruna, but not necessarily bonded to her), thus there's "room" for such in Negishi's canon).

Thank you 1,000x to the translation team for the incredible effort: you've effectively brought the latest installment of the franchise to the West, and it's not gone unnoticed (ahem, tweet tweet).
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by TheFrieza
#26603 Post contains spoiler's from ep 59,60
Maybe teenage Momo didn't completely fade from existence, maybe her spirit lye's in the sword inside the shrine. She did say that the sword gave her the power to catch up to Tenchi (or something similar to those lines) Could be a theory especially with the floating petals and of cause the words that was said at the very end of ep 60 at the sword (not to mention the "We'll meet again" from ep 59) and then of cause this could have some connection as to what Mihoshi was detecting at the shrine (which does leave a big unanswered question). Perhaps its possible that 2 Momo's can still exist even if from a different reality. If a continuation via anime or novel was ever planned maybe once Tenchi uses Momo's sword, she could materialise from it? Okay maybe sounds far fetched but who knows :) I do agree with wwwwhhhhooo that this version of Tenchi seems like its own sandbox as a separate continuity

Thanks for reading Tenchismile
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by Ukinojo92
#26621 *SPOILERS *

Originally, Tenchi was not intended to even be at the academy. He was put up to by Washu to go into another dimension, find Beni and Momo and reset so the incident never happened. Tenchi and the gang would have just gone on doing the usual, and Momo and Beni would have done what they were intended to do. That is and what did happen, resetting so that all the new girls would not be affected by the alterations.

Tenchi was only there for a week as a Temp teacher assistant to fix the problem as quickly as possible, along with the other the old girls. It would be impossible and terrible to try and make a person that just started to work at a school to know the life story of several new girls and make you feel for them in only a several days. That is why the shows format works, it introduces as if you were getting to know someone in the beginning and slowly warm up to them and not forced down.

At the end when Tenchi resets, you do feel good you got to meet new people and sad at the fact that they will have no memory of all that they experienced. In the epilogue, it provides a certain comfort about seeing all the girls where they ought to be living their usual lives.
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by Ukinojo92
#26622 *SPOILERS*

Something that I forgot: Were their two Mihoshi's in the dig site?

My theory is that Mihoshi A of the original gang (One that wore overalls) and Mihoshi B from the other Univerese (One that wore GXP bunny suit) both were there but not at the same time.

We see Mihoshi in the site first early on and is believed to be sent by Washu to help out or is just there to search for treasure. However, when we see Mihoshi again and in GXP uniform in ep 53 she tilts her head to Ryoko, when Questioning her on her STILL being down in the site. My guess is that Mihoshi A was first, and was pulled out by Washu when she got there or simply left beforehand. That would explain how Washu was caught, she didn't plan on Mihoshi B on investigating at the dig, then coming up to arrest her.
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by WisperG
Ukinojo92 wrote:*SPOILERS*

Something that I forgot: Were their two Mihoshi's in the dig site?

My theory is that Mihoshi A of the original gang (One that wore overalls) and Mihoshi B from the other Univerese (One that wore GXP bunny suit) both were there but not at the same time.

We see Mihoshi in the site first early on and is believed to be sent by Washu to help out or is just there to search for treasure. However, when we see Mihoshi again and in GXP uniform in ep 53 she tilts her head to Ryoko, when Questioning her on her STILL being down in the site. My guess is that Mihoshi A was first, and was pulled out by Washu when she got there or simply left beforehand. That would explain how Washu was caught, she didn't plan on Mihoshi B on investigating at the dig, then coming up to arrest her.

You're overthinking it. There were two Mihoshi's, the one from the feudal era (that we never hear from again after she's sucked into the vortex along with feudal Ryoko) and the one at the school, but the Mihoshi in the GP bunny suit is definitely the same Mihoshi from the dig site, she simply changed clothes. Digging was apparently part of the cover for her secret GP mission, or something.

Washu clearly states when she got captured that she simply forgot Mihoshi was still there.