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by mitsuki lover
#31888 Armitage III:Dual Matrix dubbed on Monday. Juliette Lewis does a good job as Armitage.
I don't know but wasn't the role made for her? In any case she really kicks butt.
Of course this is one of my favorite anime movies so I am a bit prejudiced here.

Next week Momo Girl God of Death sub.
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by mitsuki lover
#31978 Watched Momo, Girl God of Death episode 1 subbed on Monday. I was surprised to see that
it's also dubbed. IIRC there was a English language option in the language menu.

Next week everyone's favorite buxom gunslinger in Grenadier dubbed.
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by mitsuki lover
#32056 Grenadier episode 6 dubbed Monday. This was basically Mikan's backstory though a lot of time was spent with a literal running gag about Rushuna loosing her panties in mid-battle.
Wendee Lee plays Rushuna in the dub and was as always: soawesome1 !

Next week I start February with the sub of Cat's Eye.
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by mitsuki lover
#32112 Cat's Eye was interesting as the main antagonist in it was a female thief nicknamed:
"Lupin's Bride" which was an obvious reference to everyone's favorite gentleman thief
Lupin The Third . I doubt if the character herself was actually Fujiko, but the homage was

Next week is going to be interesting since I watch the dub of Kiddy Grade on Monday then
start watching what I have of it on Wednesday.

I just love Eclaire to death.
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by mitsuki lover
#32176 Kiddy Grade watched episode 22. Colleen Clickenbeard did a good job as Eclaire and after awhile I would have to say that Moica Rial did a fairly good job as well as Lumiere. The one disappointment was Tweedledee. I thought her VA gave her too low a voice. Fortunately she and
Tweedledum were only in it for about a minute or less.
The entire episode dealt with Eclaire's past history with Chevalier. Overall I have to give the Funi
dub an C+ for that episode.
Not too average but still not good enough for even a B- . Though I think watching the Japanese
version has spoiled me a bit. Also despite rating it a C + I still want to get the complete series one of these days since I have only Cases 3 and 8.

Next week a break as I watch everyone's favorite Time Lord, but after that another try at the dub
for Haibane Renmei
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by mitsuki lover
#32309 Haibane Renmei episode 9. I haven't watched it for awhile so didn't have to worry about
comparing the sub with the dub this time around. As a result I enjoyed it more than the last time that I tried watching the dub.
I think the only disappointment I had at first was with Rakka's VA but then I realized further on that they were probably trying to portray her overall innocence and naivity.
Though in any language the entire lecture that the Speaker gives Rakka on the meaning of being
Sin Bound is confusing unless you have a PHD in Philosophy of Religion or are really into studying
Eastern Religious thought.

Next week Vividread
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by mitsuki lover
#32381 Saw episode 6 of Vividred Monday night. Since this was a sub only series...
The episode was a fun excuse to get the girls in swimsuits. It also showcased the eccentricities of the
girls. For example whilst Wakaba is the tomboy of the group, she is such a girly girl when it comes to bugs.
OTOH Himawari is one of those people who can't just help but push buttons, especially when there's a sign that says:don't push this button!. :lol:
Also Aoi can be brave when she needs to.

No need to mention that Rei is again the one of the coolest characters here.
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by mitsuki lover
#32445 Well now I'm more embarrassed than Maria at the end of episode 14 of Hayate The Combat Butler. I had thought it was hybrid but it turned out to be sub only. Ah...well.... blush1
Onward and upward and next Monday the sub of Bleach. Need me some Rukia! soawesome1
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by mitsuki lover
#32530 Bleach watched episode 11. This series has gone on like forever now. So it was interesting to see the introduction of Uryu and his initial duel with Ichigo over who could kill the most Hollows.

Next week the dub of Boogiepop Phantom one of the better dubs of the early 2000s.
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by mitsuki lover
#32612 Re-watched the dub of episode 8 of Boogiepop Phantom on Monday. This is one of the anime in my collection that I first saw on the late lamented Techtv's Anime Unleashed block.( I have to wonder if they hadn't been forced to merge with G4 if they would still be around.)
Any ways this episode was about Nagi and gave a day in the life view through the eyes of Koruda's
I noticed this is on my list of anime to view dubbed the next time I watch.
btw: Rachel Lillis did a wonderful job of Nagi which is why she's my favorite character. soawesome1